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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.


2.1. Subject of science

The science of "Economy of agricultural enterprises" , such as political economy, macroeconomics and microeconomics, and economic science. Among them є bagato spіlnogo, ale іsnuyut іstotnі vіdmіnnostі. For them, we want all those who want to achieve the highest legal status among people and the laws of the laws of the process of distribution, distribution and the provision of material benefits.

There is only one gap between the economy and macroeconomics, from one side, and the economy from the first, the pole in the lower regions of the analysis. Macroeconomics and polyeconomy to economize as a whole and the great economy. Stink to analyze such aggregated parameters, for example, the gross domestic product, the sum of vitrate and income is irrelevant, the higher price and the maximum consumption will be drunk. Figuratively, all sciences give the world the opportunity to understand the economy of space.

Mіkroekonomіka th ekonomіka of companies doslіdzhuyut konkretnі ekonomіchnі sub'єkti - okremі pіdpriєmstva i the Branch, okremі domogospodarstva - s emphasis on vivchennya virobnichih vіdnosin i dії ekonomіchnih zakonіv that zakonomіrnostey at virobnitstvі specific vidіv produktsії chi priynyattі ekonomіchnih rіshen on rіvnі zgadanih sub'єktіv. When you analyze the income and vitality of the environment and housekeeping, formulate the price for specific products, the behavior of the labor groups of enterprises, and in the distance, but not far away the potential of the United States and that. On the whole side of the world, behind the American economy, it’s not just the forest, but the surroundings of the tree that can make you feel closer to the specific components of the economic system. In this way, there is more than one economy and macroeconomics, from one side, and that there is more economy, more and more, I have more to know: first and foremost, first and foremost.

Protezh mіkroekonomіkoy and ekonomіkoy pіdpriєmstvo also the principles of vіdmіnnostі. Mikroekonomіka vivchaє and doslіdzhuє dyalіst okremich ekonomіchnyh sub'єktіv usіh galleys of national statehood. Based on the theoretical analysis, I’ll explain how I can take advantage of the economic decisions by okrimimi prydpriimstva chi іnnimi ekonomichnymi sub'ktym - robotnikov, living with people, owners of actions, home. In addition, the microeconomic approach is economical as a result of the creation of market risks in the middle of the public gospel, which is explained when there is a change in the price of the competitive price of the goods. For the sake of science, there’s also a lot of food, all of which are bound up on markets okremich merchandise in the politics of politics and in the economy of the world’s economy. Yak bachimo, mikroekonomіka theoretically analysis є economical manifestations on the lower rivni, spiraling around macroeconomic theory.

The economy of agricultural enterprises є bіlsh specific science. The object of the state agreement is the legal regulation of the laws and regulations, which stipulate that there is no need for more agricultural enterprises and more special services in general. In this way, the subject of science is to be heard before the process of expanded expansion in the state government organization of agricultural functions - agricultural enterprises.

With the help of viral force т consume suspension. Shchob ikh exhilaration, consumable resources - materials, land, people. Less than you need for help, you can get the necessary commerce and please the people. Resources - for productive power, for example, for cooperation with high-tech players and for helping people to work out ways. The subject "Economy of agricultural enterprises" does not include the uninterrupted activation of the productive forces of the Sylsky state gratitude as such. Tse - zavadannya natural, technical and technological sciences. Our science has achieved productive power and will have a glimpse of the excitement of high-level entertainment and high-tech entertainment, of which there is complete and complete appreciation. Keruwati is a process, to achieve the result, to achieve the result of virological ideas on the development of productive forces - is one of the main goals of science.

With the said things, it is significant that productive forces (resources) are allocated, it is important to reach the maximum possible satisfaction of consumers for obvious shared resources. The sound of the obvious need for a rational workplace is as important as possible. Vivcennya problems, turning around the possibilities for the increased victory of the implicit virological potential of agricultural enterprises in the minds of the marketplace is an important segment of the subject of science. Warehouse segment є в ив ив ив ав ав ансов ав ав ав ансов ав ансов ав ансов ав ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ансов ив ив ив ел ел ел ел ел ел ел form. Dana Science orієntuє on the right rozumіnnya sutі pozichkovogo kapіtalu, obґruntovuє kriterії dotsіlnostі Yogo zaluchennya of urahuvannyam spetsifіki agricultural virobnitstva, daє rekomendatsії schodo otsіnki fіnansovo-ekonomіchnogo will of companies that rozkrivaє osnovnі metodichnі pіdhodi to otsіnki rіvnya efektivnostі vikoristannya avansovanogo th Vlasna kapіtalu, obґruntovuє rekomendatsії for її away pіdvishchennya.

