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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

A.5. The principle of accountability in the accounting region (Otsynyuvanny y calculation and element method of accounting region)

A.5.1. Sutnim vimіryuvannya and see vimіrnikіv

Yak has already become one of the principles of the accounting region є vimіryuvannya usіkh gospodarskih factіv in natural (speech and labor) and vartіsnomu vimіrnikov. At the same time, the characteristic of gospodarsky facts from the accounting region is to be compared with the higher number of natural and social media. The system vimіrnikіv, zasosovuvanu in the accounting region, іlystruє rice. A.5.1.

Vimіrniki, as a result, are registered in the accounting region

Fig. A.5.1. Vimіrniki, as a result, are registered in the accounting region

Natural vimyrniks are the vimirniki masi, obmu (oath), area, labor, who are accepted in the state gratitude, because of which we can deduct a great deal of awkwardness from the state gratitude of material values. Victoria is quiet and natural vimіrnikіv to lay down the special features of the region about the state donation. So, it’s harder to vimiryutsya in tons, the village is at cubic meters, the crop is at centners (a ton), milk is at liters and so on.

Combined natural vimirs are stagnant in vigorous falls. For example, to a robot to vimiryuyut at the ton-kilometer.

Natural vimіrniki vіdobrazuyut oblіkovuvanі ob'єkti not less than kіlkіsno, and th yakіsno. For example, a variety (Persian, different, or thin skinny), cinnamon rychovin (tasting tsukru in zukrovoy beet, olіnіst).

Trudovimi vimirniki - the price of human rights. Їх turn around in one hour - days, years, hvilin. Tsey vimіrnik maє is more significant in the assessment of the economical aspect of virobnitstva. Koristuyuchis him viznachayut produktivnіst pratsі, її іntensivnіst and oblіkovuyut takozh Quantity vitrachenoї on vikonannya robot pratsі.

Trudovy vimіrnik є a species of the natural.

Groshovy vimirnik - ce vimirnik vartostі. At the dermal gospodarstvo, there is a congestion in the face of a groshy vimirnik of his homeland. In addition, they can be victorious, especially at home, penniless and homeland.

Groshovy vimіrnik of clowning іsnuvannyam vartostі and rinkovih vіdnosin. The method otsіnyuvannya and calculating on the first one. The main criterion of groshovoy appraisal is price.