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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

11.2. Vitrati on utrimany technology and economic podhodi go to obruntuvanny bezbitkovostі її robots і zamіni

Vitrati, due to the utilitarian technology, є warehouse part of all Vitrat pidprimstva. Rozmir ix in absolute and complete virazi zrosta зв to the sound with the help of security virobnitsva necessary power and robotic machines and ryzkimi porozhichanny mopalnyh-materiel materials. There is no need to allow the unjustified growth of vitrats for sophisticated technology and the ability to minimize the number of times, it is important to clearly identify the mechanics of the form of the warehouse, the warehouse and the warehouse, and the conditions are adequate.

Usi vitrati on utriimannya technics podilyayut on postіnі і zmіnnі. Postitny Vitrati - that is Vitrati Volodynnya, so that you don’t lie down at all. Intensiveness. Victorian technology - Kilkosty Godin Robot. Ninja in the agricultural enterprises of Ukraine and the cost of depreciation, insurance payments (for the rozdprim of the property) and vitrums for the utilization of the property, de-insurance technology. In Ukraine, we’ll extend the market to permanent vitrates, in addition to the name, to bring in percent and a donation to the mine. Interest rates, interest rates for the loan, more knowledge for the purchase of technology. For the reason, you won’t get paid for the moisture, the price is higher, the price is as low as the average interest rate, the percentage is the most part of the first two-part technology. The interest rate in the given wagering is taken on the basis of the normal rate of return on capital.

Znіnnі vitrati on technology without any interruptions in the operation. Prior to them, introduce vitrati to the sand and the floor, repair of equipment, payment of practical services, maintenance services, industrial vitriety (for example, ganchirniy material). The sum of the permanent and the most important vitrats and the essential vitrities for utilization of technology. Dilennyam vitrat in the machine-tractor fleet for the ignition of the oath of their work in smart and standard hectares to signify the individuality of the one-click robot. For okrimich tractors, thoroughly familiarize yourself with the hectare of a hectare of their work by robots (oranki, posivu, cultivating skinny). At succulent vitrati, include and vitrati (permanent and permanent) for utilization of quietly tidy (top) machines and that sign, in the aggregate with the same tractor and tractor. According to the highest types of technology, for example, according to grain, wind-picking, silage-collecting, maize-picking combines, the oversized vitrate must be brought to the zbrano square; on sіnopakuvalnyh prespіdbirachakh - up to kіlkostі tons of packed sina; for stationary dvigunah - to kіlkostі vіdpratsyovanikh godin.

The oath of natural vitamins for utilization of technology for a single robot (product) is to lay down three factors: a line of service, two-time service and one-time vitamins, as well as an oath of duty. Of the first and third factors, the changes are often the part of the largest amount of money, the number of products (products) is reduced, and it’s unparalleled.

May be more or less constant and technical expenses for utilization of technology, we are important in terms of economy, because of this, it is possible to correctly isolate and resolve important problems of state duality. One of these problems is that you have to take an oath of responsibility, and for some reason you can get a little bit of trouble. The technology of the West is broken. The importance of settling in is that for the most important farming enterprises of Ukraine and the country, like winners on the basis of collective enterprises, the state has the problem of unstable environment for weekend holidays. One of varіantіv її rozv'yazannya was stvorennya spetsіalіzovanih fіrm - machine-tehnologіchnih stantsіy (MTS), SSMSC nadayut pіdryadnі Hotel so pіdpriєmstvam for vіdpovіdnu fee.

From the economy of the economy of agricultural products to the skin, there is a need for nutrition: those who need to be clerked by the services of first-class companies, and who want to know the technology for the restoration of the oath. Schob to win the show on the spot, the need for more good posture and the best way for the utilization of the latest technology for the single robotic. Water time it’s necessary to know the wisdom of the order for a single robot, using this type of technology.

