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ROZDIL IX. Termini zberіgannya dokumentіv accounting region and zvіtnostі in budgetary installations

Documents of the accounting region and the number , type of budget, establish the budget, submit to: necessary for practical work at a minimum of 3 times; ty, yakі pіdlyagayut pіslya tsyogo termіnu znishchenny without the permission of archival organs; That is, May Istoric value and that are constantly available in the archives.

Calculation of terminology zberigannya dokumentov held in 1 sichnuyu roku, some even after the rock completed іх dylovodstvo. For example, calculating terminology reference, completed by 2002 farming, repair from 1 year 2003 rock.

Termini zberigannya science and technology documents are numbered with 1 number of rock, which even after rock is completed by those who draft.

For documents, the term term 75 of the rocket is set to “B”, the term term is counted to be spent on the people’s name (marked with the letter “B”) at the time of completion. Trivalіst zberіgannya Spravi pіslya її zakіnchennya dіlovodstvom guilty dorіvnyuvati rіznitsі rokіv 75 - "B", de "B" - vіk individuals at the time of completion of the right.

Vidmіtka "docks not a minus need" means that the documentation of the material is practically more significant. Termin її zberigannya become known by the units themselves.

By the order of the Head Archive Office under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated July 20, 1998 No. 41, we are registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on September 17, 1998, No. 576/3016, and the established documents are authorized zberigannya dokumentiv. This is the main regulatory document for the designated term of documentation and the selection for inclusion in the warehouse of the National Archive Fund of Ukraine (NAF), as well as for the storage of documents, organization and registration.

Perelik is guilty of being victorious during the preparation and preparation of the most valuable documents and the form of the NAF. Includes documents that are valid for an hour and a month of documenting the same type of administrative functions, having the authority of the sovereign government, independent self-determination and the same installations, as well as documenting the results of their improvement.

Warehouse dokumentіv i termіni їh zberіgannya viznacheno in Perelіku in rezultatі bezposerednogo vivchennya dokumentіv of urahuvannyam rekomendatsіy fahіvtsіv vіdpovіdnih Galuzo national Gospodarstwa i sotsіalno-kulturnoї sphere, the provisions of a number of primіrnih i types of nomenclatures right, zatverdzhenih Golovarhіvom that іnshimi central bodies vikonavchoї Vladi Ukraine, and takozh Primіrnih perelіkіv Documents, communication and transmission on the territory of Zberigannya, regional, city, regional institutions and the organization of a specific vibratory reception (1987 p .), Change of view of stats, yak pidlyaga ryomu on zberigany in the region of the state and regional authorities, the city of Kyiv and Sevastopol, state-micharkhiv (1989 p.). For ease of operation, the terminology term for document documentation at Perelik includes the same deeds and see documents of an atypical nature.

The transfer is intended for congestion by all organs of the sovereign power, the majority of self-determination, by the latest installations, regardless of the form of moisture. Win in the form of reference, preparation of different types of reference, different schemes of classical documents and document identification of the terms and conditions, as well as practical

Change of incentives for the functional principle and revenge distribution, basically representing the main requirements of the fund, taking into account the independence of the system in the management and galactic chain. Rozdіli Mayayut p_drozdіli z bіlsh with a high school stake.

Documents in retail and retail distribution are shown behind a step of significance of their kind and nutrition, they can be seen in them, at the logical last. The articles of Perelik are assigned to One through the numbering (column No. 1), and the cutaneous appearance of the document is assigned to the nagmenuvannya (column No. 2). When you’re in the same state of view of documents from one source, you can have the same term of documentation, the term “documents”, and in the arcs you can open all of the documents, including them.

Termini zberіgannya dokumenty at Pereliku differentiated for two groups of organizations.

Establish before the first group establish, as a result of the activity, documents are being sorted out, what can be done to the historical and cultural value and inclusion is included in the NAF warehouse. Termini zberigannya dokumentyiv for such installations are given at the graph number 3 Pereliku. From now on, including the group’s perch, install - the dzherela form of the NAF and the vibrik priyomu (list No. 1).

A friend of the group to take a look at the establishment of an auxiliary and service staff character, without having to submit any kind of documents to the warehouse of the NAF should not be sent (list No. 2). Termini zberіgannya dokument іv zikh ustanuyayutsya in graph ı 4 Transfer.

