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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B. Oblіk rozrahunkіv with banks for borrowed loans

Foreign understanding. A loan is granted by banks at the time of the day and night, which are the actual amount, the organization, the budget and the population. The loan is seen in the minds of turning, terminology, security and paying interest for paying attention to it.

For term nadannya credits for a short, mid-dostgostrokov_.

Crediting for good health for posikovy rakhnukah.

We’ll work with the plan of the rachunkov to transfer two types of rakhunk for the regional posik bank: “Short-line posiki”, “Dovgostrokov poziki”.

A region of short-line poses . Korotkostrokovі posiki jar - tse posiki on lines to one rock.

Undertakings are corroded by short-term loans using this method: supply stocks of goods and materials; Seasonal Vitrati Virobnitzva; zagotіlva sіlskogospodarskoi syrovini; rozrahunkovі operations; Foreign credits (purchase of limited checkbooks; second-hand letters of credit).

For the region of gaining short-staked poses on the pink rachun, please write down the debit of the “Pink rachun” raskunka and the credit on the “Short-raked posiki” rakhunka.

As a rule, a bank having paid off the pechalka rachunas, so that it would be possible to operate without a rachrakhunka rakhunka, then you can see this poster in the form of an image in the debit of the razkhunka “Rosrakhunka with posters and contractors” and on credit “Korotochas.
Redeeming a credit card will go round the debit of the short-string "short-line poses" and the credit of the "Rosrahunk rachun" grocery store.

Oblіk mid-line and pre-line pozik jar . Have practical mid-row poses to the bank - all poses on the lines from one to three rock. With credit ан vitrati for new-generation technology and high-tech technology, for expanding technology, for developing new types of products so much.

Dovgostrokova credit to health banks on the lines від чотирьох і більше indicator.

I rejected my credit card account statement in the debit of the Rosrakhunkovy rakhunka and in the credit of the Dovgostrokovy posiki.

Repayment of the loan is reflected in the accounting records in the debit of the racket “Dovgostrokov_ posiki” and the loan rakhunka “Rosrakhunkovy rakhunok”.

The analytical region of credits is maintained for the species, the most designated and the line of rotation.