An important warehouse subject of science "Economy of agricultural enterprises" ив vivchenny vitrat virobnitzstva i sobvartostі products. When tsomu aktsentuєtsya uwagi on rozkrittі sutі sobіvartostі produktsії i metoditsі її viznachennya, obґruntuvannі kriterіїv rozpodіlu vitrat on postіynі that zmіnnі, analіzі spіvvіdnoshennya "factor product" i vikoristannі Yogo rezultatіv for Vibor virobnichih alternatives for rіznogo stage zabezpechenostі Pevnyi zmіnnim resources on obґruntuvannі rekomendatsіy schodo low self-contained product and second-hand economic vigodi.

The subject of science "Economy of agricultural enterprises" is also the reasons for the increase in the liability for the production of goods and for the price and income. Tsya science vivchaє yakіst sіlskogospodarskoї produktsії, obґruntovuє mozhlivі eg її pіdvischennya i stupіn vplivu on pributkovіst virobnitstva, daє vіdpovіd on zapitannya scho Takeo іntensivnіst virobnitstva, yak viznachiti ekonomіchny type rozvitku of companies i SSMSC іsnuyut in Suchasnyj Minds Factory formuvannya іntensivnogo type scho zabezpechuє іstotne pіdvischennya the effectiveness of virobnitstva. Significantly, there is a special offer of agricultural enterprises. When tsomu uwagi zoseredzhuєtsya on viroblennі vmіnnya correctly viznachati galuzevu agrarian structure of companies, їh virobnichy napryamok, obґruntovano otsіnyuvati efektivnіst zrushen in spіvvіdnoshennі okremih virobnitstv i zdіysnyuvati ekonomіchno dotsіlny dobіr Galuzo at formuvannі perspektivnoї galuzevoї structuring pіdpriєmstva of orієntatsієyu on zadovolennya require market analysis i maksimіzatsії Vlasna dohodіv. Science has been given to help you, so that I’m so impressed with the efficiency of the economy and the intensity of the virology and the absorption of the special needs of the consumer market.

Science "agrarian Ekonomіka of companies" orієntuє pіdpriєmstva of acceptance on the correct rіshen schodo ekonomіchnoї otsіnki i Vibor іnnovatsіy, zokrema zdіysnennya novih kapіtalnih proektіv, vprovadzhennya novoї tehnologії, tehnіki th obladnannya, pridbannya mіneralnih Welcome i hіmіchnih zasobіv Borotba of bur'yanami, shkіdnikami, hvorobami sіlskogospodarskih Roslyn і tvarin, the determination of biological methods to deal with them and that. Relying on the mainstream science, there are many opportunities to analyze alternative alternatives for investment, as well as criterion of maximizing income.

Science has been presented to provide food for which it is necessary to bring the effect of agroindustrial integration, as well as informal organization, as well as synergistic effect in specific industrial enterprises. Won rozkrivaє are pributku yak ekonomіchnoї the category i methodology Yogo viznachennya on rіznih stadіyah formuvannya tsogo nayvazhlivіshogo kіntsevogo result dіyalnostі agrarian of companies, daє rekomendatsії, yak mozhna viznachiti efektivnіst virobnitstva on bazі vikoristannya pributku that zdіysniti її factorial analіz, yak zbіlshiti masu pributku zavdyaki mobіlіzatsії vnutrіshnіh rezervіv i to the regional official of the official middleman, as a result of the income and competitiveness of the competition. The subject of the given science includes the increase in the power of the government of the city government for the income, and also the economic analysis of the effectiveness and the importance of the state regulation of the development of the city government.

The science of "Economy of agricultural enterprises" is widely recognized as an understanding and understanding of macroeconomic and political economies. Alevona virobila i vlasnі categorical ekonomіchnі principle (otzagalnennya). I can give you a clear analysis, systematization and evaluation of facts, internal and secondary means of business, which are known in the system of economic coordinates. Consolidated categories and economic principles are widely respected by particular concrete agro-economic sciences, such as, for example, virological management, planning for investment, and material stimulation for production. The science “Economy of agricultural enterprises” is based on a methodological basis.