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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B.3.2.3. Groshovy koshtіv oblast

B. Region of groshikh koshtіv at kas_

The oblast object is pennies, which can be found in cash registers, oblikuyut for nominee. One obl_ku - nominal banknote.

Analytical region . The analytic region of grocery bills for cashiers will be in charge of physical persons, as well as for the operation of cash registers.

CASA is a self-structured structural unit of business, designations for cleaning and carrying out of retail sale. Materialnaya viddovaldnost for zbirigannya koshtіv and knowledge of cash transactions is paid to the cashier, with a certain contract to pay about the material vidpovidnalst form of zobov'yazannya kasir. Zobov'yazannya kasira zberіgatsya at the head accountant.

In deceitful vipads for a small oath of cash operations, it is permissible to allow robots from abroad, but they are not tied to roses.

The operating procedures shall be carried out in accordance with the procedure for the performance of any operations, establishments and organizations, having warranted the National Bank of Ukraine, having established an agreement for all business processes, setting and accepting

The rules governing the conduct of operations to protect the health of the monitoring of the discipline of the Caspian discipline, the police department.

It’s a penny to pay the hell out of a bankrupt bank account for paying the salary by paying the money, paying the money for the government, administering the first operation, and consuming it.

The Bank will establish a limit on the surplus of cash in cash, which is necessary for the payment of short-term vitrates. Ця готівка має зберігатися in cash. Gotivka is possible vitrachati tilka for these appointments, for the sake of which she was seen by the bank.

Ponad limit at the casino can be lost less than a penny, it is designated for payment. Unpaid three days a day from day one gaining pennies from a bank Sumi pay and pay mayu buty turn on a pink rachunok at the bank.

For adoption, protection and vitality of fine leather pribdpriyamstvo or organizatsiya povinnny materi okreme vidpov_dno possession of primitive - kasu.

Documentary execution of Kasovih operations. Kasovі operatsії health on the basis of paperwork.

Nadhodzhennya і the type of pennies with cash registers to draw up in kind and kind cash orders, as vipisuє accounting. I mean for pributkovyh orders, of whom, for a while, I’ve got a pretty penny, and for vidatkovyh, of whom, I’m for a while, I’m seeing a stink. In the orders, affix the same type of correspondent rachunka, on some of the cards there is an operation and valid documents, which have become a standard for folding orders (checks, advance calls, declare it thinly).

Pributkovі warrants may be written by the head accountant, and vidatkov - warrants and head accountant of the company.

Kasovi warrants until the end of the cash-desk were passed on to the accountant himself, and not through the person who I’m holding up to make pennies.

A cashier, having won with accounting kasovі warrants, to translate the correctness of their registration, referentiality and accuracy of signatures, supplements, transferring warrants. Pislya tsogo vіn priymaє any kind of pennies. The person who made a penny to the cash desk appears to be a receipt.

Gotivka і peremіshchennya pennies at kasі vidobrazuyutsya cashier at kasovіy books. Entries in ій to look around for a skin tidy and video order.

Usi kasovi warrants are written for the fourth week, kasir pidpisuє, and you will be given documents to them, so that you can remove the second vikoristannya, redeeming them with the stamp “Signed up” and putting down the date with a stamp.

Records from the books of books are better for copying, to be in two primaries (other primaries should be heard for the cashier). For example, a working day pidrakhovuyu piddumi turnovers after the arrival of a species of pennies and keep up the surplus on the current day. First-hand arches, right now, with cashier and pay-per-second warrants and attachment of rightful documents to them, cashier is transferred to the bookkeeping account in the cash book.

The accountant has the following: the correctness of the execution of Kasovih warrants and that of obruntuvannya; Visa entries in the books and statements of the surplus at the end of the day and against the sum of the skin summarize the code of the correspondent rakhunkіv.

Perelichimo nayvazhlivshim vimogi to the correct registration of the region of kasovih operations.

  • Negotiable recording of a leather and leather casino operation with a cash book, more often with a written book of books; task by cashier pid rozpisku to accounting kasovih documents.
  • Vipisuvannya bookkeeping for leather transaction of pay-as-you-go and kind-of-warrants, up-to-date information in the numbering and registration of the same value at the register before transmission for the next cash-out.
  • Redemption by the cashier with a special stamp of the documents, abi to save the malicious documents, secrecy to the repeated state of Victoria.
  • It was established by the order that you have the right to sign the documents, the presence of the cashier’s signature and the inadmissibility of the operation on the unwritten documents.

With my control, not more than once per month, you’ll need to transfer the money to cash, put the act.

The kerivnik pіdprimozhstva nespeed vidpovіdalnist for zbirigannya pennies, more correctly and more thoroughly ikh Vikoristan.

Kasova book є registry of the analitical region. Kasovі documents slіd brokurovati okremo vіd іshih accounting documents, stink of guilty mother self-numbered; when filling out such documents, to the accounting archives in the archives, to read the sign about accepting “Kasovih documents”.

Oblast kasovih operations in the system rahunkіv. For the region of operations and surplus of victorious casinos of “Casa”, recordings are based on the most recent arrivals of the cash book and the documents submitted to them for the sums per day (otherwise for a few days). On the whole market there is no way to rob the daily bookkeeping activities, as if they don’t stare at the picture of their operations (tearing away skinny). The accounting records may be accurately recorded in cash book entries. Tse neodmіnna umova for securing gothivka.

On decks "Casa" at the debit record the operations of pennies up to cash, and at credit - õх vibutty; the balance can be buttilki debit, which is the image of surplus of pennies in cash.

Behind the debit of the “Kasa” groceries, the correspondent with the “Grocers in banks”, “Revenues”, “Rosrachunks with private persons”, “Rosrakhunks with red debitors” raschosny skinny.

Entries for credit to the casino “Casa” are in good correspondence with the debit of the “Rozrakhunki for payment of pratsi”; “Rozrakhunki with pzvidnymi persons” (vidacha pidviznymi sums); "Rahunki at the bank"; "Zagalnovirobnichі vitrati"; "Administrative Vitrati"; "Vitrati on Zbut"; “Rosrachunks with winter debtors”; "Rozrahunki with insurance" skinny.

Caspian discipline control. The organization manager and the chief accountant may systematically control the maintenance of the discipline and the collection of pennies at the casino. Kerivnik pidprimstva was guilty not more than once for a month to commemorate a rapid revision of cash, pid hour of some ready-to-pay reinsurance (leather pack of mahuti rozkrit). Pislya pererki usіkh pributkovyh and vidatkovyh documents to see the surplus, a kind of sound from the ready.

Yakshcho pid hour revizii manifested inconsistency, then won’t be pulled off from kasira.

Pіdprimstvo zobov'yazane inadvertently submit poses schodo tightening unstable. As far as the revision of the surplus is concerned, then on the sovereign funds the stinks are paid to the budget. Tse issue this entry:

Debit of the ragunka "Casa"

Credit rahunka "Rosrakhunki on the highest operations".

In private enterprises, surpluses are borne by income. Then make out this entry:

Debit of the ragunka "Casa"

Credit rahunka "Finance income."