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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

A.7.4. The principle of double image of gospodarsky facts in accounting balance

A.7.4.1. Foreign provisions

After an hour I looked at the gospodar facts, appearances and processes of the accounting department of the accounting department, it is clear that they are free. The skin gospodar fact is as it is, there are two aspects: the functional - as an element of productive forces and the characteristic of maturity to the statehood of government (power of any kind). On the whole will be the balance structure of statehood.

The water-hour skin gospodarsky fact, like the process, also has two aspects, because for its sutty, there are two aspects of the state giving, as a manifestation of the process.

Nekhai, for example, IZ Kasi was seen at the nickname of pennies. Today, there are two such objects of state donation: “Casa” and “Rosrachunks with Parents”. The inheritance of the whole in Kasi has become less pennies, and in the individual of the Winnikne Borg, thanks to the state of thanks, for the sum of the spent pennies.

His butt. In the warehouse of the attribution of materials for the distribution, the protec for them is not paid. Tsey gospodarsky fact, as a process for my sake, I’m obliging two such objects of gospodaryuvannya: the warehouse of materials, deceased of gospodarsky fact (as a process) of values ​​has become more valuable, that seller (creditor), by all means, I have always been granted yazannya (tobto borg), through scho goiters'yazan became more.

Gospodarsky fact, as a matter of fact, in the accounting region are called Gospodar operations. You’ll stink at the documents.

The skin of the gospodar system - cooperation, company, partnership, co-operative, in particular, sub-contract of state donation, vicar of state operations, as well as of their own becoming a state system. For the sake of accuracy, the operation is characterized by a post-release, interoperability and interchangeability.

In the process of healthy state operations, you need to give state grants and those who are authorized to fix them. At the state party, there may be more opportunities for participating, as well as help and support, and I will give you the opportunity to change the operation.

one month on the first. First, I can tell you about the form of the state giving gifts, that’s the goiter'yazan (right-winger).

Fig. A.7.2. See that tipi gospodarskikh operation stosno balance

Now, at the state donations, there are two types of operations that can be seen in vain: 1) they can change the amount of money, I need to change it from the state, change it; 2) so that you don’t mean the total amount of state-sponsored concerns. It’s stinky to add water for the hour to the structure of the asset or passive.

Sounds of such a garment: fragments of state support give and take Jerela х тв тв ображ ображ ображ ображ ображ ображ в в в в баланс баланс баланс баланс баланс баланс то то то то опера опера опера опера опера опера опера опера опера опера опера опера опера опера. Behind the nature of such serpentine state support, there will be a state-sponsored patrimony to shape the chotiri tipi operation. Occurrence of species by types and types of state operations іlystruлю rice. A.7.2.