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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B.2.2. Pobudova oblast of moisture

B.2.2.1. Zagalny understanding about power capital

Vlasniy kapital - all the power of business, if without a line the line was entered by the descendants, but if they were left (by the descendants) on the basis of an already rented back.

Vlasniy kapital to be stored from such components:

- Statutory share (restored) capital;

- вид rare species of unrestored capital;

- dodatnogo rallied;

- dodatkovogo not rallied;

- reserve;

- insurance;

- an unsupported surplus (uncoated cigar) passed rock_v;

- unpaid;

- viluchenogo.

Warehouses of the capital capital were to beat up the bag, the yaks of the vestigors (fosterlings) were transferred to the executive order as the extra-curriculum was taken away from the unregistered bribe form, but the sum, which was secured from the bailiffs, was already held.

Indicator - power capital - one of the most important and the most important indicators for the company, indicators, signs of such characteristics:

care for cats for the function of food;

credit industry;

Yogo platospromozhnіst.

In practical practice, in the form of power (capital), the founder of the law has two understandings (due to the economic and legal nature):


dodatkovі extra-minded

Put in that extraordinarily extraordinary experience. For the sake of privacy and functionality, a look at the location of the warehouses of the elements of the capital.

Vlasniy kapital osnovnikіv (participant) to be divided into two parts: 1) restorations; 2) non-restorations. Pershiy - tse statutny, but payov, capital. The other is supplementary, reserve, insurance capital and non-maintenance of income (unprotected zbitok).

Usі three warehouses є vsnіsty zasnovnikіv. But if you don’t have a look, it’s more func- tional and may have a significantly smaller amount, but it’s simpler to add additional money (lane), save for those that are in stock at the highest capital, so I can’t get any more.

Contribution - the share of the clergyman (participant) in the statutory (share) capital, the property, as well as the functions:

a) investing in the business process (in the case of Jericho Formula Mayna business);

b) regulation of vidnosin moisture (rozpodil mine, virolenno products, won a little skinny). This is especially important at the time of the participation of the participant (hermitor) due to chi if it is necessary to go about lawless skinny;

c) managing the company (even a small number of voices of the skin participant of the most expensive part (contribution) or proportional to it).

A pre-paid contribution - a part of the clergyman (participant) in the highest forms of state capital - reserve, insurance insurance and uninsured income (uncovered little bit) passed by rock. This means that you need to work out without a doubt either to a reserve (insurance) capital, or to an unsuitable loss (to lose an unexpired portion of a stream of flow rock), because the contribution to this function is investment.

Dodatkovi groshi offsite, but may be the main reason (participant) can be directly hidden on the development of goods, purchase goods and material values, to protect the skinny.

The form of statutory (share) capital for rachunok contributions contributor - an item of fixed documents for enterprises. The sum of the statutory (share) capital pidlyaga є obov'yazkovіy registration in the sovereign register of the state donating one. Rishennya about zbіlshennya (zmennshennya) also obov'yazkovo maє re-struvatisya. The sum of the statutory (share) capital beyond the balance of the government cannot be guaranteed by the state, which is registered in the sovereign registry. Unclaimed koshti, asovnik_v (participant) v_dbivyayutsya in the passive balance.

Vartisna otsіnka to the contribution to the share of the clergyman (participant) in the statutory (share) capital, as well as extracurricular loans, exceptionally many, as well as some of the same clergymen didn’t pour out on the ropes.

For the sake of dominance of extra-wide outbreaks of special significance, for example, at times of bankruptcy. Participants of the partnership vidpovidayut less in between their contributions (often). At the end of the report, there are no external participants to the highest degree of authority, no respect is taken.

Legislatively from legislation introduced to the contribution of Obov'yazkov to the fellow-in-law. It’s not unreasonably that I’ve replaced the statutory (share) capital, the re-registration. And the axis of the extension is voluntary. Відповідне рішення to accept a simple bіlshіstyu voices osnovnikіv (participant).

When it is important, it is important to work hard - contribute up to a statutory (share) capital and pay-off simply to the extent of capital (capital). To incentivize the accounting department of moisture, price and value.

For the benefit of the shareholder, the fate of the shareholder partnership in the market is reduced, and the balance is in the balance sheet.