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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

7.5. Chista agrarian products

Pure products - the price of newly created goods, the availability of a warehouse for a charcoal bulk product (gross product) of consumer goods, which characterizes the economic efficiency of the product. Yakscho vartіst valovoї produktsії scho Nabeul tovarnoї form, viraziti in-line rinkovih tsіnah and Rasht її, yak vikoristana on virobnichі vnutrіshnogospodarskі require i represented growth of unfinished virobnitstva that growth vartostі viroschuvannya cultural nasadzhen, otsіniti for sobіvartіstyu, then formalіzovanomu viglyadі in tsіlomu on pіdpriєmstvu You can display the product type with a viraz:

c + v + t

de s - live in place of the assets (reverse assets in the depreciation of fixed assets), v + t - in pure production.

The rosemary of pure products and functions of such important factors, such as the oversight of the main products, the level of marketability, the price of real products, and the parts of the material cost (s) in the structure of the total product cost. Until the first three factors, the factor of pure products is in direct proportion to the deposits, and to the rest - in obberneniy. Part of the living problems of the virobnitsva in the structure of their own gross product gross production tendency until the last. The price is an objective process, which is a way of imagining a dialectical relationship with the cost of living and minimum costs of productivity. In 1990 p. The share in the agricultural enterprises of the suspension sector of Ukraine became 63.2%. 1994 p. Inflyatsiyn form sobvartosti through understating the estimation of the living resources called for up to a reduction in the cost of the last pratsi in the cost of the gross product up to 54.3%. At 2000 p. Its indicator is 65.9%.

For dwellers kіlkіsno viznachiti Chistu produktsіyu of companies, peredusіm potrіbno rozrahuvati Valova produktsіyu for sobіvartіstyu її virobnitstva (sobіvartіst virobnitstva produktsії roslinnitstva i tvarinnitstva vsіh vidіv, prirіst incompleted virobnitstva for sobіvartіstyu, sobіvartіst viroschuvannya bagatorіchnih cultural nasadzhen, sobіvartіst nadanih on storonі poslug). Tsera rozrahunok conducted on the main (sіlskogospodarskomu) virobnitstv y okremo on іnshih types dіyalnostі. As a result, you will have more than two warehouses and warehousing gross products with + v. Given the result of the following, see all the material Vitrati, and the very same: virobichno live items and pensions, amortization of the main services and Vitrati to pay for the services, donated to them on the other side, so that + v = - + Prior to the result (vitrate for payment of benefits), it’s necessary to take a profit, which is more than enough of merchandise gadgets of consumer goods, in some kind of viral product I’m selling products. The result is formally visualized as follows: v + m '. For the total amount of time you need to get rid of the bits and pieces, which are hidden in the gallows, de virology is for realizing the production of products less for the third part. The result of the price is the cleanliness of pure products: v + t '- 3 = v + t.

The economic value of pure products is supernaturally more important, the fragments of the basis for the basis of the expanded production. And even for the offensive cycle of initiation, we must confess that we can help you out. There is no need for more information for the brand of pure products, as well as for the living fund and the premium fund. Spіvvіdnoshennya mіzh tsimi funds cutaneous pіdpriєmstvo vstanovlyuє samostіyno, vrahovuyuchi at tsomu absolutely rozmіr chistoї produktsії, stupіn ozbroєnostі virobnitstva, znoshenіst mainly fondіv, zabezpechenіst Revolving zasobami, dosyagnuty rіven Pay pratsі pratsіvnikіv, stupіn rozvitku sotsіalnoї іnfrastrukturi, spіvvіdnoshennya mіzh Foundation paid pratsі pributkom i.

For evaluating the economic campaign, it’s important to analyze these two important indicators, such as the net sales of the gross product and the portion of the payment immediately, when you go to the social sums of the newly created news. What is the greater value of the total result and the most frequent part of the gross product of the gross product, the same for the same new minds, more opportunities for the development of factors at a faster pace, and more.

I mean informativity is another indicator. Chim gіrshe pratsyuє pіdpriєemstvo, so much more often pay pratsі immediately with social benefits go to the overseas amount of clean products, and later, more often, a little bit of the main high-income jerela invest. At times, as a matter of fact, I will not deny the benefit, nor the cost, the pure products will be presented more than by the payment fund. In addition, the indicator is 100% more expensive. The whole range, for any kind of support, is more convenient to provide simpler and more secure communication. I’m a legal person.

For the minds of zbitkovo dіyalnostі pіdpriemstva pure products are changed. If you have a sum of money for the amount of money you have paid for the right to pay social benefits, go ahead, then the result will be zero, and for the smaller amount, you will get a lot of value. For economical crises in the bagatoch of agrarian enterprises, pure products easily reached minus dekilkoh hundreds of thousands of hryvnias, which would mean about bankruptcy. That is why the guilty parties have to take cardinally right now and come in to prevent unauthorized access.