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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

11.4. Efficiency vikoristannya combine park

The protection of food enterprises by combines and access to the rural area can be quickly poured onto the gross national park of the Siberian crops, I bring the scraps from the factory to significant gates. Vidomo, for example, can spend up to 25-30% on losing grain when harvesting grain ears for 10-12 days. Tightening the strings in the winter season of the bogey trees can bring them to the next time I want to revise them for free, so I can reduce the cost of the working robots. In addition, it’s economically vigidly to mother to combine harvesters, so as to preserve the crops in the optimal line.

In fact, the protection of agricultural enterprises by combines is characterized by an indicator of their number in species on the plots per 1000 hectares of indoor area, but we reverse the number of rooms - the size of the total area of ​​singing culture before the implicit rate of residence. At 2000 p. in sіlskogospodar goods goods grain harvesters, but 39.3% less than those from 1990 p. 209.9 hectares of grain were planted per grain harvester, which is significantly higher than that of the last rock (for example, 135 hectares in 1994).

When assessing this indicator, you need to be able to evaluate the productivity of combines, as well as in the new modifies. Say, with the right time and grain harvesters the harvesters are significantly more productive than the old brands of these machines “Niva”, “Kolos”, “Don-1500”. To this law, the tendency to the horizontal area in the rosette for the combine has been accumulated. The factor indicator of the level of protection of agrarian agricultural enterprises by combine harvesters is a factor for Vrahov. The winnings are due to the factual manifestations before the normative consumption. I will stop roaming for the formula:

be notified of actual factual circumstances prior to normative consumption

de the cultural area - Zybralna area culture, ha; trivial zbirannya culture - the triviality of the culture of culture, for which you are not allowed to twinkle for a second, days; winter norm - the norm is the norm, ha.

On the great agricultural enterprises, the greater number of cultures can be picked up for streaming technology, the lines can be sorted by the speed of working robots, the same time, I change the time and time, I can reach the cost of the opera. In addition, as a matter of practice and science, a number of economies and technologists, the greatest effect of streaming technologies, are achieved when a group of cars are in use and the best secured transport combines. So, I’ll need some information in cars (Pa) for servicing combine harvesters with a hopper for harvesting crops for streaming technology, you can quickly use the formula * 1:

* 1: {Finn E.A., Varshavsky M.L., Chervatyuk I. Є. Complete set of machine and tractor fleet of colleges and radospos. - K .: Harvest, 1989. - S. 87.}

visibility for cars

de kіlkіst combine - kіlkіst combine; combine harvester productivity for one hour - the productivity of the combine for the hour of the winter hour, ha / year .; harvest - yield, t / ha; vantazhop_dyomnіst bunker - vantazhopіdyomnіst bunker, t; quantity bunker product - kіlkіst bunkers in the product, which can get into the car body; middle vіdstan transport - middle vіdstan transport, km; middle technical shvidkіst rukhu avtomіlіv - the average technical speed of the rukhu avtomobilіv, km / year .; - triviality rozvantazhennya avtomіlіv with urahuvannyam hour at an additional operation , year .; hour - an hour, what to turn on on vivantazhenya a bunker of the combine in a car, a year.

I will need cars for combines without a hopper I will need cars for combines without a hopper it is possible to signify virazu:

I will need cars for combines without a hopper

de middle car wash - the middle of the car wash, t; somefunctional technology vantage - a certain number of automobiles.

The methodology for visually consuming automobiles for servicing combine harvesters is foreseen, we have all the warehouses of the technological process є stable, so that we can see the right way You can expect the presence of all the factors that are negative, as well as negative influences, but also improvements in the effectiveness of the organization, the high level of mechanics and the participants in the viral process.

Efficiency robots combine to recognize the indicators of intensity, productivity and economy. Prior to the indicators of the intensity to introduce such, as a result of one machine harvester, one day and one machine for the season. Їh rozrahovuyut dіlennyam vіdpratsovanih Pevnyi view kombaynіv dnіv cars (cars for Change) on serednosezonnu kombaynіv Quantity (yak quiet scho pratsyuvali so quiet i scho not pratsyuvali).

Productivity of combines for such indicators, as the number of agricultural hectares per combine for a season, for a machine-day and for a machine-winter. The first indicator in the name of the season is the summer season for the type of combine in the middle season season, the two last indicators are the same as the last one, take the car for the symbol.

For grain-harvesting combines, we must recognize the important productivity indicators, as well as the oath of threshed grain by one combine harvester per season, one machine-day, and one machine-winter. When razrahunokah this indicator in the numerator operate with attributed grain in the bunkern vazі.

