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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

A.4.2.2. Etapi spereozhenennya in the accounting region and the form of evidence

Yak is already in jail. 2, the accounting region will have economic and legal aspects of state grant. To that document and prove that you can characterize the legal situation and legal rights, like that, you can cope with the sound of the state gifts and the state gifts and the state gifts. For the sake of legal evidence of accounting records, I have to get documentation.

First warning

Shchob vivchati y doslidzhuvati ob'єkti accounting region i m mati zmogu uzagalnyuvati ta pivnuvuvati danni about ob'єkti, needlessly to organize the first caution and restoration of this danyh about the price about. Thank you, however, without any interruptions, for without any other reasons, automatically (because without the participation of people). At any time, the fact of the first and foremost censorship of immobilization on the material basis of the Danish Oblast. Such a nose is drawn up legally with legal norms so, if there is evidence, evidence from a legal document is legal.

The process of the initial dispatch in the accounting region is stored up with the following elements: dispatch, sprynyattya, vimіryuvannya and registration. Vimіryuvannya to fall into oblivion at two vimіrniki: natural (natural) - material abo trudovih - i vartіsnikh. Vimіryuvannya u vartostі vіdbuvaєtsya through groshove, so the name of the price (price - groshove virazhdennya vartostі product obmіnu).

Congestion of a new vimіrnik yes з I’m able to sow zagiti of the provincial rіznі ob'єkti gospodaryuvannya.

The accounting department has all the gospodaryuvannya - gospodarsky facts, apparitions and processes, they were the first (ear) to show the characteristic in physical terms, the more and more guilty mother as well as the characteristic for the other method. Spend pratsі, as well as the state grant, as well as a way to distill kіlkіsnu characteristic in labor vimіrniku, also reinsurance in penny for rates, rates and vimirniki pay pratsі. Such a priyom name otsіnyuvannyam.

Vartіsne otsіnyuvannya do not expect it is possible at the moment of gospodar fact. Існує chimalo gospodarskogo facts, so as to estimate the need for a consummation of different obzusyulyavnyh procedures. For example, vitrati on dandy of materials are stored for the most part for the agreed prices and transport, procurement and delivery of vitrines, which are compiled on a regular basis. For a proper assessment of such vitrats, it is necessary to conceive of a singing rosary, which is what I call calculating. The availability of finished products and a wide range of accounting issues can be presented to the banknote with the necessary calculation (hereinafter referred to as lat. Calculatio, which means rachunok, pidrakhunki).

From now on, with warehouse items of the original price, to the accounting department є valuation, cost accounting, and so on.

Secondary Warning

I’m writing the first note of prayer: sprynyattya, vimiryuvannya that fiksatsії, so that document, at the accounting department more than once through the procedure to keep up the second time to watch the second time. Wonderful priyomi (ways) of registration, systematization and group:

two (vidyne) vidobrazhennya I will become gospodarskikh facts, appearances and processes - for the signs of the asset and liabilities;

two (vidyne) vidittya zmіni I will become gospodarskih facts, appearances and processes - two (v) records;

a group of gospodar facts, appearances and processes (in the case of systems);

systematization of gospodarsky facts, appearances and processes - for the singing hour (day, month, quarter, rick) - an additional submission of an accounting account for monitoring, analysis of soundness.

The skin gospodar fact is a name for abo process - it’s such characteristics: mill, serf (change or abo zbіlshennya that is given). For the sake of their characteristics, the accounting department has a system of rakhunkіv (rakhunok). Zafіksovany on the first documents of the state factories (evidence of abo process) and those main characteristics - name, name, price and so on. - transferred to rahunku, de vidbuvaetsya system registration on the nose of the accounting region, which is called a registry.

Rakhunok - as an element of a priyuu accounting region - can be characterized as follows. Tse priyom secondary accounting kosterezheniya. The fact that the documents are documented is a state-owned fact of embarking on the primary systemic restoration for the following main characteristics: camp, serpent - unchanged, but changed - this is the previous data about the song object. From now on, at the account accounting department, the leather object is state-sponsored, as is the state-owned fact that I have seen the local information, the image and the image of the accounting oblast.

Forms of registration can be but not limited to: cards, video cards, magazines, books, and machine programs.

Skinny gospodar fact, zafіksovaniya on the original document, in the process of the initial dispute, to be reminded to double the cost of the station (balance booked) state gospodskih facts. In case of new acquisitions, you can get the most active asset and pass on an unequivocal sum. When vibutti - change the asset and pass on the same bag. Surround the state of fact, for example, the transfer of materials to the warehouse at the office, but the transfer of pennies from the cash register to the individual should not require more structural assets in the asset. The analogous structural serpents zoom in on the gospodar fact, which characterizes the serpent in passive, as well as in the necklaces of the state grant, the serpent of the hairline.

From the balance sheet - the double - to the outrages of the state factories and the share of the asset and the share of rakhuns, the same is the same as the activity of the passive.

The registration, processing of state-owned facts - the processes - on the rahunks of health is appreciated by doubles. To that double (record) record on rakhunki є a self-contained priyom at an accounting region. (The economic and mathematical terminology “debit” and “credit” will be deeper.)

Tretinne is cautious

Governance of the state thanks to the need for periodic interrogation and submission of the state thanks to the sacrifice for the principle of double, partial. Tsey priyom call balance outland . At the time of gratitude, yak succulence, from one side (in one aspect), to give up assets to the signs, because of succession to productive forces, and to establish the ministry of gratitude at once with trade rights, and from the past, to the signs, I muster, so that the value of luck to characterize the investment of the state d'yalnost of the authorities and the knowledge of the trade goiters and the costumes.

Periodicity of the balance sheet subheading is determined by the law and management. There you can get it on the fly, for example at banks, which is monthly, and on most of the state gifts - on a quarterly, retail basis.

For the most economical business experience and the submission of the state grant and the suspension form , I go to the accounting department to get more credit , I will prove my gratitude , the performance of this robot is very thin.