Todd the oath of robits, for the kind of business opportunity for the free-of-charge robot of the Vlasny technology, is complete with the services of the payee, you can familiarize yourself with the formula:

oath robіt

de oath robіt - an oath of oversight, for a certain reach without a bit of robots in the Vlasna’s technology, all of them are in order; postіnі vitrati on utrimannya technology with a stretch of rock - postіnі vitrati for utriimannya technology with a stretch of rock, UAH; vartіst pіdryadu technology for one robot - wart_ technical order for one robot, UAH; Zmіnnі Vitrati on utriimannya technology in a rose for a single robot - Change of vitriots for utilization of technology in a rose for a single robot, UAH.

For example, the company welcomed the harvesting of grain crops for the auxiliary harvester. Rishennya about buying vylsnogo harvester can be taken on the basis of analysis of such information. Say, the price of the grain harvester "Lan" - 450 yew. UAH, depreciation rate - 10%. The government didn’t get any major money, I won a loan for the sum of 120 thousand. UAH termin for three rocky pid 15% of the average. The loan payment is paid from the first fate of the city. Vitrati for the repair of the combine harvester and the technical service for the razrahunka per hectare of agricultural land - 13 UAH, the varnish of the mower-materiel and the payment of the practical combine for the entire land - 12.8 and 4.5 UAH. Vitrati for utrimannya primіshchennya, de sberіgaєatsya combine, - 700 UAH per rіk.

The sound of the post-sale vitamins for utilization of the combine becomes 54,700 UAH, including:

a) depreciation (450 • 10): 100 = 45 000 UAH;

b) the amount of insurance interest for the loan - 9 thousand. UAH, viznachatsya yak middle for three rocky. Narakhuvannya interest for paying the bank a healthy loan for extra credit, yew. UAH (tab. 11.1).

Table 11.1



Suma loan on the cob of rock, yew. UAH

Suma loan to Kinets Rock, yew. UAH

Average loan amount, yew. UAH

Interest rate,%

Interest rates for a loan, yew. UAH



















At once






From now on, the average amount of insurance interest to become 9 thousand. UAH (27: 3 = 9);

c) vitrati for utrimannya primіshchennya - 700 UAH.

The average price for a hectare of agricultural land should be 30.3 UAH, including a bedroom and a materiel - 12.8, a repair and maintenance - 13.0 and payment for a combine - 4.5 UAH. Zvydsi the oath of picking robots, for a kind of economical and economical harvesting of grain and a high-power harvester, or taking a combine harvester for production, it becomes 54700: (250 - 30.3) = 249 ha.

Yakbi pidprimstvo did not take a loan, but added a harvester to increase the price of the property, then the permanent vitriages became 45,700 UAH, and the critical oath was robust and expensive 208 hectares (45700: 250 - 30.3). This means that for a minimum of 249 hectares of grain harvesting, it is economical to take the harvester to the harvester. Due to the cost of operating the harvester, the state thanks to the government are cheaper, less hired (Table 11.2).

Table 11.2


Zabralnaya area, ha

Postin Vitrati

Sukupnі vitrati (postіnі + zmіnnі)


45 700: 40 = 1142.5

1142.5 + 30.3 = 1172.8


45,700: 60 = 761.7

761.7 + 30.3 = 792.0


45 700: 80 = 571.3

571.3 + 30.3 = 601.6


45 700: 100 = 457.0

457.0 + 30.3 = 487.3


45 700: 120 + 380.8

380.8 + 30.3 = 411.1


45 700: 140 = 326.4

326.4 + 30.3 = 356.7


45 700: 160 = 285.6

285.6 + 30.3 = 315.9


45 700: 180 = 253.9

253.9 + 30.3 = 284.2


45 700: 200 = 228.5

228.5 + 30.3 = 258.8


45 700: 208 = 219.7

219.7 + 30.3 = 250.0


45 70 0: 220 = 207.7

207.7 + 30.3 = 238.0


45 700: 240 = 190.4

190.4 + 30.3 = 220.7

The right of a given visitor to receive data on the average postage and the average supply (postage + pay) for the hectare of hectare of land from the date of the previous application on the chart (Fig. 11.1). Rozrahunok zdіysnyuvavsya on another option.

