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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

A.11.2. Organizations of accounting region on enterprises

A.11.2.1. Organization of the regional process

Organizing an accounting region on business - a system of methods, methods and approaches, so as to ensure the best possible function of such an area and the least of its development. Such organization of the field in a straightforward manner is well-managed and structured and the processes of the accounting region. Along with that, the accounting system of the system means the organization of the price of the system and the organization of the function of the room in that time.

Organizing an accounting region will require a systemic approach. When I agree on the following requirements: principles, integrity, systemicity, systematic identity, dynamism, subordination and interchangeability.

In addition, the organization of the accounting region will require the following principles: adaptability, parallelism, rhythm, continuity, directness and proportionality.

The main ob'єkti organіzatsії oblіku induced in Fig. A.11.1.

By the most rigorous methods of organizing an accounting area now є graphic and design. The water hour is the following, such as methodology, model, analitical, compulsory, system, expert, regulatory.

About the accounting organization

Fig. A.11.1. Ob'kti Organizatsii izuchetskogo oblika

A.11.2.2. Form an organization accounting business process

The form of the accounting department is the chain of mutual relationships of the chronological registers (chronological and systemic) of the established form and the public register for the health of the parties, the legal process and the state registration process are required.

Signs of the forms of the accounting region are:

revelation of the song system of the chronological and systematic registers of the systematic (analitic and synthetic) region;

form і zmіst regional regіstіv (okremі arkushі, books, machine programs with the latest requisites) that іх rozmіschennya;

vzamozv'yazok okremikh reєstrіv;

help that technical hassle recording of gospodarsky operations at the business registry (I will hand in hand, for the help of technical hardships, I’m so sick).

At one o'clock, the winnings of the accounting region were almost lost. The development of visualization with the development of suspension: material virobnitstva, productive forces and virobic vidinosin.

The form of accounting for regional security:

the largest region in chronological and systematic order of all of the state-sponsored state operations;

the maximum saving of vitrats for the accounting region;

Nabilsh razіonalniy rozpodіl mіzh oblastovymi pracіvnikami complex oblіkovih robіt;

operational control of the collapse and the apparent lane, rozrahunkіv, costs, financial results, and so on;

operatively gaining vidomeost about dyalnost pidprimstva, yogo pidrozdіlіv that ikh their effectiveness;

widespread technical problems;

secure function of the information system.

For technical signs of the emergence of two forms of accounting area: manual and machine.

To the first group belong: books (for books), books (for okremich arkushi) ao zmіshanі (for arkushi and in books). Prior to others: table-punch cards or table-automated.

Found є books ’form.