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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

21.2. Form a special methodology for the recognition of the virologic straightforward

The specialization of the state gratitude is a folding process, which will develop in different forms. There are three types of forms: the territory, the specialization of agricultural enterprises and the internal specialization.

Pіd Territorial Specialization rozumіyut transmits virobnitstvo quietly whichever vіdshih sіlskogospodarskoi products on the song territory. You can see some of the territorial specialization - zonal, microzonal, regional and regional. The specialization zone is characterized by a virobic direct zone, and in Ukraine it was more or less the same - Polisya, Lisostep, pivnichniy and central Step, pivnenny Step, podgirnі і gіrіskі district of the Carpathians, city. Mikrozonalnaya specialization is entrenched in seemingly small ranges between the zones of the highest zones, there are growing singing cultures, and there is no significant widening in Ukraine. Formed, for example, mikrozoni viroshuvannya hops, pivdenny hemp. The region and regional specialization in business, the main types of products are mainly, re-operating in these areas. Get out of the middle of the zonal microzonal specialization. The principal here is є geographic distribution of public relations.

The specialization of agricultural enterprises - which transmits virobnitsvo in them is a distinct kind (s) of products, for which there is no doubt that we are able to use natural and economical omens. Owing to the form of specialization and development, I am aware of the specialization. As a rule, between the remaining stays, you can be more comfortable with thinking, for example, six or more kinds of products, then through the internal differentiation, you can be more likely to be able to , microzone and so on.

On the basis of the special territorial specialization, as much as possible, the special character, specialization of the bargain through the incompleteness of interruption in the permanent Russian language. Most of all, it started to develop in the 60th and 70th rock, if it was centralized in the skin administrative region, 1–2 special state grants were worked out because of young and old babies, 1–2 years old. Agrarian enterprises specialized in the district for milk production. They also joined in the special specialization of statehood, as a rule, I’m creating a tvarinnitsa virobnichy. In the districts of deyakі pіpredpriyamstva special areas were specialized in fodder feed, food products, ptahivnitsva skinny.

In the event of special offers from small enterprises, the farther fate did not disappear due to the lack of administrative authority, due to the significant differences in the state’s important Moreover, in the 1990s, the loss of economic crisis and the disparity in prices, especially on the production of goods, called for the fact that they were more likely to get more speedy purchases of older ones, because they became more frequent.

The hour of reorganization of PCBs in enterprises, which function in ambushes of private power, the problem of special reasons for operational reasons didn’t gain relevance - new business was inconvenient, because of some rare bugs. Prote s been approved, spravzhnogo Ruler on zemlі, away udoskonalennyam rinkovih vіdnosin i for nalezhnoї ekonomіchnoї pіdtrimki sіlskogospodarskih tovarovirobnikіv spetsіalіzatsіya agrarian of companies Naboodah new іmpulsu, oskіlki vibіr bunt Galuzo, їh rozmіr, Rink zbutu, ekonomіchnі stosunki, tsіni toscho steel virіshuvatisya bezposerednіmi virobnikami sіlskogospodarskoї produktsії. Criteria of specialization of agricultural production from the singing type of products є Now there is an economic interest in the goods producer. The water factor will be consumed during the water hour, which will be spent on distribution and specialization in the minds of the market.

The internal special offer is the furthest part of the special offer with the help of a whisker, the silicon is increased in the form of the products in the industrial, and the second-hand room, and the For example, dairy farms, pig farms, horticultural, tractor and horticultural, gardening, vegetable and vegetable brigades, mechanized pens and shrimps can be dispensed with state farms at state subsidiaries. Significance of the internal special offer of the region is that, if you allow it, you must be within the range of priorities in the minds of the state, and also there is no reason for the lack of concentration, Zavdyaki tsyom pidvishchatsya efficiency virobnitsva.

It is especially necessary for the development of internal special gifts to be manifested among the great ones after the offerings, as well as in the quiet state thanks to the fact that there are only one bagatogaluzevi. There are special requirements for attending a special winery; you need to have a special interior, a fragment of the structure, and the size of the state structure is different. For this reason, there is a special supply for special enterprises and internal special offers for the registration of an authorized party.

Behind the technological principle of virology products, we need to distinguish galuze and internal specialty. Galuzeva - this is such a specialization, for such a singular galaxy function in the process for the principle of a closed (closed) cycle of virobnitz. By the day, the absolute greater number of cultivated crops is through its biologic features, it is possible to grow through the planting (planting) to the availability of finished products for one and the same agricultural land. In the process of such viropuvanny pikidprimstvo vikonu і all technological technology operations, oskilki ikh them impotent vylenitelnosti and izpodiliti for the last state thanks to the bosom іdіkh pіdrozdіlami at viglyadі samostіynyh virobnostv. Tom zrozumіlo, schosh for roslinnitsva characteristic, as a rule, galuzeva specialization.

