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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.


12.1. The essence of working capital is the economical warehouse

In the process of social and cultural cooperation, the role of social media is one of the most important factors, which is significantly infused in the form of personal products. The reverse capital of representations by such assets, which are intended for virological co-operation, which is extended by an operating cycle or extended by 12 ms. For the sake of balance, as well as pennies and equivalents. With the whole operating cycle, we’ll continue to improve the time at the time of the moment when the reserve for the best state gifts is reached until the hour when the sales are realized for the current share of the products. For its economical share of category of working capital, we may have the right to buy current assets and funds obigu * 1.

* 1: {For those who practice and practice, the understanding of the term “werewolf capital”, and the victorious understanding of “werewolf capital”. Behind his economical serpent, stink of identity.}

Revolving funds - a good deal of items, which can be found at the stage of virological stocks and incomplete virobnitsy, so as to take the fate of less than one cycle of virology and the ability to transfer your wart to product launches. Revolving funds with an economical look є Advance wart_styu at the stage of virobnitztva. For his functional roll of stinks, he has to fully express himself in the process of virobnitstva. One of the signs is that you can see the following groups: reserve stocks, unfinished list and creatures in viroscuvanny and viodgovli. In the active balance sheet of equity assets, revolving funds are presented in the second part of “Revolving Assets”, “reverse reserves”. I’ve included products in the warehouse and I’m ready for production, I want my kind of backdoor to look at the backsides of the warehouse next to the bulletin to look at the element of the fund.

Virological stocks - as a matter of practice, they haven’t entered the stage of viral sting, in the agricultural stinks they will buy Sylkospodarsky and industrial hunting. Prior to viral reserves, it is necessary to bring feeds, supplies and planting materials, foodstuffs, foodstuffs for commercial processing, overgrown birds, rabbits.

Virological stocks of industrial production are presented in agricultural products with mineral additives, products, solid products, spare parts, small and small items, but only one should be fully serviced. As a rule, in agricultural enterprises є very large quantities, then before large stores all kinds may include containers, basic and auxiliary materials, packaged materials, and industrial goods.

There is a greater number of commercial reserves of commercial and agricultural trips in agricultural enterprises and to lay down the first stage of development of large-scale industries and industrial types of industrial activity. For the same old furnishings, the main part of the viral stocks is represented by the reserves of the Silkospodarsky Campaign and Syagna 60% and more. The rosemary of viral stocks is guilty of maintaining faultlessness of virobnitz and to lay down the obedience of viral products, norms and the nature of virobnichy living objects.

Creatures on viroschuvanny і vidgodіvlі - as a whole were reverse assets, which are represented by the variety of mature creatures for feeding, young animals on virosuvanny, vibrakovany from the main herd maturation of creatures for realizatsii, as well as the number of birds,. Due to its economical nature, you need to stock up not only reserves in the literal word of your mind, but be located at the stage of virobnitz. To the right, it’s possible to look at them as an element of an incomplete virobnitz.

Incomplete virobnitstvo - the whole part of circulating funds, as if it had virobnicho survived, but no finished products were won. Yak bachimo, the number of revolving funds is located at the stage of virology, their value is to lay down the scale of the virology and virology in advance of the company, and there is a special rate for the main hall.

In agricultural enterprises, incomplete virobnitzty can be seen as follows: in roslinnitsvy, creatures, in large virobnitsvy and in primary virobnitsvy. Incomplete virobnitstvo in roslinnitsty is represented by vitrates for cultivated stern and cold winter, the majority of bringing in good and vitrates for their delivery, and that brought to the winter harvest of maybach rock, which is necessary for winter living. The creator has a type of circulating fund representations of representations with vitrates for unaccompanied incubation, a variety of stocks of honey in the streets; in very large virobnitstvahs - a vartist and vitrati for processing the virobiotic living syrovini, which can be found in the process of virobiotic on all stages of the virobiotic cycle; in the case of unscheduled work - we do not have to repair technics, we do not have to repair the tugs, etc.

Another important warehouse of working capital є funds obigu. It doesn’t take a stench to take an uninterrupted participation in the process of virology, but it’s not necessary to attend the service, being the result of a water hour. Before fundraising, I include preparing products, comrades, winning bills, debit trading, roaming, tumbling, deducting, investing, and more actively investing in foreign currency.

Ready-made products - such products, which are intended for real estate procurement and recycling, for sale on exchanges, cooperative stores, retail markets, for sale and retail prices for holiday makers, grocery stores. If the product is not available for real estate, then it will be displayed at the unfinished warehouse.

By the element of funds, I’ll show the availability of goods, purchase of goods for offensive sale, and by the element of “bills of exchange”, you can see the bargaining, buying and selling of goods and services.

Debtorska is bargained for comrade, robots, and servants - all the same, as if you were to receive the right to receive the latest products for the sale of products, to receive the services and work robots, as well as payment for the paid sales.

In debit trading for rozrahunki include bargaining with the budget, for certain advances, with insured income and internal rozrahunkіv. Zokrem, here you’ll see an image of the trade in financial and other organs, and then overpay for taxes; sums of advances paid to the latest payments at the grocery stores of on-time payments; the amount of insurance for dividends, interest, royalties, and so on; bargaining with the internal retail distribution.

With a new warehouse fund for agricultural enterprises camped in 2002. є flow finance and investment. The price is that investment, so that you are on lines no more than one rock and can be more fully realized at any time. Before them, submit short-term commercial rinkovi primeni treasury, treasury bills, deposit certificates, іnshі rinkovnі valorii porri, pribbanі with the method of resale in one rock.

An important warehouse fund об groshі koshti that õh ekv_valenti. The stinks are represented by groshvy cats in cash, on the same and small groceries in banks (most of them can be most vividly for precise operations), as well as equivalent to the groshny cash. The stinks are short-term financial investments, as well as high-quality ones, they can be converted into songs of sums of pennies and for some restrained insignificant performance of the card.