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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.


6.1. The essence of the product’s products and characteristics Ії views

Self-interest as an economic category is a part of the part-time community. The basis of price categories is to establish the ability to live together with the needs of the user and the product needed. In particular, there is a rozumіnnі sobіvartіst - a groshiy vira vitrat pіdpriyamstva on virobnitstvo and implementation of products (work, service).

Self - interest - one of the most important indicators of the state-owned agriculture of the country, of the show, the cost of the state-owned product is more than the same for the state-owned and the most specific.

The indicator of self- sustainability and ability to analyze and save the economy and reserve reserves of effective effectiveness. For one and the same minds, the company will be more likely to have a profit per unit of products, which is the lower part of our business, and even more. Because of the limited number of products, the competitiveness of products, and from the beginning, the position of the consumer goods market.

It is important to mean those things that are beneficial in being located in an out-of-season location. Z її to lower zrostaє payback vitrata in a way and try to take advantage of the fastest way to accelerate the pace of expanded vіdtvorennya pіdvyshenny material interest in praxіvnikіv. The index of self-interest is an important tool for drafting recommendations for improving the ability to use natural resources and natural areas in Ukraine, as well as for visualizing prospects for developing business and leisure.

At the city-wide virological institution there are different views.

Іndivіdualnaya sobіvartіst be signaled on dermal pіdpriєmstvі. According to the variety of products, Ії ії р ень ень ень to lay down in the form of agricultural agronomic, zootechnical, technical, organisation-economical and natural minds.

We are happy to have the opportunity to pay for the purchase and sale of the average products for the production of products. Rosary of the form of Ії, like the middle Galuzev (deducted in the country as a whole in the delineated cutaneous appearance of the product), is middle-sized and established. Remaining visually identified to the administrative-territorial principle - by district, region.

For the economy and the types of vitrates, they are included in the collection of products, the distribution and distribution (sales) of the collection. Virobichnuyu sobartarty form vitrati, tied to virobnitstvom and costly products, її transport to the French-speaking zberigannya (virobnichnogo living green grease for food). In the event of participation, I include virology, participation and vitality for the sale of products.

Dependently of the delivered goods and lines of business, the required products are planned, the actual part is collected.

Planning sobstviznachatsya to the cob of the planned period. There is great value to the healthy regime of the economic organization of dyyovy control for vitrachtnyh koshtіv, gospodarskoy dyalnіsty pіdprimstv іh іh virobnichyh pіdrozdіlіv stretch of the planned period.

Actual participation is indicated for the results of state gifts in the end of the period based on the factual vitality and oath of the acquired products. I won’t give you the opportunity to make a profit from the economy and the economical efficiency of the skin type of products (robots, servants), explain the reasons for the low profitability and the size of the galleys, and save the amount of products needed.

Ochukuvana sobvartіst viznachaetsya stretch out on the basis of yak factual, so і predicting (ochukuvanih) tribute, gained rozrahunkovo ​​with the help of control over vitrazhannyam koshtіv.