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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.


13.1. Understanding and seeing non-material resources

Rozvitok rinkovih vіdnosin in Ukraїnі, aktivіzatsіya mіzhnarodnih ekonomіchnih zv'yazkіv, stvorennya spіlnih of companies of іnozemnimi uchasnikami, іnternatsіonalіzatsіya fіnansovih rinkіv, namagannya іntegruvati our ekonomіku in svіtovu, i nasampered have zahіdnoєvropeysku, neobhіdnіst pіdvischennya efektivnostі virobnitstva i zabezpechennya konkurentospromozhnostі produktsії sponukayut pіdpriєmstva, in addition Numbers of agrarian, victorious and important importance of the market economy, which have already brought their efficiency and can be completed with success. the process of virobnitstva, in spite of being able to take a look at the market of sub-projects of state donation and the international state-of-the-art sounds. In the midst of such important things, you need to engage in non-material resources (assets), on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, you are aware of the legal right to legal rights By means of greater rіkom and bringing to the Volsniki singing economic vigoda, yak uvіtіv practitioners call royalties. Otzhe, royalty - the price of a winery for private residence, but for granting permission to non-tangible assets (rights of intellectual property).

Non-material resources are imagined behind the asset balance sheet. It’s okay to look at it, to order it and to bother with them, as if you were the kind of authority to understand that you don’t violate the law. Prior to them, as a rule, to introduce various rights of ownership, for example, the right to bury the earth, the flat area, patents (the right to wine), trademarks, trademarks, copyright.

Independently at a different warehouse of non-material resources , you can get all the money, you must understand it. Naiharakternіshoy among them є those whose type of resources is not material-speech structure. The stinks are inconspicuous, unprotected, uncomprehendable. In addition, non-material resources are suitable for the main virological interests, they can be victorious for three more hours, without wasting time with all their good wartosti. I don’t want to wait all the time to see what’s possible to get better results, but to say that they’re simple to realize the most independent object (for example, they’re more likely to be more active) , and the fact that resources are rightly being looked at for the effect of the initiative is to take greater advantage of the business.

With the help of non-material assets, there is also a possibility that, due to the specific nature of your activity on the viral process and the influx of factors of a new middle class, you can’t give more money for the future. Protect against non-transcendental loss of their health bring bring reproach for the normal organization of virological work.

Vіdpovіdno up to the Regulation (standard) of the accounting area 8 “Non-material assets”, see such groups:

  • the right to natural resources - the right to natural nadrams, which are the resources of the natural medium,
  • the right to corridor with mine - the right to corridor by land dilyanka * 1, the right to corridor by Buddy, equip, the right to rent prim_shchen;
  • * 1: {Logical right to land by means of land to bring to the first group of non-material resources.}
  • the right to marks for goods and services - the right to trademarks and trademarks, the right to name names to skinny;
  • the right to industrial rights - the right to vinogoda and cinnamon models, the right to industrial vows, the right to new varieties of roslin, breed and linear creature, know-how (English know-how "know yak"), etc. ;
  • copyright and rights with them - the right to literary and musical creation, programs for the EOM, the right to create a new base;
  • goodwill (English Good will);
  • Intensive non-material resources , for example, the right to provide singing services.

Surround the warehouses of non-material resources to have your own day and special features. So, the right to be covered by land dilyany, with natural resources (water, fox), viral fowls - the right to volsnikov on the virobicheskiy abo is longer. As an example, the owner of the assigned resources has transferred their right to brown to them, to whom they don’t mean, who have remained the remaining hairline: you can only lose the land, there are no natural resources without the right to sell them. In case of joint ventures in Ukraine, a Ukrainian participant may contribute to the Statutory Fund its right to vikoristannya land dilyanka, such as the first state authority. For doministyu tse the right to evaluate, on a regular basis.

The right to vind - the right to corroborate technical, technological and technical solutions, closed by a hairline and filed with a patent. Zavdyaki patent protection health protection and transfer of the right to corroborate a patent for a patent fee to the highest physical and legal persons.

The right to make free advances is the right to buy and sell art products for a specific purpose, to give goods a specific, unique look, so that you can stink like that you can drink at the shopper’s place. Promotional images of large models (for example, a model of pottery, furniture, automobiles) and industrial products (small clothes, fabrics, household products) are widely used in the marketing and marketing business. Pridprimstvo - the owner of the song industry - can transfer the right to cherish them to the undecided subposts of the state donation, regardless of who won the vidpovidny dokhid.

The right to buy goods in the Republic of Kazakhstan is the exclusive right to buy goods in the country (for the first time, for small) the most important goods in the same way as for the same goods. Trademarks are protected by law through registration with patent authorities. Pіdpriєmsstva razmіshchuyut trademarks seamlessly on the goods, their packaging, prospectuses, documents, labels, and skinny.

Copyright - the right to legally legal as well as individuals to see science works, works of art, works of art, realization of works. In the leather legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, I’m going to change my mind and remember the copyright for the person you have guessed.

The EOM security program includes programs on technical noses with a variety of documents, which will help you to get a good message for an additional EOM of gospodar gifts and machine processing. The main goal of software security is to lie down in addition, let’s replace it with a standard one, we’ll buy it in a fragmented way. Vlasniks are more thoroughly programmed for the same care for the same minds to achieve the best results thanks to the best and most accurate way to receive the best present. You can look at the type of non-material resource, you can print and sell it to the most important companies, giving them the right to save money.

Know-how - the right to nabutium virobichesky and organizatsionno-gospodarsky dosvіd, tehnologichnі rіshennya, tehnіchnu іnformatsіyu, scho to give economical benefits to the government. Know how to enter into legal rights to faults, errors, as a rule, not to patent and not to submit legal documents, protec- tively and commercially available laws and regulations.

Due to the nature of its own win-win know-how there is little cobbing, protege-ownership of know-how when you fall asleep at once with the participants in the house of donation can contribute to the contribution to the statutory fund of the remaining. For the different weather conditions, the knowledge and know-how and the good record in the installation documents about taking on the kind of non-material assets to the balance of the closed business are indicated.

Good will - the reputation of the company; In the understanding, I’m also contributing good kind of company, business relations and partnership, that’s all, all in the way of business (video). The business reputation of the company is signaled by the fact that the company has a single and complete activity, realizable skin protection, as well as the fact that there are Tsya r_znitsya mozhe buti to finish up with real. At Ії the value of consumption is low, there are few factors, for example, a small business structure, a management structure and a management structure, the competitiveness of goods, and there are so few buyers.

Pripustіmo, scho vartіst lousy lane of meat and meat processing became 135 million UAH. Potential purchases are ready to pay UAH 150 million for the purchase Sound quality of the non-material resource good will become 150 - 135 = 15 million UAH. Yakby was given little bargain goiter’s allowance, say for a sum of UAH 25 million, while the maximum amount of money for mine was not UAH 135 million, but UAH 110 million (135 - 25). In such a time, a potential buyer having sold a bi price of not 150 mln UAH, by chance, if you trust me, I will take 25 mln UAH of borgov at the buy-out. For such minds, the amount of an intangible asset cannot be changed, as earlier, more expensive UAH 15 million (125 - 110 = 15).

Pridprimstva can be such a vitrati, as for their character close to vitrats, associated with non-material activities. Prior to such vitrats, introducing vitrati on science and pre-construction robots, on advertising and promotion of products on the market, on the sale of business reputation, on the part of the public, and on-site sales. The named vitrati are not recognized as an intangible asset, and include the vitrates of that great period, in a kind of stink bully, to the warehouse.