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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.


24.1. Understanding and the need for sovereign regulation and profitability of incomes of the Russian Federation

Gliboka was economical crisis, Ukraine was backed up in the first half of the 90s, there were only a few reasons, but one of the most middle ones - the crisis was controlled by the economy. There is a winnings on account of the fact that administrative methods of managing boules are not available, but for deputy зам they haven’t been blundered at the same time for market and legal important regulatory systems. These important factors were less needed at the stage of formation during the uncontrolled vicarious quiet elements, but even the same. The livelihood of the popular statehood in these minds was pushed to the top rank for the credit crunch of a penny credit.

Vіdsutnіst efektivnosti sovereign regulyuvannya Economy prizvela to її Wkra vazhkogo will vprodovzh mayzhe 10 rokіv, yaky harakterizuvavsya decline virobnitstva for Yogo nizkoї efektivnostі, posilennyam bezrobіttya, Especially prihovanogo, rozvitkom іnflyatsіynih protsesіv, destabіlіzatsієyu penny-fіnansovoї system damping іnvestitsіynoї dіyalnostі, prihovuvannyam currency for cordon to the inhabitants of the internal Borg of the state, to the lower life of the population.

Say, uncontrolled inflation and hyperinflation, especially in 1993-1994 pp., A significant amount of contemplation of the sovereign control over prices and wages. The number of functions of the Bula was transferred to enterprises, the absolute majority is due to their legal status for the sale of bourgeois powers. Realization of their price functions for the absence of marketable important factors has generated a race of salary pay and price, the negative impact on the economy is obvious. In addition, in these minds of the sovereign state control over the business of commercial banks, it called before they began to lend money to their customers, so that they could get more and more money.

Zrozumilo, but for the graceful sovereign regulation of the economy of Ukraine, I would not be brought to such a camp. The negative role here was played and idealized by a significant flaw in the core power and overall system, which could be self-organized and self-regulated without any kind of entrusted power.

Dosvid economically diversified in the country. Sunset at the socially organized market economy, which cannot be efficiently functioned without the sovereign regulation of the most important social solutions. The need for such a regular regulation of Nirelle’s relationship appeared more than one hour during the crisis in 1929-1933.

For dwellers zapobіgti such kataklіzmam at maybutnomu, kapіtalіstichnі powers Poch zdіysnyuvati active anti-monopoly polіtiku, nadavati materіalnu pіdtrimku malozabezpechenim verstvam population i rіznobіchnu dopomoga sub'єktam gospodarskoї dіyalnostі and takozh through ekonomіchnі vazhelі vplivati ​​on structural perebudovu Economy, domagayuchis її zbalansovanostі. The first problem of the sovereign regulation of the development of the economy has not lost its relevance in these countries irrespective of the fact that there is a private house in them. It is possible to state that the sovereignty of regulation has been crushed by the organic warehouse part of the market economy. The main function is neutralization of internal and external knowledge, which can be violated through internal protection, such as negative recognition and lack of efficiency. The mastery of sovereign regulation by the economy is that compensation for the negative effects of the market mechanism is ineffective, and inadmissibility of non-essential social and economic insurance.

Proteus of the most common goluzeys of the people's statehood is the most radical and the sovereign sovereign regulation and payload for the normal development of the statehood. The whole timeline is, in the first place, given a clue є life is needed in a kind of suspension and a look that is priority when the prospects for social and economic development of the land are reversed; in a different way, silskospodarske virobnitsvo through the short-term and pre-string problems can’t be effectively developed without a stable state power.

In the minds of the market, statehood is given to the negative influx of the factors of instability: natural, economic, social. It is unhappily in the most developed countries. The state is in control of the regulation of the state-sponsored viral distribution, income from agricultural products, and their occupation is limited to the social and economic sector. The competition in pure vision for the market for products that have long ceased to exist here has long ceased. The country through its important importance has begun to invest in the process of self-regulation of food and position in the interests of agricultural products and suspension as a whole. It became obvious that the main regulator of virobnost was itself a sub-regulator of regulation for the achievement of social progress. Dosvіd rozvinutih kraisk reconcile, which is more than possible to protect the powerful economies and market self-regulation is not antagonistic in nature. Moreover, in the minds of a thoroughly economic and legal base there are two regulators to add one to one, to secure the highest level of virology and residency. In other words, the sovereign regulation of the economy is guilty of being an adequate step to the development in the Ukrainian competitive and antitrust environment. We have less minds to compete and we want to monopolize virobility, but more power is guilty of getting involved in the economy, and in fact.

The Minds rozvinutogo Rinku Reigning regulyuvannya Economy guilty zdіysnyuvatisya not prescriptive upravlіnnyam virobnichoyu i fіnansovoyu dіyalnіstyu of companies that іnshih sub'єktіv gospodarskoї dіyalnostі and upravlіnnyam sotsіalno-ekonomіchnimi Process for the Relief of perevіrenih svіtovoyu practice ekonomіchnih i Legal vazhelіv, yak i tsіni tariffs, vіdsotki, podatki , loans, valuables, amortization policies, loans, state power, contract, reserves, subsidies, subventions, state power. It’s okay to stare like a straightforward mediator to regulate the development of economy, to keep in mind for self-regulation in bazhany straight.

Extremely economical, socially organized market economy and administrative methods in the hands and in the same sphere, because of them you can’t give a lot of results. Tse stosuєtsya vikoristannya zemlі i korisnih Kopalin, Zahist navkolishnogo seredovischa, sotsіalnih garantіy schodo mіnіmalnoї zarobіtnoї pay, trivalostі robochem day i pіdtrimki bezrobіtnih, polіtiki protektsіonіzmu of metoyu Zahist vnutrіshnogo market analysis, obґruntuvannya i realіzatsії Reigning programs, scho toil global significance for rozvitku Economy Kraina, regulyuvannya development of social infrastructure (protect health, culture) and vitality of the state, and pay attention to the exchange rate. Now it’s obvious that sovereignty regulating the economy of the economy is unbalanced and not guilty of giving the market a mechanic, and more than just wanting to spend more time on the most important things you need to do more.

Yak bachimo, sovereign regulation of the economy - more folding and bagatoaspektnoe show. In addition, it includes economic, legal and administrative regulators, which will ensure the active functioning of the economy and the social zhist population. The sovereign regulation of the Sylgoskospodarsky virobnitz is also the same as the regulator and the direct ones. In addition rozgornutomu traktuvannі pid CIM ponyattyam in Minds rinkovoї Economy rozumіyut ekonomіchnih system fіnansovih, Yurydychna legal, organіzatsіynih i sotsіalnih zahodіv, zdіysnyuvanih powers of metoyu zabezpechennya efektivnosti i stabіlnogo rozvitku sіlskogospodarskogo virobnitstva that Povny zabezpechennya population yakіsnim food for priynyatnimi rinkovimi tsіnami.

In protsesі d erzhavnogo regulyuvannya sіlskogospodarskogo virobnitstva zdіysnyuєtsya Ekonomichna pіdtrimka dohodіv agrarian tovarovirobnikіv s remark dwellers stink for normal gospodaryuvannya Mali neobhіdny rіven dohodnostі in Minds nespriyatlivoї rinkovoї kon'yunkturi and boule takozh materіalno zaіnteresovanimi lead sіlskogospodarske virobnitstvo in such obsyazі th an assortment produktsії that її yakostі , so that I can live and keep social stability stable.