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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

8.8. Intensity and effectiveness of land vikoristannya

In dermal agrarian pіdpriєmstvі of urahuvannyam Yogo specific drain (tipіv ґruntіv, їh mehanіchnogo warehouse, konfіguratsії Lands dіlyanok, Kut їh Nakheel, spetsіalіzatsії virobnitstva toscho) neobhіdno rozrobiti i vprovaditi agronomіchnih system, veterinarian, tehnіchnih i organіzatsіyno-ekonomіchnih zahodіv scho zabezpechuyut efektivnosti vikoristannya Plots resources It’s more important that you come in and hide yourself in direct contact with us on the basis of potential potency of our products and our products from the skin hectare. So it is possible to significantly lay down in the middle of the intensity of the land resources. Porvnyalna otsіnka otsenka і іntenstvіdnosti in dynamics and in іzіnіpіdpriстваvіstv give tsmogu viyaviti deyakі straightforward fake polіpennі vikoristannya lands.

Riven of intensiveness of land resources to recognize such indicators:

  • we’ll step up the state-owned victorian land, so that we can reach the land area of ​​the land for the whole land area of ​​the statehood;
  • let’s step up rosaranosti, what is it that I’m counting as often a part of the territory of the area of ​​culture and culture of culture on the territory of the city of Ugly;
  • let’s step up the small area of ​​the land, the small land area (zroshuvanikh, drained) to the upper land area;
  • pet carcass of intensive crops (chilled buryak, lemon, maple, vegetable, sonnyashnik, grain corn, hemp) in the rural area;
  • a number of repeated victories of the land, which is signaled to the representatives of the same area at once from the area of ​​repeated visits to the state area of ​​thanksgiving.

When analіzі th otsіntsі Tsikh pokaznikіv slіd pam'yatati scho zavdyaki transformatsії Statewide ugіd i vdoskonalennyu їh structure pіdvischennyu (znizhennyu) chastki rіllі, bagatorіchnih cultural nasadzhen i melіorovanih land from zagalnіy ploschі sіlskogospodarskih ugіd and іntensivnih cultures - the strukturі posіvіv, pіdvischennyu koefіtsієnta repeated victories of the land to the best possible opportunities for greater commitment to viral products (for the same old minds) grow. But here it’s important not to go beyond the regional boundaries of the cutaneous name of the indicators, the fragments of the whole can be brought before the death of the Victorian land, and the loss of family relations. For example, overwhelming rozoryuvannya sylskogospodarskogo ugi u bagatokh state grants called up to intensive development of water and water supply with the most negative negligence.

About economic vikoristannya land to judge on the basis of a system of natural and vartisnyh indicators. To natural indicators to introduce: the yield of crops from the Kostroma region; virobnitsvo okremich species of tvarinnitsa products per 100 hectares of agricultural land (products of cattle breeding and cattle breeding, price per 100 hectares of charcoal gifts, pigs - for poultry, grain crops). Before the start of the week show: virobnitstvo gross products in constant prices, commodity products in current prices for sales, clean products and a gain in the price per hectare of agricultural products.

Natural indicators characterize the productivity of less than the singing part of the Silkospodarskiy Ugid, and the standard - the whole area. There are two groups of indicators that fully cover the hectare of the physical area, as well as the amount of the grocery estimate of the hectare of the city of Ukraine, as well as the economy of the country. You can judge from the first hijacker about the factually reachable state of the territory of the land without land and the lack of freedom, and in the other, you can evaluate the results of state grants. Probably such a butt. Two state grants may have the same area and structure of the Silkospodarsky coal - 2,000 ha each. Groshova estimate 1 hectare for the first time to get 7,000 UAH, and in the other - 9,000 UAH, because here the land is reduced for an economical family. Perche pidprimstvo virobilo for zvitny rіk 2 million UAH gross products, friend - 2.2 million UAH.

As a rule, the annual indicator of the effectiveness of land per hectare of physical area, it is possible to sow the gadgets, but also to give the state a good share of the land, the fragments of the amount per hectare will cost 1 100 UAH 2 000 1 000 2 000 less - 1 000 UAH. But if you want to economize on the kindness of the earth, then you’ll be able to find such a gown. All right, there’s a need to reconcile, almost at once, show the efficiency indicator of the success of the land - land supply to the business community, gained a hectare of income, up to a worthless estimate. In our application, for the first time, land acquisition will become 1,000: 7,000 = 0.143, and in another - less than 0.122. Now it’s obvious that the land is not for the friend of Viktor Vykoristov, but for the first time.

The methodology is given for may of Victoria and for assessing the viral cooperation of structural Roslinnitsky enterprises, as well as unequal for land.

