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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.



16.1. The essence of efficiency as an economical category

Efficiency virobnitstva - it’s more foldable and bagatogrannye yavische. Sіlskogospodars'ke virobnitstvo vimagaє organіnnogo podnannya і vzєодmodії chotiryokh factors і - robotic forces, the main concerns, subject matter і lands. In the process of virological work, virology is required by residing in the indicated resources with the help of the method of eliminating singing and lively news, from which you can please people more and more. Otzhe, be-yak virobnitstvo transfer є vitrati resources and gaining singing results. Ale on the same number of vitrified resources in enterprises can be far from identical for the magnitude of the results. It seems to me that such a concession is to lead viral cooperation with a viable effectiveness (Fig. 16.1).

Formality of virology effectiveness

Fig. 16.1. Formality of virology effectiveness

Efficiency is a whole economical category, which means that there are more results and better results, moreover, if you have more resources, you can be more and more loyal (more) Vitrat (virobichno live resources). Yakscho at tsomu vrahuvati scho result virobnitstva not lishe Je rіznomanіtnimi, ale th mozhut Buti predstavlenі in rіznih forms vartіsnіy, naturalnіy, sotsіalnіy, then obviously staє neobhіdnіst іdentifіkatsії in the category efektivnostі vіdpovіdno to quiet aspektіv dіyalnostі pіdpriєmstva, SSMSC vazhlivo proanalіzuvati th otsіniti. Vrakhovuy’s specifics of the state-sponsored virology, thoroughly see the same effectiveness: technology, economy and socialism.

Technological efficiency is the result of interdependence of virological factors, which characterizes the ability to reach the productivity of living organisms, as well as being victorious in the city thanks to virobnostva. In Russia, indicators of technological efficiency є crop variability in a single land area and the main parameters of livestock production (together with cereals in cereals, olives - in compilation, cereals). Yak bachimo, for the result of dyalnosti pіdpriєmstv take care of the value of the singing kind of products and the result is to be set up with a resource - a real flat culture. For the sake of diversity, there is a possibility of biological production of crops, olives, and agriculture per hectare of agricultural land, having multiplied the cultural productivity of a hectare by the economy of the country.

Tvarinnitsti technological indicators of efficiency є productivity of thinness and birds, as well as the main parameters of the brightness of tvarinnitsa products. For example, in case of cattle with such technological indicators of milk per cow, the number of offspring per 100 cows of the main herd, the average likelihood of livestock of young calves and tvarins in vodogod, and indicators of flesh are both healthy and healthy. middle, lower middle, huda); in pigs - the average likelihood of livestock of pigs, the number of offspring of a sow, the virology of livestock of pigs for a pic at a sow per sow. Here, the product of the product is taken for the result of the product, and for the resource, the result is the result, the product is created.

You cannot reach the technological efficiency of the viral access to the economy, but through the completion of the old vitrates, to the same as the house, the viros can not be infused into the short-term periode. It is important that indicators of technological efficiency show the specificity and special features of the state gratitude, due to the func tions of the main house of the world - the land and living organisms of the world. It’s okay to give me a healthy way to assess the effectiveness of the performance in dynamism and in the territorial aspect of the environment and regions.

Economic efficiency - this is also due to the lack of resources and the results of virobnostva, for which we can vimit the indicators of virobnost effectiveness. If you can, there are three options for a specified relationship: 1) resources and results of the renewed form; 2) resources - at the time, and the results - at the natural form; 3) the resources are in the natural, and the results are in the standard form. Vimіryuvalnu system ekonomіchnoї efektivnostі sіlskogospodarskogo virobnitstva dotsіlno buduvati such rank, dwellers Won been viewed zdatna povnіstyu rozkrivati ​​Dvi vzaєmopov'yazanі i vzaєmo dopovnyuyuchі rezultativnі dіyalnostі agrarian sides of companies - ratsіonalnіst vikoristannya them through zemlі pokazniki zagalnogo efekta, privedenі to odinitsі ploschі sіlskogospodarskih ugіd, i ekonomіchnіst virobnitstva, indications of such a kind were uncovered; by what value was gained by the effect. Let me take a look at the story for evaluating the effectiveness of the agricultural activities of the wide public, the indicators of the effectiveness of the advance capital (div. Industrial 14.6), the indicators of their own assets, and their productivity.

Proteus for a comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness of the virology and the ubiquitous analysis of the need for widespread vikoristovuvati traditional indicators of profitability. They accumulate the influx of usable factors - natural, economical and organizational-state. For a water hour, there is a constant need for a middle-aged dweller, before a quiet lanka, and on an agrarian farm, there is no need to be filled.

The importance of profitability indicators for evaluating and analyzing the economic efficiency of the virology of the special view (div. Pidrozdil 16.2).

Sotsіalna efektivnіst - ponyattya scho vіdobrazhaє polіpshennya sotsіalnih minds Zhyttia people (pokraschennya minds pratsі i pobutu, polіpshennya zovnіshnogo dovkіllya, pіdvischennya rіvnya zaynyatostі i BEZPEKA Zhyttia people skorochennya trivalostі robochem tizhnya zmenshennya zarobіtnoї without pay, lіkvіdatsіya vazhkoї fіzichnoї pratsі toscho). Social efficiency по, by the day, by the worst kind of economic efficiency. Won, for the same new minds, we will be the food, in order to achieve the rest of the economy of economic efficiency. Social efficiency does not wait. But it is clearly marked. You can judge about the progress of social efficiency at the most possible time for such indicators, as indicated by the dynamics, as if you were driving a social program aimed at socially entering a foreign mass clean net; the magnitude of the whole increment in the rosette for one mid-oblite prazіvnik pіdprimstva.