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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

20.4. Accelerated by the turnover of viral resources, the mind is important in the form of intensive type of development

On the form of intensive type of development of agricultural enterprises , the scale and effectiveness of virology and water supply can help the turnover of viral resources.

For the sake of the process of the state-funded agrarian agribusiness, advance payments are made on the basis of the main funded funds, subject to the payment of praxis. The process of circular advance payments by resources of a resource can be schematically depicted as follows:

one piece groshti

de G - advance groshti koshti; vartіd pribbanih zadryad pracі i subject_v pracі - wart_ add a standard design and subject matter; OP - advance payments for payment; PV is the process of virobnitstva; T'— ready production; G '- groshti koshti, possessed by consumer goods as a result of realizatsії products.

Z trekh stadiy krugoobіgu persha otsta:

one piece groshti

lay down to the sphere of obigu, and the friend, de vidbuvaєetsya the process of building surviving vartosti, to the sphere of virobnitztva. To the very friend of the stage is the roundabout є the head, the initial one. Ale oskilki krugobig ig soob vіdbuvaє to be impeccable, tsim zumovlyutsya need neobhodimnost of one-time uptake of advance resources in three different functional forms. Ozhe, hour of circulation of resources to lay down in the hour of passing through the spheres of virobnitz and obigu.

But the fragments of the main product of the most expensive oath, made up by the length of one turnover of resources, multiplied by the number of such turnover, the change in speed, means that you have to achieve better results if you reach one and the same result. All the negatively viddivatsya on yogo economic efficiency.

For the constant oath of resources, the improvement of the ruh behind the stages of the round-robinness of the oversight of the violated products and the water time of the economic results, for the progress frame. As a rule, it’s faster than the hour of turnover of advance resources є a serious economical problem, I have to give a little help for one and the same amount of viral resources, because I have to have more products and more, I have to switch to

I mean, for the city of God’s gratitude, the ability to accelerate the roundabout of resources is divided by significant gaps by a significant number of biological factors, which are zoomed in on the basis of the living processes. The water hour of agricultural enterprises through sub-active causes is purely among themselves for the sake of resource turnover, which can be inferred from the results of virology without interruption. The indicator of the speed of the advance resource turnover (Kar) can be denoted by the formula:

Indicator of speed ahead of advance resources

de A - depreciation; MV - material vitrati; FOP - the actual fund for the payment of praxis for enterprises; Fos, Fob - average wartime one of the main virobic and reverse funds; AOP - advances fund to pay pracі.

Indicator Car to lay down in the form of the turnover of the cutaneous tissue (resources, land, do not take part in the circle of land). Because of the specifics of the turnover of the main and reverse circulating assets, which are covered in topics 10 and 12, the issue of amortization (A) and the functionality of the assets of the main assets of the financial sector, there are the turnover of circulating assets at their average value. Ale oskilki materialnalny otraty i damping form the variety of products, from the largest sizes, for the same but the same mind, in the winter, and the biggest oversight of the living wisdom. It will be obvious that one and the same result can be gained for a smaller number of resources, but with a larger turnover, and more, for a large oversight of resources, a smaller shredder. Tell them to give a closer look at the magnitude of the view of the vitrats at the market for the same area as important factors, which will absorb the results of virobnitsva.

For a large part of the payment process, pay advance payment to pay. All koshi are encouraged not to enter the product at the doorstep, but being paid to their productive people, they will wrap themselves in a storehouse of lively news and ideally as a result of T '- G' metamorphosis. We’ll stink again to re-imagine our circle, interrupting the stretch of our stage at the groshy form. Yak and advances in subject matter, advances, the fund for payment of rights is also found in the form stock, which is required in the form of season and seasonality. However, the supply is small for the groshov form, and to that we are consecrated and interchanged with the most small resources on the flowing rachunas of the household goods at the bank.

The nature of the turnover of the advance payment fund pratsі, by the day, identical to the nature of the turnover of the subject of the pracі. Allowed for this, advances, the payment fund cannot be turned around as much as possible for revolving funds, good news, welcome newcomers to the new living wardost, material and speech aspect.

At the dermal payment of the advance payment fund for the payment of funds, it is a sum of mid-term surplus money for the payment of money in the warehouse of unfinished goods, young animals and goods for ready-made products. It is possible to familiarize yourself with the many names of the elements of the reverse funds for the part of the payment of the funds in the warehouse for the extra galleys. Vrakhovuchi spіlnіst the turnover of the subject matter with an advance fund for the payment of pratsi, the redemption of the remaining can be made by the other way - the amount of the actual payment to the principal is paid to pay the cost of the turnover of the working capital.

An important peculiar feature of the advance payment fund turnover is that it’s very easy to deal with the process of completing the add-on product, which means to bring back the new goal. A pre-paid product, which, on the other hand, needs to be paid a living, get ready for a living meal, therefore, you need to get the money for the advance payment fund, much more for the same reason, and there’s a lot of good food. Remaining signaled to the last absolute value on the desired product. You can calculate the weight of the supplemental product in the most possible way - by multiplying the norms of the supplementary product, which are insured for one complete cycle, by the number of times the advance payment fund has been paid. Due to the accelerated salvage of land, there is a legal oversight of violated products and a mass of clean products and a share of the same land area.

