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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.


20.1. Understanding the intensity of the economic type of development of agricultural enterprises and the methodology

In the minds of the market economy, those who are more competitive can be better off than they can, and they can reach the highest level of efficiency and virology. In the city of statehood, as in the last gallows of the state statehood, the problem is that the problem may be too much for the transition to an intensive type of economic development.

At our agro- economic and national understanding of the intensity of the different kinds of Marxist-Leninist introduction about the intensive and intensive typing. One hundred percent of the state thanks to the intensiveness was interpreted as concentration on one land and one on the same land, on the other hand, one and the same. Kіlkіsnyi viraz іntenznostі vbachivaetsya in the indicators vartostі entire mine: earth, wake-up, znaryad і cars, thinness in a rose for a single piece of land. In general, the most important thing is that there is more money to borrow about those who can significantly increase the capital investment in the earth for the wisdom of new machines, the more convenient systems, the more important things are, of course. the value of the contribution є functions of the development of productive forces. But this means that for the skin historical history, the oath is limited to your own, crossing over the yak can bring to lower efficiency of virobnitz. I’ll not take into account the fact that I will not increase the intensity of the concentration of capital for one and the same land plots of the current state.

From an economical point of view, an oath of virobottom gross output and a per hectare of silo-gospodarsky coal is possible to increase to the optimum size of the advanced capital and policy effectiveness. You may also need to reconcile these two factors. Moreover, I can reconcile the present data about the state gratitude of the most blessed country. Sunset, the greater efficiency of the high state-of-the-art virobility is easy to reach when the number of virology vitamins is reduced to the same area. It is true that the intensity of the treaty with the insurance is not worse than the advance payment capital, and the first achieved results of virobnitsva, in front of the output of the gross production of the basis of the formality of the final indicator of efficiency -. In other words, on an intensive basis, there is a concentration increase to the optimum level of advance capital per hectare of land, which is safe and affordable. The goal is to make sure that you make the most of the upfront capital and efficiency of the first quarter in terms of gross output. Significant results of such an analysis are important to re-evaluate, how much to go about in order to economically type the development of business (to the type of business). An economical type of development is understanding, which is the best image for the most dynamic part of the amount of the advanced capital cost and the total cost of the gross product.

Depends on the level of the cutaneous nutrition of the named factors on the basis of the gross output of the products, as well as the economic type of development: intensive, intensive, intensive, intensive

As a matter of fact, we have gained more productive business than ever before in a more efficient way of increasing the advance capital, then an intensive type of development has been formed in it, as is the most effective middle name type. Moreover, from the scarce resources to the optimal level, there is only one type of development, a reasonable alternative to it is mute. With a high level of development of productive forces and the achievement of scientific and technological progress in the field of technology, such modification is possible, because

The extensive type of development is small, as long as the consumer accepts the priority product less for the growth of resources. For the lack of security of the state thanks to the resources, we often want to compete with the binding of the intensive and intensive type of education. Tse - an active process of developing virobnitstva. In danomu vipadku іstotnogo pіdvischennya efektivnostі mozhna dosyagti for minds if іntensivny type vіdtvorennya perevazhaє over ekstensivnim, tobto if Got Location perevazhno іntensivny type rozvitku for yakogo chastka growth produktsії for rakhunok polіpshennya vikoristannya avansovanogo kapіtalu perevischuє chastku її gain, possession zavdyaki zbіlshennyu Yogo rozmіru.

It is important that the extensive type of development takes place in quiet places, but it may be better for you to complete this factor. This type of development of rules, if necessary, in a short line, needs more resources, in front of the extension of the passive part of the main virological funds, giving you the best knowledge of the song ().

For your understanding, how much more product is needed to achieve the same world for more growth in advance capital and more efficient efficiency, a win-win type of development.

I intend to analyze the potential in order to identify a portion of the increase in products for the cutaneous skin of the name of the factors and by the very name of the economical type of development, evaluate the results of the state donation, evaluate the prospects for further development. The essence of the mechanism of such a visa is to be reduced to the offensive.

From an economical point of view, an oath of virobnitsva gross production (VP), you can choose the way to advance the advanced capital to reach the current level of efficiency of the following:

oath virobnitstva gross products

Zvіdsi the pace of growth in production is possible with the following:

oath virobnitstva gross products

and the absolute priority Ії - through the sacristan number and denominator induced formula:

oath virobnitstva gross products

de Pj1, Pj0 — the amount of advance capital paid per 1 hectare of sylkogospodarsky coal is at the same time at the first and base period; zagalnyuyuchy indicator of effectiveness of advance advances in capital - a provocative indicator of the effectiveness of the advance of capital in advance of the basic and basic rock, which are the values ​​of the gross product for the first time, what? = VP: AK.

For the time of the day, I’m filling in the factors - the amount of the advanced capital and the achieved level of efficiency - the priority is the gross output of the index, which means the rate of the increase of the price, two parts:

rozmіru advanced capital and reached rivnya effektivnosti yogo vikoristannya

The first private index of Yandex will show the annual increase in product prices as a result of the increased cost of advances to the hectare of publicly-funded coal, and the other shows the regular efficiency of the city of Victoria. Absolute inflow of these factors to the priority of the products is indicated in the list of the number of private indexes of the standard. The rosrahunk is correctly scrolled, as it is vitrified:

Product pricing

You can quickly record it like this: DVP = DVPak + DVP.

Sounds to the first wagon of the first (intensive) and other (intensive) factors are possible by the formulas

Duck = (VPack: VP) • 100;

D = (VP: VP) • 100.

As a matter of fact, in optimality the optimum value of the advanced capital has not been reached, the most effective is the overwhelmingly intensive type of development. The extensive type is economically є accepted, but all the same is significantly less effective than the intensive type. The middle of the business, a kind of loyalty type, is, in short, to interrupt these ones, without having to split between the parts of the intensive and intensive factors of the minimum.

The self-employed is an effective type of extension - extensive, but some of the types: the first - the most productive choice is proportional to the advance payment for the invariable profitability of vikoristany; the other - virobnitstvo productive growth at a slower pace, lower advances in capital, which can reduce the effectiveness of the current victories; the third - the advance payment of capital for the steel liabilities of the violated products, for the benefit of which there is a constant decrease in efficiency of the resources of the past; fourth, the most pollutant - the increase in the amount of the advance capital to be supervised by the changes in the gross production of the same land area.

Formations in industrial enterprises have a type of competitiveness on the results of virology and the characteristics of the competitive process, on the other hand, and on the ability to increase the speed of economic growth. In addition, on the basis of skin care, medical research and development, I know how to function, I’m guilty of a boot and I’ve implemented a system that allows me to take care of the future.