If you have a valid term’s document, you must know the correct article in Perelika and take a look at the poignantly. Vidbir reference for inclusion in the warehouse of the NAF, because there is no need for titles in the descriptions of ABO on the covers of the reference is not allowed. Documents to be guided to the warehouse of the NAF are important at the forefront of original documents (for more information, more than one document is necessary, as well as legal force).

Organizing and arranging documentation (statutes, regulations, rules, instructions, punish me carefully), it is recommended that you take them to the NAF warehouse, as a rule, with the foundation body, which will be approved.

Vidbіr of planning documents is guilty of zdіsnyuvatisya at a warehouse fund establish - the author of the document.

Statistical documentation is established, as soon as the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine establishes the order and lines, it is necessary to submit the required statistics to the state statistics bodies, to the NAF warehouse it is necessary to go to the statutory statistics agency. at the funds of the third organs.

With the help of securing the most valuable documents and widespread widespread access to documents, doubled documents are required if they are required to be installed in various state archives. So, to include the number of primaries of the President, the order of the President of Ukraine, the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the punishment of the ministry, and the central authorities of the state, there are certain specificities. In order to optimize the warehouse of the NAF, it is necessary to get as distant as possible to the sovereign archival establishments of doublet documents. Shchodo іnshih species (rіznidіv) documents to the most powerful archival institutions are given the right to independently develop the power supply of double doubts.

With the expertise of scientific and technical documentation (NTD), I’m able to verify the accuracy of the original NTD є the organization - the roster (author), as well as the organization - the authorized representatives of the documents. The latest set of NTDs for the project of the capital investment project (for the vignette of the projects for public transport and the main road), as a rule, to be kept at the general project manager, the latest set of the NTD project is the most important The original scientific and technical documentation was organized in part to the project, it was redeemed by negotiated ambushes by subcontractors, transferred to the general project manager for the next week to complete the projects with a fake transfer to the sovereign archival installations.

Patent documentation is included in the warehouse of the NAF, as a rule, in the original view.

Permanent terminology of scientific and technical documentation at Pereliku means that for inclusion in the NAF warehouse, documents for projects, problems, including prior to the project are selected; problems, scientific and technical documentation of the highest scientific and historical value. Scientific and technical documentation in machine-readable form, which is our scientific and historical value, is included in the warehouse of the NAF at VIP schools, as long as information is not repeated on traditional noses. An NTD, which hasn’t started before projects, problems, problems and problems, when it comes to terms and conditions, but the docks are not practical.

Documentation , which hasn’t been entered yet before the end of the week, Pereliku, ale term бер zberigannya пост permanently ’but the sign Е YPC ’ for any kind of change, it’s important to be aware of the fact that

Termini zberigannya dokumentov, vnoznachen in tsoyu Perelіku, є minimal, they cannot be felt. Zbіlshennya in the organization of termіnіv zberіgannya dokumentіv, transferred to the data Perelіkom, admitted to the vipadka, as a rule, for the sake of the need is zoomed in with specific features of a specific robot set.

Attributes, schos zasosovyvatsya in Perelika, kommentuyut and clarify the term zberіgannya dokumentiv.

Note “ Do not allow zberigannya on the state. Zberigatsya in organizations ”I will clarify a few documents, which may, as a rule, be of a secondary nature.

In the last notes, the signs of the singing singers of the documents are indicated, as well as specific documents, the terms of the words and the words are indicated in the 3rd and 4th columns of the Perelika. So, a prima to Art. 322, 325, 326, 330, 342, 345, 800, 1111, 1112, 1115, 1118, 1197, 1199, 1204, 1208, 1425 “ For your thoughts, complete rewriting by the sovereign tax authorities will provide additional tax legislation, and for budgetary institutions organization, as well as for state insurance companies and organizations that are located in the sphere of administration of the ministries, which are the central central authorities of the government, - revision. At times the winnings are super-litigation, disputes, cooperation and legal matters - you can take into account the praise of the residual solution » specifics of the term of the accounting documentation.

Notes “ Letters conclude the contract line ”, “ Letters closed ”, “ Let us know new ”, “ Let us know the terms and conditions ”, I have the right to indicate hello iz from the set moment.

