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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

10.3. Groshova otsіnka main concerns

The main virological activities are functional, plan and regional in natural and modern forms. Dwellers viznachiti stupіn uchastі rіznih warehouses elementіv mainly zasobіv in formuvannі sobіvartostі produktsії, rozrahuvati obsyag potrіbnih kapіtalovkladen on їh pridbannya and takozh stupіn їh pridatnostі i znoshenostі, obchisliti fondomіstkіst virobnitstva, Penny otsіnka Tsikh zasobіv zdіysnyuєtsya for pervіsnoyu, justice, pereotsіnenoyu, zalishkovoyu i lіkvіdatsіynoyu vartіstyu .

First of all, because of the historical wartiness of the main hardships - the factual wartiness of the third hardships is the same as actual factories for the development of these hardships (for example, vitality for the work of viral work shifts, equipment, for the formation of the main herd). Prior to the first dispute of the main concern, the price includes the payment for the weekly wiring and installation work, insurance expenses for the delivery of the requested fee, and there are indirect charges for the connection with the third and fourth days. When there’s a slam of pam'yatati, I don’t turn on the main wreck for paying off loans for corridor loans from the first.

First of all, the main thing is that you can get it by the amount of vitrates, which is why you need such a policy, because of this, the Maybut is economical. It is said that the arrangement is reached at times of modernization, modification, upgrading, extension, reconstruction. All in-vitrati, which are best for a basic understanding of the main tasks at the working place of the co-ordinated May-season economy, turn on before the warehouse of vitrats. From now on, technical support, repair and overhaul repairs of the main problems are considered as an element of the operational vitra, which is included in the product collection.

It’s fair wart - there’s such a wart, for which I can give you more information about the asset (the main hassle in this trip), but about paying for the work as a result of the operation of the interested, interested and non-interested parties. For land dylyanok і budіvel ikh them fair wartisty є rinkova vartіst, for cars and ustatkuvannya - rinkova wartіst anyway, soberly sobartivnost pribbannya for virahuvannyy sumy znos on the date of evaluation. Fair fairness of the main main concerns уч presently the right to pay for the total amount of the balance sheet on the valuation date.

Reassessed wart - the price of the main interests of the parties. In the process of such reappraisal, a new price (wart) is identified for the main hassle of hurting the physical and moral znos and the most common ways of violating the process, dynamic processes, dynamics.

On the balance sheet of the main business, you can be oblivious for the first time or for revaluation of the wart. Of these, according to some kind of reassessment, I imagined myself to be reinstated, and the most important, because of some kind of reassurance, were for the first. In fact, in practice and in science, one often lives on the term “balance sheet” of the main interests (first and foremost), for me to settle on balance sheets.

There are two ways for re-evaluating the main concerns in the practice of practice:

  • General Index Level Accounting (QPL);
  • straight redrawer of balance sheet wartost’s okremich view of the main events, all the way up to the current price, which is the same as the current cost accounting (CCA). Its method will be safe to re-evaluate the main concerns, I would like to be labor-intensive.

In practical practice, through strong development of inflation and hyperinflation, the main interests of the community were appreciated for the first method called Chotiri Razi: camp for 1 grass 1992, 1 sickle 1993, 1 p. і for 1 quarter 1996 p. The need for such revaluation of the bill is much more obvious, the fragments in the minds of inflation and the inflationary depreciation, because there are no major reasons for not having to pay for it. In the first place, the amount of depreciation is reduced by a small amount, the fragments of the lower level of health of the main interests, the earlier, of the first and the second are identical. In a different way, the cost of depreciation is very quickly appreciated, and there is no way for them to get enough money in the amount sufficient for realizing major investment projects.

The reassessment of the main concerns was appreciated by the average indices of the business prices, which gave rise to the lack of indexed interest rates of the main fairness. The number of non-existent was lost in the process of restoring the terms and conditions of the inflated and the inflated. As a result, there is a constant increase in investment resources through a change in the amount of depreciation. I have my own cherku, as well as a change in the amount of depreciation expense, in ц приб ц б з з приб приб приб приб приб приб є є є,,,,,,, and later, переп overpayment of the surcharge for the whole kind of Kintsev result.

In order to ensure that there is more than one primary interest in the main interests of the real interest rate, the Law of Ukraine "On the deferred benefit of benefits" (1997 p.) The payers of all forms of authority have the right to have more rights. If you are interested in indexing (Ki), you will be recognized as:

Ki = several index of indexation

de Іін - інсс інфляції.

Yakshcho, for example, the index of inflation should become 115% for the index, then the index of indexation is expensive (115 - 10): 100 = 1.05. It is worth noting that such an indexation of the main concerns is in the tributary region by way of a designated allowance, which is protected. Zrozumіlo, but I’m totally reckless to change the price of the first major wartosts, the fragments of the cushioning amortization of the virachieve element.

By way of the actual value of the vitrits and the benefit of subsidiaries, the right to pay (7) BO 7 has been granted the right to reassess the condition of the main interests, increase the current balance by 10%. Relocation of the primary interest of the main concern is manifested in the number of years of primary interest before re-rating to the index of re-identification (IP), so it is worth to pay off:

Ip = SpB: ZV,

de SpV - the correctness of the main concern; ZV - yogi zalyshkova vartіst. At Denmark, the number and importance of the main troubles. It is important that the nobility of additional surplus warriors of the main interests be included in the warehouse of the additional capital, and the amount of uzinki will be included in the warehouse of vitrates.

If you have violated nutrition about the reassessment of the main concerns in advance to P (S) BO 7, you will need to reimburse the mechanics in order to bring operating income to the side of the business. Vidomo, when you take the obligation to realize the realizable products at all times, the appearance of the permanent vitrates at the large vitrates on the Russian virobnitstvo should be brought before the operation is possible at the same time. First of all, there’s a greater number of operating leases (for the sake of reckoning, you can see the duration of the permanent vitrats for the winter vitriety), the greater the sensitivity of the operational cost to the future, the realizability is realizable. Reassignment of the main concerns for directing new wartostes to the growth of the permanent vitrates, and later, for the same new minds and prior to the operation of the operating level. Therefore, it’s necessary to respectfully take care of that circumstance for the unpleasantly competitive market (change of sales is real in nature, but lower prices are available).

Zalishkova wartiness - the price of the main thing; the result was the result of the first and foremost (total) losses and the accumulated depreciation of the cob of cinnamon. Zalishkova, the wartiness of the main concerns is also reflected in the balance sheet and included in the account bag.

Likewise - the total amount of money, yak pіdprimstvo ochіku otrimati vid realizatsії (lіkvіdatsії) the main complaint іsіnclіneny string yogo cinnamon vіkorіsta іnvіdіvate іntended. On the line of cinnamon victoria, the main hassle is to have such a feeling for an hour, stretching out some kind of victorious love to take advantage of the method of gaining singing and economic vigodi.