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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

7.2. Commodity products and methods of visibility indicators of commodity

Kozhne agrarian pіdpriствоemstvo, daily consumption, free strategy, and taking on the goiter яз yazan (laying of land), razpodіlya ир viroblen production. In singing proportions, it’s very straightforward to consume viral food for the offensive cycle of expanded education (food, food, livestock, livestock herding), there are a lot of groceries and groceries, there are only a few people who need to buy and sell food. The products, which are currently sold by enterprises, to procurement agencies, we will distribute goods, at bargains, for export, at Silk markets, without delay to their majority from the bulk of the population, as well as to buy more goods for them.

Otzhe, commodity products - the whole part of the gross products, which was realized for the interim business of the rest of the world. Won in natural and wartisny (penny) forms. On the skin side, the availability of goods for sale is limited to more accurate prices for real sales, a low level of deposits in the channel and lines for real products, the market for the most important factors. Groshі nadhodzhennya vіd sale of commodity products is called a penny income, but a penny virus pidprimstva. Це - an important indicator of state gifts, on the basis of a certain margin of decks and leather as a whole. For the first and the same minds, one won’s the biggest profit, what’s the biggest penny got the real product, and it’s more.

For the analysis I will become the economics of business and that of the first and foremost of the galleys, I recognize the absolute and absolute commodity virobnitsva. Productivity is characterized by indicators of the level of marketability, which can be identified by leather goods as a percentage of the value of the product to gross, taken from natural units. Rіven tovarnostі mozhna viznachiti i in tsіlomu on pіdpriєmstvu, ale to tsogo potrіbno commodity produktsіyu otsіniti in vartіsnomu virazі for timey themselves porіvnyannimi tsіnami for yakimi otsіneno Valova produktsіyu, viklyuchivshi of її warehouse prirіst incompleteness virobnitstva, prirіst vartostі molodih bagatorіchnih cultural nasadzhen i malotovarnі products ( straw, gnіy, green masu).

Absolute marketability in Roslinnitsti can be seen in natural terms as an oath of commodity products and environmental culture in the country. In tvarinitsvі її rozrahovyut for two indicators: 1) to the extent of the oath of commodity products singing in the middle of the middle number of creatures, because there are a lot of products; 2) to the singing form of the Tvarinnitsa products to the exclusive land area. The products of great horny skin and that sheep roam for the area of ​​Silkospodar gifts, pigs for the area of ​​rilli, birds for the area of ​​the grain. For the whole country, absolute merchandise has the absolute potential to be presented to the representatives of the groshovoy viruses and to realize real products up to the area of ​​high quality goods.

Vrakhovuychi is the most significant indicator for the economy of economy, the important factor analysis for the additional formula is important:

factorial analysis

de g1 і g0 - an oath of realizatsії in the natural form of the product of the kind in the basic and basic rock, c; q1 and q0 - the average price of realizatsii 1 q products in Kazakhstan, UAH.

The first frequent формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули формули. Persian two factors are positively absorbed on the indicator of absolute marketability, if they are identified by their index and have a higher value than one, and it’s higher. Prototype - the nature of the factor of land dictation.

Riven of commodity in terms of the type of products to lay down, on the front, an oath of liability for virobnitz. We have better wine, more time we can sell products for the same same minds, and even more. The increase in marketability can be compensated for the same amount of violated gross production, but through the use of songs, the price has decreased, but the consumption has been reduced for domestic products. I’ll look at it, I’m sternly aware that absolute commodity is absolute є func- tionality of the rivals of the official marketability of the gross virobnitzstva products. In a formalized view, a deposit of absolutely commodity (At) names of factors can be given as well:

Am = VP • Pm,

de VP - an oath of virobnitstva gross products; Rt - ryven merchandise.

In fig. 7.1 it is shown, as if the oath of commodity products is oversized, the oath of gross virology and rivality of merchandise is in the singing industry hour. The curve of the State Duma is representative of the dynamics of the oversight of the products, the curve of AB is the dynamics of the oversight of the products, which is covered for domestic consumption, the line of the BV is taken to the liability of the products, and the need for the same amount of improvement.

Зміна the oath of commodity products is irrelevant in the form of an oath of oversight of the gross product of the gross product and the level of commodity

Fig. 7.1. Zmіna the oath of commodity products is fallow vіd zmіniobsyagu virobnitstva gross products and rivnya commodity

Yakby the gratitude to the skin of the skin for a long time pleased its domestic consumption, since the whole month from the 5th to the 7th week is included, then the oath of the commodity products is reflected in direct proportion to the value of the goods. Riven of commodity when I’ve seen twice as low as I’ve seen less than one day, but a lesser oath of virobnizty products. Quickly consume internal consumption at a low level of liability, and if you take advantage of this, you may not allow a proportional change in the liability of your products. Riven of merchandise with the best of zastє, but remember to die for the offensive cycle.

For the surrounding types of products, there is a constant marketability. The reason for being scolded is in the technological features of the galleys and in the whole of the designated products. So, in industrial crops the indicator is over 100% (leon and vovna). The water hour of the marketability of grain is between 40-50%, the cartopl is 20-30, the vegetable is 65-75, the milk is 75-85, and the milk is 70-80. The low level of marketability, for example, the mappings, can be clarified not just for the sake of a certain range of cultural needs, but for great domestic needs for these products: for us, for our homeland, for good luck. There is a significant need for food in concentrated feeds, for secure for themselves, I don’t have the opportunity to grow grain, I want to see the kind of products I want to be highly profitable, and it’s economically more expensive to sell them.