For the nths of the same minds, vitrati to pay the price to the lottery for a single apartment will be reserved in quiet places, because there is no other resource. Such growth is inevitably inevitable in conjunction with the increased efficiency of the distribution system and the depreciation of materials for the depreciation rate per unit area, especially if only a little to reach the accelerated turnover of material resources. Such severity is of a natural nature and can be brought up on the basis of theoretical analysis of the need for speed and resource turnover on important parameters of economic development. For example, the gross product (VP) can be taxed at the sight of deposits:

VP = (Phos • Kos + Phob • Kob + AOP • Kaop) • Kp,

de Kos, Kob i Kaop - some of the turnover of the main, revolving funds and advances to the payment fund; Kp - a number of profitability points.

The analysis of the given permissiveness permits to gouge the gadgets, scho resources and giving zrostatime, for the same minds, directly proportional to the speed of the turnover of the most advanced resources. Such zrostannya, in his chergy, є to formally form an intensive type of networking. Prote slam memory, schotti virobnitztva, and later, the gross product to lie not less than the speed of the turnover of resources, but the first value in a single area. In addition, when making a reservation, there is a need for more products and resources, as well as security for the land, as well as intensive land resources.

In order to see the increase in production, I have to gain more resources, as well as increase the turnover of resources, as a result of the greater number of resources (regions) to encourage two models. One of them is a resource-based correlation model , which is more likely to be used for the identification of virological needs. As a rule, when working on a cost model, the effective indicator and resources should be calculated per hectare, if you can manage, you can see the normative oversight of the violated assets of the gross area for leather goods. Vіdnoshennyam tsogo pokaznika to serednogo for sukupnіstyu of companies obsyagu virobnitstva produktsії hectare ugіd obchislyuyut іndeks virobnichoї potuzhnostі (Pj), yaky kolivaєtsya Navkolo odinitsі i vkazuє, naskіlki virobnicha potuzhnіst tsogo pіdpriєmstva in rozrahunku on odinitsyu ploschі vіdrіznyaєtsya od virobnichoї potuzhnostі іnshih of companies.

For this reason, to increase the amount of turnover of resources on the oversight of viral products, there will be a friend who correlates with the model of intensiveness of the viral resources, in which the most efficient indicator is taken from the hectare area. Factors of price model: х1 - Yandex.virtual workload; x2 - material and material depreciation and amortization per 1 ha of land, which should be used to increase the turnover of up-to-date virological funds; х3 - the actual fund for the payment of pracі, a kind of image of the company, the turnover of the advance payment fund of the payment of pracі; x4 - Integral indicator of intensity of vikoristan land.

Yakscho for Relief pershoї resursnoї korelyatsіynoї modelі viznachaєtsya, skіlki pіdpriєmstva povinnі viroblyati produktsії of odinitsі ploschі for nayavnoї kіlkostі avansovanih resursіv i serednoї for doslіdzhuvanoyu sukupnіstyu shvidkostі їh turnover, then for Relief korelyatsіynoї modelі іntensivnostі - skіlki pіdpriєmstvo Mauger virobiti produktsії of tієї samoї ploschі for the very rozmіru resources, ale for retail sales.

As a matter of fact, in the model of intensiveness of vikoristannya virobnichnyh resources in pіdstaviti factual on pіdpripriemstvo significant factors, it is possible to designate the normative wih_d products. The integrated annual indicator of the intensiveness of the resources of the Republic of Ij is assigned to the middle ones for the highest output of the gross output per hectare. Shchob establish the role of the skin factor in the form of indicator Ij, you can use the quick-open formula:


de Ek - koefіtsієnt elastichnostі with the k-th factor. Win sign up for the formula:


de average for value - the average value for the kth factor in the rosette for 1 hectare; E0 = average for value ; ak - coefficient of regression of the correlated model of intensity with the k-th factor; a0 is a member of the price model.

I want to formulate an intensive type of plug-in at the same time, if Ij: Рj> 1. With a revised number of indicators, they are actually more violated and the gross products are more expensive than the norm, it’s more expensive.

For this purpose, you can see the effect of gaining business opportunities and resources for the circulation of resources, you can quickly use this technique. The following vision can be seen at the top view (pre-account oath of virobnost gross production) as follows:

± Eі = Dodatkovy oath virobnitstva gross products

Dependently on the factual factual oath of virobnitz products and regulatory oath, viznoznachen for additionally highlighted correlating models, there are three options for such a rosary.

The first variant. For think, scho Dodatkovy oath virobnitstva gross products , It can be divided into two parts and represent as follows:

Dodatkovy oath virobnitstva gross productsDodatkovy oath virobnitstva gross products

When tsomu uv - is actually a real obsession with the pride of priesthood effect Potential Effect Intensity - the potential effect of the intensity ДЕn, which can be gained by taking the reach of the middle level and the factors of the intensity.

Another option. For think, scho Potential Effect Intensity zberіgaє svіy ekonomіchny zmіst і vnіstіstu є the result of high liquidity turnover of viral resources, and is an addendum effect DЕq, which is a little more important than the middle of the year. For such an economical situation to reach the most efficient efficiency of resources and to protect the intensive type of development of business.

The third version. Potential Effect Intensity Yakshcho іznitsya mіzh і vkazє on the amount of real gates, yakі bear the pіdprimstva іd low rivniya іntensity_vikoristannya virobnichih resources_v. For such minds, there is an extensive type of development in the second most varied world.