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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B. The area of ​​pennies, vidanich at pizviz physical persons

Pravdnym persons get involved in prazdivniki pidprimstva , yaki won a penny (advance payment) at pidvizit for carrying out operational-state grants, and also on service vidryadzhennya. Pennies, you can see them, you can have less money for those who need them, for the better they can see them.

The object of the oblast is groshi koshti, some kind of physical features for the health and operational vitrats (purchase of an item, a week of service and service).

Analytical region - I’ll be in charge of a dermal physical special environment for such characteristics: nickname, name and letter, designated pennies, terminology, for any kind of pennies.

Vidacha pennies at pidzvit. Grosch (goth_vkoyu) p_dvizhnim persons vidyayutsya from Kasi. Groshovi receipts for the purchase of souvenirs sumlessly from the rosunhunk rachunka in a jar to get rid of the amount.

Predictive individuals appear to be penniless on the basis of a written statement with the express permission of the owner of the loan for the appearance of additional accounting for those that are given a special small amount of bargaining according to earlier advances.

Zvitnist about Victoria Pislya povrenennya z vidryadzhennya aka vikonannya donoruchenny p_dviztna masha є stretch three days in advance pay advance call about vykoristannya zvyazku z vidryadzhennyam vidanih yom sum. The advance payment is reached: dedication to advance registration, executed in the established order (with instructions for vibration and arrival), open and prompt receipts, copy of commercial receipts, and more.

Advance accounting is rewritten, as I look at the correctness of its design and arithmetic code, so that on a daily basis, that is correctness and legality of vitality of the skin sum, which is assigned to the sound. About the transfer, try to write down on the advance payment form, after which you have left the shutter box. Settlement nevikoristanih sum pidvizna person rotate to cash registers.

For the region of the pooled sums, the rachunoks “Rozrakhunki with the pzvidnymi persons” are stiffened. At the debit of the whole rakhunka, sumi group, I can see myself at the list, and I’ve imagined the bargaining:

Debit of a rakhunka "Rozrakhunki z pidviznymi persons"

Credit rashna "Casa".

For credit rahunka oblikovuyut sumi vikonanikh vitrat (on the basis of advance calls and appended to them vspravdovuvualnyh documents):

For example, victorious pennies on video on the seminar of the proprietary character will be written:

Debit rahunka "Administrative Vitrati"

Credit rahunka "Rozrakhunki z pidviznymi persons."

As if you were penniless, we saw them at the dribbling day of the dear state materials, spare parts, stationery lane and documents, then scribble this record:

The debit of the ragunka “Syrovina” and “Materіali”

Debit of a rakhunka "Spare parts"

Debit of a rakhunka "Malotsіnnі that shvidkoznosuvany objects"

Credit rahunka "Rozrakhunki z pidviznymi persons."

On turnarounds, the surplus of non-vouched sums is special:

Debit of the ragunka "Casa"

Credit rahunka "Rozrakhunki z pidviznymi persons."