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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

A.4.2. Zagalna pobudova accounting region with the principle of evidence

A.4.2.1. Perederedny zauvazhennya

Proof of the philosophical rosuminy (linguistically) - for the sake of the authority to have the right mindset, peace. There is a field in the area, at first, where is it true. Proof of the right - the factual data about the arrangement, as well as the importance of the correct viral nutrition of people in suspension of viola- The university’s rosumіn proof is tse dіloviy papir, a yuridichno pіdtverdzhuє yakisy gospodarsky fact, but the right to nyogo.

The term “proof” (proof) in my Latin sound like documentum. Documents are called evidence for this in practical practice - that is, letters of confirmation of the song form and the statement about the fact of the present state fact (evidence, process, operation).

Proof of evidence for the accounting region means the folding of evidence - material evidence - a document (document is only possible), information is certified, and it is designated to prove (evidence) that there is a large number of operating expenses Characteristics of the principles of double characterization will become statehood.

Bookkeeping region - the process of recognition. And whether the process of recognition is the process of active visualization of real reality. The accounting region has a process to follow the three steps of the regional process:

the first and foremost (manifestation of gospodar facts);

secondary sosterezhenennya (dosledzhennya I will become, Zmіn I will become a dermal gospodar fact);

tretinogo sosterezhenennya (ugozagalneniya gospodarskih facts for the principle of double) for consumer management.

On the skin etapi form your proof - documents.

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