The special form is specialized in order to create one, if you have the right to complete the song gallery in a comprehensive way - to capture the young to the highest quality products. For example, in the great Svinarskiy complexes on 12 thousand, 24 thousand, 54 thousand. і 108 yew the goal of pigs in the middle of the year, at the pig farms in the non-specialized farms at the center of the farm, to smother the main herd, to gain the young, to grow the meat, to feed the meat and meat. Behind such a scheme in the baggage of state thanksgiving, such and such tvarnitsnitsky galuzі, like livestock and vivcharstvo.

Intrashnogaluzeva specialization means the increase of virology within the boundaries of one and the other self-galaxy. There are two types of internal and external specialization: there are also a bagator and a post. I can’t stop them by taking care of the Yakisny camp for the func tions of the first half of the galaxy. For example, in the case of grain galosies, there are three different types of grain in the middle of the grain grain with the next technological cycle. The first of them is the introduction of new varieties and crops of grain crops - health science institutes and selection stations; the other - virobnitsto nasіnnya іlі і pershі reproduction - elitno-nasinnitsy state thanks; the third - virobnitstvo of varietal variety of other reproductions - in the specialization of agricultural enterprises; Quarter Rіven - Virobnitstvo commodity grain. In creation, it is also possible to efficiently develop one and the same bagator of the internal specialty. For example, new breeds and ligninum produced at breeding plants and breeding stations.

Postadiyna special_alization - the process of self-determination of the stage of the technological stage of the galuz cycle. Vaughn is characteristically overwhelming for creature. For example, in cattle breeding in self-controlled virology, one can see such stages as viroshuvannya neteliv and koriv-first_vistok, virobnosvo milk, viroshuvannya and vіdgodіvlya young young horny thinness. The skin is of the desired stage, being redeveloped on a self-determined basis for special purposes. Postadiyna special_malizatsiya maє mіstse і in okremikh goluzy roslinnitstva. So, in the buryakivnostva, in self-defense, we can see our relations, we will conduct special agricultural enterprises, and we will deal with the wind, as well as have a legal status.

For the recognition of territorial specialization and specialization of agricultural enterprises, the indicator of the structure of commodity products. Win the deductibles of the penny viruses for realizing the singing products for all channels selling for the final sum of the pennies of the state donation and the number of special results of 100. Accepted respect for the higher education, structure of commodity products 90% and more. To the group of enterprises to introduce poultry factories, pig farms, greenhouse complexes. Prior to special offers, which specialize in viral products of one single-valued gadgets, apply the same as a special offer in loan product structure of 50%. We specialize in viral products of two galleys to compete in consumer goods, in certain prices in full buy out of the structure of commodity products more than 67%, including at least 25% leather. In special state grants for viral products, there are three galleries there are indicators of compliance with the statutory rate of 75% and not less than 24%. Prior to bagatogaluzevich to bring in goods, so as not to fall in the name of the criteria.

There are few agricultural enterprises, so you can bring to one of the special group of specialization. In most of them, there are two or three good galleries, leather ones are not at home and in the structure of commodity product loans of 10–15 to 30–35%. According to such enterprises, the virological direct appears. I will call the yogi fully include two, a maximum of three distinctly re-communicating at the state gallows. As a rule, on behalf of the state, I am able to buy vegetables in the structure of commodity products in vegetables (say 27%), another month - for milk (20%) and one third - grain (14%), I can make such a straightforward donation for milk We will expand grain crops.

Efficiency of virobnitsva in the agricultural enterprises to lay down not less than the main rozmiru of galleys, as in them є provide, and the first of that, as the most advanced goluzi, may have a commodity character. What is more in the state thanks to such galoshes, tim, as a rule, a smaller number of rosy and lower concentration of virobnitz. All prices are negatively affected by the results of state donations. So that you can step up the development of usable commodity galleys at enterprises, you need to familiarize yourself with and analyze the number of products of the commodity distribution system (KZ):

some of the products of the commodity virobnitz (21.1)

de Pvі - pitoma vaga І-ї galuzі in the structure of commodity products,%; Ni is the serial number of the І-І galaxy in the ranked row, prompted by the declining sign: first, you assign the galaxy with the best pet car in the structure of commodity products, and the rest - with the first name.

As a result of the additional indicator of the structure of commodity products, you can shuffle the garments about the level of development of the halls of galaxies and the steps of special state grants for the viral products of the main ones, then the number of the goods is limited to It is accepted that scho п pidprimstvo є bagatogaluzevim, as long as I don’t overdo it, 0.20, with a weak level of specialization - 0.21-0.30, from the middle - 0.31-0.40, we look for the middle one - 0.41-0.40 50, high - 0.51-0.60, and s glibokim - ponad 0.60. For all the same minds, the efficiency of the agricultural activities of the agricultural industry is limited by the absolute value of the number of special products, the price of the goods is more stable.