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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

16.4. Graphical and mathematical methods for identifying the points of non-uplink virobility

For the skin industry, it is important to know the financial camp of Maybuty, on a regular basis to transfer the vitrate and the market to see the products, as well as the real world. In front of the managers of the enterprise of the guilty nobility, for a certain oath of realizatsii of the same kind of products (oath of sale), there will be no bitrate (zero profitability). Such an oath of realizatsii (sale) is called more critical, fragments at the first change of initiative are worth recognizing zbitkіv. During the water hour, when selling over a critical oath, you will be able to ensure that you have the opportunity to pay. It is also important for the prizers of food industry to know how much they need to know how much to sell and how to sell their products, so as to keep the store open for a little more time, I need to say that I have to go around a little more.

The recognition of the critical oath of realizatsii, as well as the analysis of the free-of-charge virology and the prediction of the benefit of the loan are based on the principle of classification of the fallow obedience of the virology obligation. At the same time, on May 6th, I’ve heard, for the sake of all the signs, I’m all in favor of posting. I’m very much in favor of these groups of vitrats, as well as absolutely absolute sums, I need to invest in a critical oath for sale and a profit from business. The doorway is seamlessly represented by ix, in two ways, one can be quick: 1) a graph, an on-line graph of a critical point of oath realizatsії products (an oath of sale); 2) for the supplementary formulation of the norms of bezbitkovostі.

The graphical method for analyzing bezbitkovosti virobnitztva is considered on the application of cerebral beetles, the level of marketability of yaky roads, as a rule, 100%. The admission is that it’s possible for the roots to become 300 centners per hectare, permanently vitrate in the rose for 1 hectare for the price of 900 UAH, for the average for 1800 UAH, and in the rose for 1 centner of the main products 6 UAH (1800: 300). Price realizatsii - 16 UAH per 1 cent. On the previous note, I will see a graph of the critical point of productivity - bezbitkovosti (Fig. 16.2).

In order to gain sufficient results about the free-of-charge virobility, it is important that you correctly prompt the graph of the penny virus and the vitrate to the ordinate. For the sake of a reference on the abscissa axis through interruption, we intervened indefinitely (in our application - 300 centners per hectare), and then, completely, from the point of view of completeness, please add the entire graph, apply the chirp (in our application AML). Potim carried out a line of groshovoy OS viruses. Now you can find the scale of the penny virus and vitrat. For the entire cutaneous interval, a perpendicular to the line of OS and from the point E is held to be carried out to the line, parallel to the line. The graph of descriptions of the mechanism is shown in the application of the yield of 50 c. For a price of 16 UAH for 1 centner of a groshovka virus, it becomes 800 UAH. Tsya suma і відкладє to be on the ordinate. Sumi viruses are similarly displayed for the highest yield.

Viznazhennya critical points vrozhaynostі

Fig. 16.2. Viznazhennya critical points of productivity, for a kind of reach of bezbitkovost virobnostva:

OS - a line of groshovoy rivichki vid realizatsii products; AB - line of the post vitality; AB - a line of succulent vitrates (permanent and permanent); KK1 - perpendicular, in spite of a critical point of productivity; lіnії, what to describe the parameters of virology for the productivity of 350 c / ha; - • - • - • those for a yield of 250 kg / ha

When prompted, the scale of presentation is displayed on line of vitamins AB in parallel with abscis (for our application, the line of zero zero becomes 900 UAH). Now є the ability to apply a line of full vitrates (permanent + standard). Їх sum in our application - 2700 UAH. It is known on a scale the name of the sum of the points is clearly carried out by the line, parallel to the line, to the side of the MLU. I know the point B z'єdnu ,mo with the point A, so that with the ordinate of the permanent vitrats and with this order I’m holding the line of the highest vitrat AB. From the point of crossing the line AB and OS, the perpendicular KK1 is drawn on the line abscissa, in order to take into account the critical level of productivity, for such an achievement is achieved without virus. In our application, the price is becoming 90 kg / ha.

For the additional prompted graph є the ability to analyze the parameters of the galuzy (a groshovka virus, a surplus, a sum of winter and long vitrates) for the high yield. For example, for a yield of 350 kg / ha, it can be seen from the graph, the groshovka virus becomes 5,600 UAH, the average vitrati is 2,100, the succulent is 3,000, the surplus is 2,600 UAH (5600 - 3,000). The water hour for reduced productivity, say, up to 250 centners per hectare of groshovka virus, the price is 4000 UAH, average vitrati - 1500, and maximum (for quietly vitrates, the stinks cannot be changed) - 2400 UAH. The margin will change up to 1600 UAH / ha (4000 - 2400).

For your understanding, what is the value of the permanent vitrates for the lottery per hectare, and the amount of the maximum vitamins for the centner of production, the next time you need new graphs, is very clear that you need to increase the need for additional analysis. Substantially, an analogous analysis is possible with the behind-the-scenes obedience of the realization of real-life galactic products. In this operation, the operation is made up of back-end and winter tickets to the virobnosti price products.

Significance of the points of the free-of-charge points is possible on the basis of a universal solution:

GV - ZV = PV + NP,

de GV - groshova viruchka vid realizatsії products; ЗВ - Змінні Vitrati; PV - postіynі vitrati; NP is a null approach.

Groshov’s little virus and zagalnu sum of winter vitrates can be denoted by the following formulas:

GV = C • G;

ЗВ = ЗВ0 • G,

de C - price of realizing single products; G - a critical oath of realizatsii products, for which you need to protect yourself without a bit of virus; ЗВ0 - standard vitrati for a single product.

Competing with these formulas, it is possible to write in the following way that it is universal:

Ц • G - ЗВ0 • G = PV + NP.

Oskіlki NP dorіvnyuє zero, then given the rіvnyannya pіslya neobhodimnogo re-creation of matime wiglyad:

G (C - ZB0) = PV, and G = marginal dohid

Vidomo, which should be reduced by the price and the required amount of products per unit of margin income (C - ЗВ0 = МR). Zvіdsi formula znachzhennya critical of oath sale of products nabuvaє viglyadu G = PV: MR.

In order to identify the critical oath of realizatsii of the Virazny Viraz (KRO), the formula KPO = PV: KMR, de KMR - to the marginal revenue margin (KMR = MR: C) will be vicoristed.