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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

A.5.3. Methodology of Visiting Actual Obligations of the Oblast

In practical duality, two main methods (priymi) of the actual actual membership of the oblast were historically put together: simple and folding (calculating), calculation method (entering the Latin word calkulatio - calculating, quoting).

The first method is the method of evaluating the factual interest for the price (the value of the purchase).

First - rosrahunkovy - vimaga од pre-datatomy regional procedures of calculation (calculation).

A.5.3.1. Otsіnyuvannya gospodarskih facts - about the region for a simple system - an unambiguous act to accept the exchange (purchase, pribannya)

The sotnost of estimates about the region - the state of facts - for the simple system of learning is that the wartime of the account for the accounting region is recognized by the simple method - the estimate, signaled at the time of the exchange (purchase and sale).

  • For example. The monosemic fiduciary aspirant wants to trade trade. For the protection of the duty of business, the government and the government have a form of statutory capital of 3000 UAH. On the grounds of, in order to secure the right of authority in the business, - the following are the contributions of the successor:

1. Appointed pennies of the money - 1000 UAH.

2. Purchased (tossing a receipt to the store):

2.1. Counter for 500 UAH.

2.2. Shafa police - 400 UAH.

2.3. Metal safe - 600 UAH.

2.4. Cement of brand 400 - 500 UAH.

Yak bachimo, the leather region of the oblast may have its own particular price, that the accounting region of the state of the fact that the transmission of the skin oblast will be valued for the unambiguous simple price - the price of the purchase.