Yak bachimo, with an area of ​​208 hectares of succulent vitrati for the matrimonial of a hair harvester, it becomes 250 UAH, so that you can get it from the start of work.

In fig. 11.1. it can be seen that the curve of the short-range vitrats is shifted to the line for the fast and reliable operation of the battery at the point where the point is the maximum area of ​​208 hectares, if the technical equipment is not more expensive than before. It doesn’t matter if you pay less for a large area (220 ha for an extra application), the maximum amount of money for utilization of the harvester becomes 238 UAH, while it will be 12 UAH lower for the purchase price. With the upcoming winter harvesting area, the utilization of the virgin harvester will be completely reduced and at 240 ha it will become a little less than 220.7 UAH.

Graphical image of mechanism

Fig. 11.1. Graphically, the image of the mechanism is recognized for the robots, for the unobtrusive reach of the bezbitkova of the robot technology well-known technology

Visnovok about dotsіlnіst buy technology tech chi її vikoristannya on the minds of the right to significantly lay down in the form of work. In 2001 p. Tsya Vartіst Bula to finish leap. So, the retail price for a hectare of stubble oranka by the John-Dir tractor in the MTS of the Kiev region during the Victorian gulf was spent between 100–113 UAH and 92–100 UAH for the Victorian gulf of the assistant. At the same time, roztsinki per hectare of wild oranges with the same tractor became 80–113 and 73.6–100 UAH, while I used zvichain oranges with the T-150 tractor to store significantly less - 41.6 UAH, and for the deputy's pali - 27.3 UAH . It can be seen that the marks on the brands of tractors with a significant amount of time lie down. Z її zrostannyam rozsіnka pidvishchatsya through zbіlshennya sums of depreciation of loans and loans on credit, and in advance. That is why, in the structure of retail prices for one robot of different brands, tractors in the current Viti occupy 43% of the total number of wagons with the John-Dir tractor, up to 18.7% - with the T-150 tractor.

It’s worth remembering that, for the sake of getting to know your own robots, you can become more familiar with the brand of cars, and you’ll be able to get more productivity. As a rule, a better productive machine may have a higher price for the most profitable, most powerful service. For this reason, there is a constant need for utilization of such technology in an absolute and unique way, lower for utilization is more productive. From the inside, the point is the crossover of the permanent vitrates with the latest sales opportunities and the more productive and more expensive cars can be reached. And this means that the dowry of such technology is economically more visible with greater obedience.

Іншой a problem, yak it is possible to wrap up the interconnection for the first analysis of the dynamics of the dynamics of the minimum and the permanent vitrates, the deputy of the technicians. If there are a lot of reasons why you need to make up for such a change, if you want to find something to do with it, you need to know more about the need for operational technology for selling an operating line.

In the minds of stagnant methods of accelerated depreciation, more often than not, the most advanced technologies, the most expensive technology in Latvia are reduced by the price of the old windows (the main order is the reduction of depreciation). In the event of an offensive in the world, the old technology of the necessary technology is being repaired through the use of the greenhouse and the mate rial and the overhaul in the repair over the rate of lower depreciation. In other words, the increase in the number of vitrines can be repaired, since the lower number of vitrines cannot be compensated for by the increased number of vitrines, due to the use of technical equipment. Це і є a signal for setting up nutrition about the replacement of old technology with a new one.

Proteus is not here to take a quick rishennya. It would be a good idea to thoroughly forecast Vitrati for the triumph of old technology for the upcoming holiday and for the middle of the new technology for the new technology by stretching the longest string of cinnamon victoria. Zamina is economically more economical than Todd, if you enter the Vitrati on an old technology, re-convert the middle Vitrati to a new analogous zrazka.