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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B.2.6.3. The area of ​​the hourly capital gains of the suspension (the strength of the liquid suspension funds - the budget, the pension fund is thin) before the completion of the razrakhunkіv

At the government’s turnaround time, they spend hours on time koshti, as well as the power of the other suspension funds (on the basis of the national income and the fuss). Assigned koshti can be broken on such a group.

  1. A portion of the income of the population, as a result of paying the insured income, pay the income tax form 200 UAH.
  2. A portion of the income of the business of realizing products (goods), as well as the form of a donation for a realized bag (excise tax, a surcharge on income) should be paid up to 300 UAH.
  3. Chastina is a part of the government, which, under the law, is divided among the sovereign (municipal) budget and the descendants. To budget lay 15,000 UAH. Contributions to the most recent laws of the founding legislation: innovation and investment.

4. The Social Insurance Fund - 500 UAH.

5. Pension Fund - 250 UAH.

The balance sheet interpretation of the highlighted file is shown in Scheme B.2.4.

Scheme B.2.4

Balance Interpretation

Balance Interpretation