Dosyagnuti at Sіlskogospodarsky enterprises rivie ryven effektivnosti vikoristannya zemli ninі (2002 p.) Is still low. In bagatokh it is because of them that the earth's family is reduced. Great areas are covered by water and water erosion, the area of ​​saline and acidic is not changed. It is important for the skin to protect the earthquake system from science and technology, which will help to determine the role of children in soil.

The main oznakuyu vysoko ryuchnosti y okulturnostі ґruntu є together with humus and humus. It has been clarified that there can be two humuses in ґrunty in two main ways: a) for more introduced pus and peat composts, b) more widespread lucerne and stables for more room. The prospect is more important than the other in the given given problem and we will engage in vermiculture. In the Polish regions of Ukraine, in the average per hectare of agricultural land, you need to pay 12-14 t per month, at Lisostepu 10-12, on pivdenny chornozems 5-8 pus, and therefore there is no need for access to it humus and humus. Zbіlshennya vmіstu dvoh ostannіh Components Connection in gnoї mozhna dosyagti, if vіn viroblyatimetsya naybіlsh efektivnosti pіdstilkovim method for obmezhennya bezpіdstilkovogo method yaky zmenshuє vihіd pus 15% i znizhuє Yogo tsіnnіst by 20%, i Povny viklyuchennyam rіdkogo method, if gnіy pribiraєtsya gіdrozmivom (Taqiy gnіy do not lose your yakіst your doctor, and the first zavdaє shkody dovkillu).

At more than one country in the sunset, bring in dozens of doses of pus, for example, at the Netherlands - up to 70 tons per hectare of agricultural products. With pidvishchennyam doses introduced by pus acidity is lower. It’s important that you can, on the background of the organic additives, you can make the dosages introduced by the mineral additives, so as to increase the pH of the soil. As much as possible, to add without organic fees for low doses of stagnant rest, then winnings are necessary for higher prices, as well as lower acidity, as well as I speed up the mineralization of organic speech. It’s not for nothing that I’m sending: “Vapno zbagachє batkіv, ale rosoryu dite”. Prior to that, about 10 tons of pus with any kind of peat compost can be used for 1 ton of humus, and with less than 1 g of humus, you need to see 4 to 20 g of water, you can glue it to the breasts a little.

Visoka pus can be secured by pus for proper preparation and introduction. It’s impossible at any time to introduce a ridiculous, napvidіy and fresh solid pus. Vіn shvidko minіralіzuєtsya and can’t cope with the right amount of fuel for family relations. Prepare gnіy with a stretch of long rock, and bring in - less vlitka and vosen.

In Ukraine, the arrogant demand for expanding the area of ​​lucerne and stables. In the United States, for example, ponad 30% of the lands occupied by bagatorny herbs for snow, snow and VIP. The lucerne and the stables of the field are unperesible in the fact that they have less culture in oranges to have less humus. Consume winter and traditional approaches to plan the structure of the latest area of ​​grain crops. The slice is not just on the lead, but on the balance of the complete balance, which is balanced for 8 essential acids (lysine, threonine, valine, methionine, tryptophan and other), as well as ready to go. Following P. Tikhonovskiy’s tribute per hectare of barley for balancing the protein component, 0.32–0.34 hectares of peas are needed, and per hectare heights less than 0.02 hectares, because the crop is the most optimal. Beyond the norms, 10% oats avenge 9.8% of the whole meal, for example, winter wheat - less than 5.7-6.07, barley 6.93-7.13, peas - 30.15%.

It can be seen that wheat grain is the most balanced food feed. Wheat meal is 1.7 times as much as needed, lower than average, negatively designated at the station of creature. It’s economically cost-effective, and biologically-healthy, which is 2.6 times less than the average amount of organic matter, less than 40% less wheat, less yummy. There is one more important area for fodder in districts, one for another, one for important wheat crops, one of the most important methods for saving and increasing number of foodstuffs at all times.

More comfortable with the structure of the land area, you need to double it with the right chervuvanny sіlskogospodar culture. Correctly prompted and mastered to increase productivity by 30-40% and to secure more technology and robust labor.

In economically friendly countries there is a great role to establish in such progressive systems the cultivation of soil, systems of community, and useful climates. Significant reserve of land supply and production of natural fodder yields, often become 17.8% of the total area of ​​Ukraine’s land supply. However, the significant area of ​​natural forests and herds is slow to have little effect, although they want to feed on them є significantly cheaper, lower on the ground. The increased productivity of natural fodder yields can be easily reached to the primary and surface polishing.

Of particular importance is the importance of the effectiveness of the victoriousness of the land resources in the country.