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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

9.3. Vitrati to pay for practical staff

Vitrati for the payment of rights є one of the main articles of vitrati and occupy the most significant part in the structure of our own products ; All of this is due to social wages, such as goiters of health and safety before the legislation in force.

Z tab. Figure 9.2 shows that you need to pay for the payment of benefits to a significant number of companies in the structure of their own products, to borrow for these types of products, the technology for which they have to pay for the living costs and expenses.

Table 9.2


See products

Vitrati to pay pracіz narahuvanni

Pitoma vaga vitrat for payment of benefits in the structure of private products,%

for 1 centner of products, UAH

on 1 ha (1 head), UAH





Tsukroviy Buryak
















Priist live masi VRX




Pririst pigs





7.84 * 2







* 2: {At a rosette for 1000 pcs.}

Vitrati to work to work on the strength of the different nature of the sound with the results of virobnitztva. For example, payment of the right to pay the right to pay for the monthly rates in agricultural enterprises (for farmers' countries - payment of the right to pay farmers), pay attention to them In addition, a certain oath of products has been violated and I have a small gain. I will take over the ownership of the gifts from the state of Ukraine. For the sake of convenience, there is a need for a rational organization of the most important data categories, retirement planning for children and children, we recommend that you have a safe and secure room for them.

Payments for the most recent services, please pay attention to the best retail prices, as well as payment for the hours we have received for the weekend, seasonal work is required, and there is a need to pay for it. With increased crop yields, productivity of creatures, expanded crops to rational interactions between them and the scale of virobnitz. Zavdyaki for the whole business to reduce the cost of paying for the right to pay for one product, for whom (for the same old minds) to reach the best profit.

You can achieve more product and lower product costs for the article “paying for your money”, and you can also save the cost of living expenses if you have more than one price. For an assessment of such a vikoristannya zatosovut dekilka indicativ. First, go down to their characteristics, which means that you must approve new agroformations based on private ownership, based on private authority, have different status and status of public organization. Most of them, having rented their land and land for rent, became hired by the new owners of the new business until the contract laid down by them. From now on, the fragments of the main working force of the issuance of the пра Naiman ’praxivniki, then the winery’ need for analysis of the dynamics of the rukh.

To recognize two indicators of the dynamics of working force: a hiring rate and a vibration rate. First of them (Kn) rozrahovyut for the formula:

Kn = koffitsієnt hiring that koffitsієnt vibuttya

de Chpr - the number of people who have taken to work before the party with a stretch of rock; State of emergency - the number of people on a weekly date.

Koefіtsієnt vibuttya (Sq) is possible rozrahuvati z virazu:

Kv = Koefіtsієnt vibuttya

de ChPv - the number of vibrats pracіvnikіv extended rock.

For additional tribute, you can specify the rate of change in the number of customers (Tz) and the rate of gross turnover of work (Ors), and itself:

Tz = (Kn - Qu) • 100, Ors = Kn + Qu.

At private enterprises, it is important to assess and analyze such an indicator as to have a look at foreign companies, as a step to the personnel of the company. Rozrahovuetsya show the indicator of the total amount of rock robots in a given list of regular employees in the list warehouse in the middle number of people.

Whether you’re interested in being interested in a stable work team, if you want to reach out for the same minds, you must be more productive. And it means, with a bazhennuyu trend of absolute rivia, that is an indication of до tendency to lower level. As a matter of fact, say, the coefficient of the gross turnover of the workforce is increased, that means, on the other hand, we’ll have to pay attention to the personnel, keep in mind before working out of work. Prote is not meant to mean, by the way, piece by piece to grind down the indicator of the dynamics of work. Є a lot of problems, as long as you are interested in finding a better, more professional, new, more specialized specialist. In such vipadok zrostatime koffitsієnt hiring, and the whole chain is right. Danius butt zvіdchuє, the indicators of the dynamics of the work of guilty buti were analyzed in detail, for the sake of the future, I’ll take a look at the reasons for what, they’ve magnified the zmina of absolute size.

Analysis of rational visibility to staff on the basis of such and such indicators.

Koefіtsієnt vikoristannya stock pratsі yak often vіd dіlennya actual kіlkostі vіdpratsyovanyh with the last prazіvnikami people-year at a whole by pіdpriemstvomu on stock pratsy. To my own store, the reserve of pracis is recognized from the efficient measures of the effective fund of the working hours of one pracivnik. To stay as follows: 365 days, 60 days and 60 days, as well as 29 days, and no time for work through the tree. As a result, clear the clear fund of working hours in 276 days. On the average day of work, for many average days (6.83 years), the effective fund of working hours for one person is to be abolished - 1885. Zvіdsi stock pratsі is possible viznachiti z virazu:

ЗП = 1885 • state of emergency,

de ChPp - the number of post-praxennikov enterprises.

For the regional labor market resources, the stock of labor stocks is large.

With a clear indicator of the number of obligations, an indicator of labor activity pracіvnikіv. Yogo rozrahovuyt dilennyam viddratsyovanih on іdprimіstviyu іnpriyemymi prazіvnikami human-year for іх кількість. From the data of this indicator, there is also a number of victories in the stock of products, and in fact.

Koefitsіnt (step) weekend of norms of virobitk as a frequent part of the actual liability of Vikonanich robits (virolennogo products) to the standard norm of virobit. It’s necessary to complete the process in terms of technological operations, and to give a detailed description of the steps of the regional victorious work for remembering the need for robotic work.

According to the rules of the standards, it is possible to fully comprehend by price, and if necessary, the most efficient technological operations. The rosrachunk is followed by the formula:

Kv = Nz: Lz,

de Nz - participation in the technological operations of the normative; Lz - there are people and people who know how to represent people who actually have people and years when there are technological operations for the life of people in years.

As for Denmark, the indicator is more expensive, but the best for it, then I would like to know about the regional level of labor and labor resources. Riznitsya middle number of weekends of norms of the norm and the same, multiplied by 100, to calculate, the percentage of percent changes (sign “+”) but do not go round (sign “-”) norms of the normative technology.

The step of understanding the norms of the standard time to lay down a significant amount of time is the standard time of the working day, which is usually the part of the actual working hour of the working time for the standard free time of 7 years (years). From the first half of the indicator to the scientifically wired between the growth (for the same identical minds), the number of holidays is the norm of the standard, and in fact.

The yak has already been mentioned, about the rationality of the victorious work of labor resources, it is possible to judge the song and judge the indicators of seasonality of virobnitz. The stinks, as well as they can be seen in this section, are important, though they are important, but in their own days they can be more useful, however, more often in winter, more often than not, characterize the efficiency of work in the country. It’s possible to judge about it on the basis of productivity indicators.