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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

12.6. Minimization of purchase vitracies for virological stocks of higher educational institutions, agribusinesses in agrarian and agroindustrial enterprises

At higher educational institutions in agricultural establishments, in particular, in poultry and broiler factories, pig farms, livestock complexes, є there is a need for a permanent supply for grocery stores.

In addition, with the development of agro-industrial integration , the bagato restaurant offers the opportunity to do business, as well as the processing of non-alcoholic products, non-alcoholic wine and alcoholic beverages. For the sake of secrecy, in the agricultural business of Vinik, the problem of securing the right of the people to consume containers (for example, dances, baling cans, boxes) is limited and the boxes are being used. As a rule, enterprises can’t independently protect themselves with these types of circulating funds, and that’s why you can solve the problem through the post-boss.

The problem is obvious for the first time, and there are other situations where the pitch is too short, so that you can reduce the number of times you need to change the resources of the party and store them in the warehouse. There is a greater amount of vitality and factors that must be poured into them, so that there is such a connection: more often than not, you need to try to get rid of the need for a useful resource, so much more should be taken into account. I’ll freeze less water for less than a few hours, so I’m going to turn on the dowry given to the resource.

As a matter of fact, if you’re a little robust of your choice, then to protect yourself without fault, you will have to pay a guilty party to a resource in a fraud on the same level. It’s possible that it’s possible to spend more time for the resource, to freeze for the most trivial hour, after some time to spend more than a second, the size of it could be better if by the way, by the way, For a stable economy, we will have to pay a minimum interest rate, lower interest rate for the bank transfer to the bank. Ale slid memory, thanks to the reduced number of passengers, they need to lower the number of households in the building (postal and telephone Vitrati, Vitrati for transportation).

In fig. 12.1. the accumulation of succulent vitrates is shown, showing the minimum number of vitrates for substitution and vitrates for segregation, as well as the point of depletion of vitrates є minimal, and the oath is optimal.

Form of the Minimal Gravity Vitrat

Fig. 12.1. The form of the minimum supply of vitamins for collection and purchase of items in practice:

OA - line vitrat on zberigannya resource;

VD - line vitrat on the replacement resource;

M is the point, which means the value of the minimum required vitrates;

H - point, what is the meaning of the minimum range of vitrates for zberigannya and for replacement;

E - the point, which is the meaning of the identity of the resource in the rosette on the same level, for such vitrati will be minimal

In order to save money, you need to familiarize yourself with one change (one resource, one buy), for a certain amount of fresh vitrates for replacement and second vitrines for the best resource.

Recycling Vitrati for Change (RVZ) is possible by the formula:

Recycling Vitrati for Reclamation (RVZ)

de Pi - richny drink in i-mu resources, od .; To - the identity of the resource in one zamovlennі (oath zamovlennya); B - vitrati on one zamovlennya.

Richny vitrati, povyazanі iz zberigannyam purchased resource (Rzb), you can rozrahuvati virazu:

Reich Vitrati, povyazanі iz zberigannyam purchased resource

de n - bank interest rate; Сі - the wariness of one purchased resource of the ith type, which is stored in a warehouse.

The oath of zamovlennya, for a certain succulent vitrati will be minimal, signify for the formula:

Oath of Removal

Sounds of sukupnі minіmnalі vitrati:

St. = Rvz + Rzb.

Please note that scholarships for methodical education to the minimum value of viral reserves of agricultural enterprises are acceptable for the minds of a stable economy. For the most part, stocks are formed behind vimogs, so dictate inflation and deficit.