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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

3.2. Цінова еластичність репити на сільсь Factors' Products

I will take a look at evaluating the market medium, as if I want to have a great deal of business, it’s important to know that I’m especially characteristic of the bestowal of the state, as I have the most elite drink for the great foodstuff. The price of the elite is the price of the reaction to living with the price of the comrade. Such a reaction is vigilant with respect to the law, I’ll be convinced that I’m quick to get some good goods when they’re growing in price, and I can buy them better when they’re lower. The prototype of the law is far from being manifested by the same way for the most part of goods, because only a small step of sensitivity to the price of the last goods.

From now on, you can signify three groups of goods for equal prices. Tsinoviy drank on the Persian group a truly elastichny group, if they are small in value, they must mean significant sale obligations. To another group, to have a comrade with a proportional (single) elasti, if the oath is sold, the sale will be proportionate to the price of the price. The third group is a comrade who, for the sake of real estate prices, has a reason to keep small sales liabilities for sale. Drank to a friend, they say that they are clearly unfeasible.

Silskogospodarska products to establish itself up to the third group of goods with a distinctly irregular drink. For your American students, in more and more countries with a market economy, a lot of eligibility for the whole product, redemption as a percentage of the total cost of sales are sold at a rate of 0, 0, 0. This means that, if you are good at helping, you’ll get better products, say, 5% less than the current price, if the price for it is lower by 20-25%. As a whole, there is an obligation to sell the property at an interest rate of one percent.

If Ed <1, then the drink will be не seemingly non-elastic, for Ed = 1 - single and for Ed> 1 - apparently elastic.

Stupin elastichnosti pit to comrade ustotno vplivaniya є to the economical mill of enterprises. Yakshchok drinks elastichny, then at a lower price for the groshov’s goods the virus is realizable to sell, the price of the sale grows faster and the lower the price the lower the price so I can compensate for such a decrease. Promotional price for elastitic consumption of goods to the storehouse until the shelter is safe - the penniless penny is shorter, the fragments of the price tag are not compensated for the loss of the sale price.

For one-time elastity, the loss of money and the loss of money due to the decrease in the cost of selling the loan is compensated for the increase in the cost of the loan, and the increase in the cost of the loan is compensated.

For think of an unfeasible feast for a comrade, keep them at a low price and wait for them to bring up a vile little thing to see. Adje for such a іstotne іnotnі znіznіnі znі zhіnі zumіv zhumіv deprive insignificantly zbіlshennya oath sale. The indemnity on the whole of the pre-paid income is not compensated for by the expense of wining. The protest for paying the price for the comrade with the truly unfeasible drink of the groshov virus is better, the fragments of the pre-paid income will be better, the lower the price for the sale.

There is a lack of flexibility in the production of high-quality products є for the first time factor, which means that you can step up to understanding the price of comrade. The main factor in them is the factor of indefiniteness, since if you increase the price for one product, you can satisfy your very needs when you buy the last product, but the price doesn’t change, but it has changed. After that, we’ve replaced food products through biological authorities of the human body. Here viyavlyaetsya zagalna zakonіrnіst - what is less than isn’t deputy іnnikіv to goods, the least less elastichny drink on nyogo, і navpaki. Zvidsya strozum_lim, schO, for example, will drink on the grain, and mean it on the bread, ел unfeasible, if the product is practically impossible to replace it. In addition, when there is a genuine price for bread and butter, sale of yogo is not enough.

The following words are in memory, which will help you to choose the best products. As a whole, it is necessary to verify the status of special offers to the public. For the butt there are two products - cartoply i voloski gorіhi. In fig. 3.4, and curve D vіdobrazhaє will be drunk on cartoplyu, and in fig. 3.4, b curve D1 - will drink on the hairs of mountains. The winter time for these curves to the abscissa is characterized by unequal elastity and visibility in the rate of lower prices for the whole product.

Tsinova elastichn_st popit

Fig. 3.4. Цінова еластичність реп courses on okremі silіkospospodorskі products

Yak bachimo, at the same pace of increasing the price of cartoply and hairy mountains (on the ordinates of Р1 Р2), you must be very sensitive to the oath of purchases, which means that there was a big sale of yours. Sensitivity to living up to the price of the hair of a big store, which called for a significant shortened oath of sales, as well as sales of carts that went significantly less through the appearance of non-elasticity for consumption of the whole product. Adje doesn’t care much, but Q3 - Q4> Q1 - Q2. First, it’s legal, oskіlki volosky gorikh є wants and is valuable, but not a compulsory component of the harchuvanny people. To the reaction of the purchasers to pay the price for a whole new year - the stench was quick to drink and the oath of dowry.