About the economic robots of combine harvesters to judge the indicators of their own hectare of hectare of the area and the vitrate of burning on the whole area. Sokrema, collection of a hectare of public areas to identify the total summer expenses for the exploitation of singing combines (payment of the special package to the public complex, depreciation, transportation and parking), repair,

When analyzing the robots of the combine park for the indispensable indicators of memory, the indicator of the performance of one machine-day before the singing stage characterizes the trivial nature of the culture in the state. That is the assessment of the type of robots for the given type of indicator given the indicator of complete health from the position of the rows of the given culture and the indicators of productivity. Vrakhovuychi tse, for the ugly assessment of the rivnya and the vykoristan of the combine park, you can quickly follow the integrated indicator (Ip), which is worth the loss:

quick indicator integrated indicator

de Fs - the actual lines of the zbirannya culture, days; Fzp - actually the area’s harvest by the combine for the day, ha; Нв - the norm of the virobite for the year, ha; m - normative triviality of the robot of the combine with the extension of light day.

Camp for 2002 p. bagato pіdpriєmstv mayut lack of safety imeni zechechenosti thim chi іnshimi types of combines. Particularly gostro for the independence rock was the problem of grain storage and harvesting combine harvesters, which earlier Ukraine did not violate. If you want to protect yourself, you will be able to protect yourself from the need to protect the consumption of agricultural products, so that you can finish them off great. Less demanding needs in grain harvesters to become 11-13 yew. be alone. Already mastered virobnitzvo grain harvesters "Slavutich", "Lan", forage harvesters "Maral", "Podilya-125". At the factory. Malisheva (metro Kharkiv), the last sight of the Zubr combine harvester on the basis of the Bizon combine harvester, a large number of the remaining ones, was thoroughly completed. I thoroughly threshed the scheme with 70% complete parts and details. The launching of the new Zbruch bunker dredger has been completed.

It is important that there are many grain collectors significantly (2-3 times) cheaper types of foreign brands “John Deer” (Sohn Deer), Case (CASE 2166) and their analogues, therefore, you will not be able to use them for any technical characteristics foreign, and beyond the deyachny parameters navigate to redistribute the rest. Combine “Slavutich” and “Lan” in one year of the main working hour pick up (thresh) at 12–13 tons of grain, shake work at a speed of up to 10 km per year, petit vitrati of the fall per ton of ground grain to become 1.3–1.6 l fallow yields of grain yields, grain losses with zbirannі - not more than 1.5%. Say, the norm of the harvesting unit of the “Lan” combine for working winter (7 years.) For yields of up to 38 kg / ha of grain should be 23.2 ha, for yields of 38–41 kg / ha - 18.8 ha, 41–45 - 17, 4, 45-49 - 16.2, 49-53 - 15 and for productivity 70-75 kg / ha - 10.7 ha. Grain is thinned for winter grains 75–79 tons. The maximum grain is grilled with the Slavutich harvester with a reach of 144 tons for winter grains, and therefore the grain harvesters are universal and can pick up corn, sleepwort, and feed crops. For the first exploitation, the problem is the provision of spare parts, but for the most part, the servicing of the servicing parts, as well as the collection of working robots.

It’s important to mean that for the significant overhaul of the new model of the harvester you need to be able to use the same price and the technical and economic characteristics, and I’m ready to grind a ton of grain. Adje in the whole indicator to find the image of the price of the combine, the exploitation of vitrati, the spare parts and the need for spare parts. For L. Pogorilogo’s prevalence, it’s possible to grind a ton of grain with the KZS-9-1 “Slavutich” and KZS – 1580 “Lan” combine harvesters to become 7 dollars., John Deer Todd - 9500 - 17, Claas Dominator - 15,5, Massey Fearqusson MF -40 (Canada) - $ 16 per ton.

I’m talking about the temple productivity of foreign and foreign combines, a lot of agricultural land and a small land area. For the sake of this special significance, nabuva mizhzhospodarske vikoristannya kombaynіv, yakі є monosymbol chi іn іnі vіsnіstyu. I’m important to play a role in organizing selective robots to MTS, especially to power, as well as to be completed with overwhelming technical and viral services, which are significantly cheaper from the services of private MTS. It is important to ensure the guarantee of technical servicing of the combine harvesters. So, BAT "Kherson Combines" has already been set up and serviced by the service of guaranteed servicing of combine harvesters "Slavutich", as well as includes a second-hand warehouse of spare parts, a system of two-time storage and a separate unit (both in and out) already functional 20). Їх the main function is to secure and quickly guarantee the servicing of combine harvesters during the picking season, as well as the special expertise I will become the technicians of the picking company. That, sorry, on the cob 2002 p. The bulletin has not yet been imposed on the service guarantee servicing of these combines. All the same, the first kind of technology. I’ll give you a problem, I want it often, I can, having gotten quick with the help of real estate leasing technology. Warranty of 3-5 days of insurance is guaranteed by spare parts technology. Functions of such a care take care of a leasing teacher. For after-sales service of the on-site technology, thoroughly adjust the regional bagatoprofile center of the technical service, as well as cheap for the company.