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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

9.6. Substitution of live capital

When zamіnі zhivoї pratsі kapіtalom zakonomіrno postaє power: yak scrip іnvestitsіy pіdpriєmstvo Mauger dozvoliti sobі vklasti in virobnitstvo (pridbannya obladnannya, machinery i mehanіzmіv, budіvnitstvo virobnichih primіschen, sporud, pіd'їznih shlyahіv toscho) dwellers zaoschaditi Taku Quantity zhivoї pratsі, zavdyaki vivіlnennyu yakoї to reach the point of effectiveness is virobnitstva. On the other hand, you can rely on food for the reason that you need to know what is necessary and the right information for people who need to pay less money.

Preparing the latest information transferring the price of the total sum of money for 1000 UAH The sum of vitratum for 1000 UAH is ignored; it is invested with permanent vitrats (depreciation, insurance, payroll for mine and interest on capital investments * 3) and constant expenditures (repair, technical overhang, energy supply has been saved, the room is thin).

* 3: {At 2002 p. stay two see vitrati boules in Ukraine, protect them in the country with an unbroken market economy.}

Vitrati to work force , as if in the process of mechanization, familiarize yourself with the formula:

Vrs = Tgf • Trd • Krd • Ksn,

de Tgs - tariff one-year rate; TRD - the triviality of a working day, year .; Krd - the number of working days, as if you were praising a prostitute with a long stretch of rock; Ksn - a certain amount of social insurance for wages (social insurance, state pension).

On the basis of this tribute, you can signify a capital investment amount, for some vitrines for mechanical activation, you can use vitrines for working strength, which can be used. Rozrahunok hello for the formula:


de redundant capitals - redundant capital investment, for any kind of vitality for the mechanization of virobility, you can use vitrines for working strength, which can be activated; Suma Vitrat - the suma vitrata (permanent and permanent) is ignored in the lottery for 1000 UAH capital deposit.

In such a way, the total amount of the significant capital contribution has been insured, which means the right to matrimony, as well as investing in money, there will be less. Zrozumіlo, which will be more economical, with less actual expenses being less than the indicator KVZ, and navpaki. For example, the nestim of the zitki is, in fact, the actual capital investment over time.

It is permissible that a fee is paid due to the social requirements of the two, as they can be more modern, the feeder should become 6576 UAH per river. Vartіst і installation of a new possession about 20.2 thousand. UAH Lines of operation - 15 rock. Zalishkova yogo wartost to become 10% of the first primary wartost. The fee for mine and insurance is 320 UAH per week. Vitrati for repair and technical supervision are set to work normatively - 6.5% of the first priority. Vitrati for energy to become 1500 UAH for the river. When razrahunku interest on capital investments, the rate is taken at 9%. Information is given є auspicious for the identification of the articles of vitrat.

Sokrem, vitrati for depreciation in the rozrahunka for 1000 UAH іinvestitsіy deduct from virazu:

A = Vitrati for depreciation in the rosary

de ZV - Zalyshkova’s insistence on the main troubles in the rosary for 1000 UAH іinvestitsіy. Oskіlki in our application of surplus wartiness become 10% of primary interest rate, then the insurance premium is 100 UAH (1000 • 10%): 100. From now on, vitality for depreciation becomes a little at T = 15 rock (1000 - 100): 15 = 60 UAH.

The percentage of capital investments (Pr) is indicated up to the methodology for the first time in the country with the market economy according to the formula:

Pr = Interest on capital investments

de Ps - interest rate, odds. Having presented the formula for the given, obsessed Vitrati on a payroll for May = 49.5 UAH Vitrati for the payment of the surcharge for the mine and insurance for the river for the amount of thousands of investments and the amount of the sum of the sum of the sum of 1000 UAH investment. At our application, qia suma become 320 UAH: 20.2 == 15, 84 UAH.

Rozrahovanі vitrati on depreciation, the percentage on capital investments and on the payment of the surcharge and insurance є by the last and the last zuma zalina dorіvnyuє 125.34 UAH (60 + 49.5 + 15, 84).

Vitrati for repair and technical inspection normatively expensive, as I meant, 6.5% of the balance sheet, tobto (1000 • 6.5) :: 100 = 65 UAH. Vitrati for energy in the lottery for 1000 UAH іinvestitsyyut to dilennyam іh іх іchno ії sumi for kіlkіst thousands of investment, so that they can be more expensive 1500: 20,2 = 74, 25 UAH. At once, the total vitrates are 139.25 UAH, and the total amount of vitrats for 1000 UAH is capitulated; the contribution is 264.59 UAH (125.34 + 139.25).

In this way, the amount invested in our application is set to become 24 584 UAH (6 576: 264.59) • 1000. Yak bachimo, ownership of the plan, buy the right to change the cost of the feed, reduce the cost of 54. From now on, such a varied investment is economically available for business. In addition, for such minds, the amusement is paid for the generous payment of living expenses in the amount of UAH 6,576, but the same amount is paid, the investment is due, in the amount of UAH 5,344.7 (264.59 • 20.2). The sound economy is becoming 6 576 - 5 344.7 = 1 231.3 UAH is generous. I’ll tell you the amount of the economy you can sign up by multiplying your interest on the standard vitrate and adding results by 1000, tobto (4 654 • 264.59): 1000 = 1 231.3 UAH.

Yak bachimo, guidance variant іinvestitsіy є dotsіlnim for business і can be accepted for practical vprovadzhennya. The water hour, except for financial wigrash, to spend time on living costs by 3,770 people-year (276 working days • 6,83 • 2 people), after that, to raise the productiveness.