For virobniks of hairy mountains, such a reaction is small negative offspring - having changed their penny income. It can be clearly seen that you can almost immediately increase the amount of the penny income of those who earn money up to the maximum price, as in Fig. 3.4, b is shown by businessmen. Groshovy dokhid to pidvishchenny price відповідає square rectokutnik OR1ЕQ3, and pisly pidvishchenny -. OR2K2O4. It’s not important to remember that the area of ​​the first one with the names of the straight-handed people (the sum of the penniless dokhid) ​​is overpriced for the area of ​​the other, the fragments of the increase in penniless income for the peasant groceries (the straightman P1P2K2K3) have been shown to be less expensive.

Promotional prices for cartridges from Р1 to Р2 at the same pace, since prices are slightly higher, as a result, the sale obligation is slightly insignificant, and it is important for buyers to know the deputy of the whole product. Mova, you can go for more about saving cards and doing things quickly. In other words, the buyer of the meanings of kupuvati cartoplyu (maybe a little less), independent on real time prices. But tse znacє, scho tsinovi drank on it є apparently unelastic. You can see it in fig. 3.4, and, for such a consumption, the price for the product is greater (the area of ​​the trickstone OR2K1Q2> OR1EQ1), the fragments of the first price for the ratio of the larger value of the P1 to P2 are compensated by a large amount of the same amount of Q1 - Q2 at the ear of the offer S will not be realized.

A detailed analysis of the seemingly unfeasible food allows me to transmit more information, so that for the violinist who is unsatisfactory for the viral singer of the rock music festival, they can get a lot of income, lower in the weather with “normal” weather.

It is said graphically (Fig. 3.5). For “normal” weather minds, D1 will drink more and more with a proposition of S1 at the point of E1, the other is the ordinate of P1 is the price of the rvnovagi. With tsiyomu virobniki, clear off dohid OR1 E1 Q1. At a lesser rate, the product violated the product, the position of the product is reduced to S2, the new location is at point E2, and the price is P2.

Having infused the change of oath of virobnitstva to a product with low elasticity, it’s worth the price and money

Nowadays, we’re more likely to be a straightforward soldier of OR2E2Q2, a certain area, because it’s not important to pay attention, I’m better for OR1Е1Q1 area, so I’ve got more money for such wisdom.
For agricultural enterprises, it’s important to be aware of the fact that we are always informing about the availability of food and food products. Yak z'yasuvalosya, at the time of such a number of products and the name of a friend is clearly among themselves. Moreover, according to ix of types of drinks, drink є navigate elastically, I want to have a comrade sylskogospodarskogo march to buy something unreliable. Moreover, it is obvious that there is a significant increase in prices, say, for seasoned and mutton, for sure there are 0.54 times and 2.65 times, but at the same time, we are sure that we are always sure that From the names of the products.

From now on, guilty parties will have their own tactics and strategies with obv'azkovym uruhuvannyam, so that for the sake of elastichnit eat for a comrade, scho them viroblyayutsya. Adjuice know that there is some elasticity on that type of product, you can transfer it, on the basis of interest, you can lower the price on it for the reason that you have an oath to pay for sale on a regional market. Winery is also able to give and receive such a price, and so, and promptly receive income. I’ve said about such an application.

Admittedly, commodity merchants in winter time for the closest hour to take the luggage of real lamb for the regional market by 7% for the actual price of realization for 1 kg 13 UAH. For the sake of notice, on interest rates the price for lamb is reduced, please see the formula for the price of the elastichnost, the percentage of the actual sales (OP) is taken for the percentage, and the value for the price is: . Oskіlki PC for us nevidoma, then viznacha ї її from the induced formula: PC = OP: Ed. Having presented the formula with the given data, the mother, the HRC = 2.64% (7: 2.65 = 2.64). From now on, the price for 7% of the oath of sale is down 2.64%, and Іїї рівень becomes now 12.66 UAH. (13 UAH will be taken at 100%, and the price will be changed to 97.36% as actual. Sounds:

12.66 = (13 • 97.36): 100.

Yakby virobniki put themselves up for a raise, on sale at interest rates, the sale price is lower, for example, at 10%, then on the basis of power supply you can deny it, which means the OP statement is correct. In our application, the oath sale is 26.5% (2.65 × 10 = 26.5). The price of 1 kg of lamb becomes 14.3 UAH (13? 110): 100.