For the lack of knowledge, Perelik has collected the indicator, in a sort of alphabetical order, see the document and file it with the help of the number of articles in the article.

The YPC symbol has been installed in Perelika for certain specific types of documents, which means that some of these documents are historical and culturally significant and have been evaluated to ensure that they are included in the warehouse of NAF.

The Law of Ukraine “On the National Archival Fund and Archive Establish” the Regulation on the Principles and Criteria of the Value of Documents, the Procedure for the Development of the National Code of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus. Organizations organize the EC for conducting an expert examination of valuable documents and submission of results for the consolidated EPK of the most important archival institutions. The EC’s activities are conferred upon by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, decrees of the Supreme For the sake of Ukraine, acts of the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and those of the normative legal acts. Due to the organization of the methodology, the examination of the documents of value of the EC is covered by the rules, instructions and recommendations of the Head Archive Office at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (Golovarkhiv).

Prior to the warehouse of the European Commission, which is hardened by the core of the organization, the core of the water service and the archive of the organization, the subsidiaries of the official structure are included. The head of the European Commission is, as a rule, the protector of the kerivnik organization, and the secretary - the kerivnik of archival pidrozdilu. The main objectives of the EC are presented in advance of the Model Regulation on it, confirmed by the order of Golovarkhiv dated 13.03.96 No. 91 and registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 10.04.96 for No. 173/1198, the review of the document has taken into account the fact that the , an advance expert review of the values ​​to the NAF, an act on the Vilnius documentation, not an editorial review of the values ​​to the NAF, a review of projects, problems of scientific and technical documentation, and

Vidovidno to the Model Provision on the archives of the sovereign body, the body of self-indulgence, sovereign authority, establish that organization, approved by the order of Golovarkhova dated 16.10.95 No. 47 dated 01.11.99 After changing the post , it’s included on the way to the warehouse of the NAF and transferred to the archive, set the following lines:

  • Documents of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, the Administrative Office of the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court, the Supreme Arbitration Court, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, the ministries and the central government bodies
  • documents of the Supreme Radi and Radi of the Ministry of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the region, the Kiev and Sevastopol municipal authorities and the government organization - after 10 rockies;
  • documents of regional state administrations, bodies of government self-determination and organization of organizations - through 5 times;
  • records of acts of the Gromadyansky camp, documents from a special warehouse, records of notarial deeds and vessels of reference — through 75 times;
  • scientific and technical documentation - after 25 rockies.

The terms of the hourly documentation in the archives of the organization can be changed at the discretion of the silent archives, prior to such documents should be placed on the basis of the document.

Documents issued by the expert examination of their values ​​for inclusion in the NAF warehouse are described one by one until the current rules.

State archives establish the right to select the documents to the warehouse of the NAF and at the same time to demand the right to include the documents before the description of the permanent documentation, viewing the time and the whole day.

After the document is described in the NAF, the organization-fund-authorizing organization is allowed to keep documents with the hourly terms for the period, and I will confirm the document. The ample documentation of the time-honored zbirgannya is carried out for acts, such as the EPC of the most recent archives. Organizations, in which the NAF documents are not confused, they are familiar with them, they are very practical, they need to be issued and terminated for the information, and for the holidays with the most important archival institutions.

Vidіbranі to entertainment and inclusion to vіdpovіdnyh acts in documents transferred to organizations, as if engaged in the preparation of secondary syrovini. Zdavannya dokumentіv be drawn up by fiscal-consignment notes.

The lack of documentation without the previous descriptions of the reference of the official document, as well as the destruction of the rules of the Agreement termination of documents is unlawful and tense for themselves because of the complete legislation.

Control over the correctness of the recognition of the Change of health of the Golovarch of Ukraine and the establishment of the authority of the state archives.

From the introduction of the Perelika “List of standard documents generated in the activities of state committees, ministries, departments and other institutions, organizations, enterprises, indicating storage periods”, confirmations by the Head Archive Department under the Radio Ministries of the USSR 15.08.88, on the territory of Ukraine .

At vidomikhih (galusevih) crossings of documents in ti stati, so as not to overshoot the transfer of standard documents.