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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.

4.2.2. Yakіst product targeting

The system for ensuring that the product is secured by the product, which is compatible with the technical and technical achievements and the safety of the product. Vіdpravnі vimogi to the project to the product, dismissed the marketing knowledge of their prejudice, as it was said, it’s fixed in a short description. Creme, by the butt of the input can be buti:

  • Consume first time and that market;
  • Consume the first interested party;
  • spіvpratsya with a hitch;
  • We’ll help you to secure your first project and separate the product;
  • Zmіni vіdpovіdnyh legal and regulation vimog;
  • international standards and national standards;
  • industry norms and rules.

In order to further develop the project, thoroughly develop the time and creative team of the most successful designers, technologists, marketers and the most important companies. The procedure for cooperation with the public and the public, to take part in the projects on the other stages, to become familiar with the documents of the system of clothing. Such є programs, internal regulations for production, procedures, regulations on production, planting instructions.

The main supreme document for the project is the production of products є technical inventory (TK). It’s very easy to follow the results of the future science and pre-experimental and experimental robots, scientific forecasting, analysis of the advanced achievements of scientific and foreign industry. Technical specifications and economic requirements are established in TK for production, which means recognizing good power and effective stasis; indicate the transfer of technical documentation; the order of health and acceptance of the results of the TK. Zmіst technical zavdannya voznachuyut deputy and rozrobnik. In singing hitchhikers, the role of TK can be seen in the last document (agreement, application of the deputy, contract, protocol, etc.), changes by the parties for such, which may be necessary for the completion of the vimogie. Independently, the vimog is right now, the rosrobnik is guilty of curtailing respect for the vimogs of the bezpecs, bury the dovkill, and also on the ambush base of the policy of the bald pidprimstvo schodo yakostі. Dodatkovo is taken to respect the legislation of the territory of the country, de-transmitted products of the country.

The rozrobnik on the front page of the technical specifications and standards, so that I can relate to this type of product, I’m doing the necessary technical documentation. Можї it is possible to conduct, design, work, information. Vih_dnoy documentation vzvyazyut TK and a short marketing described virobu. Design documentation є technical presentation, preliminary design, technical design.

At this stage of the project, you will vibrate the ambush of constructive decision (the principle of incitement and encouragement). A new project is to blame for the mother’s sole designation, the main parameters and the overall dimensions of the Maybut virobu.

After an hour of development of a technical project, we’ll be able to theoretically and experimentally test the circuits and constructive solutions for the project. On the whole, it’s possible to carry out a detailed rewrite of the winter versions on the mock-ups of the special annexes. Pislya zakіnchenchennya tsikh robіt to work on clothes about the availability of Maybutnyo products.

I am working on the basis of working documentation ; I work, design, technology, maintenance and repair. Information documentation - catalogs, information about patent documents, expert cards, documentation and documentation. In addition, it seems that the design document for the virobot integration is the result of fundamental and applied applications, pre-design fragmentation, engineering and virological desks, healers, okremich vinokhodіv. An unavailable part of a set of technical documents є technical know how (TU) with up to specific types, brands, models of products. The whole document has the image:

1) technical vimogi, which means indicators of performance and performance characteristics of products (basic parameters and characteristics; characteristics and power; completeness, marking, type of packaging);

2) the rules of adoption;

3) methods of control (viprobuvan, analizu, vimiryuvan);

4) vimogs to transport and save;

5) instructions for exploitation;

6) the guarantor of the post-hack.

In order to ensure that the launch of a non-emergency product at the project hour is completed, the program will be periodically monitored and analyzed and evaluated. Stage and stage of periodic monitoring and evaluation of the project to lay down the type of novelty, complexity, and special features of the virology and the acquisition of products. Otsіnyuvannya project tsіlomu zdіysnyuє zamovnik, Money Does rozrobnik podaє OAO All neobhіdnі materіali: tehnіchne zavdannya project tehnіchnih minds abo standard konstruktorsku, tehnologіchnu that іnshu tehnіchnu the documentation and takozh zvіt about the result viprobuvan, INSHI materіali scho pіdtverdzhuyut tehnіchny rіven, konkurentospromozhnіst, bezpechnіst that Ecological products, up-to-date experimental tests of the product. From now on, designing and dividing a product into a product is a matter of complete processes, and I will re-create the images for the given specifications, but for the documentation of the technical description of the product.

Pislya Uzgodzhennya TU chi the standard for products to repair the development of the Russian virobnitz. You have an hour at the factory with the help of a special rozrobnik zdіsnyuє complex entrance with the production technology and training for personnel for the launch of products with stable performance indicators. Obov'yazkovo held kvalіfіkatsіііnі viprobuvannya zrazkіv production of first-hand industrial parties. Vibration policy, which is important for the main parameters of the products, due to the technological technology, do not go beyond the permissible limits, so as to ensure that you have the necessary virobility.

Thus, the system of Yakostі maє transmission:

1) plan of work with project;

2) a complex of calls іz zapobіgannya for pardons at the project;

3) conversion of the project to the project of vimogs;

4) periodic analysis of all components in the project;

5) analysis of readiness to live production;

6) control over the project’s winter;

7) repetition of products.

Preparing the product for the product is very easy, the technological process is in full and the whole element is healthy, the product is provided with the most technical documentation. We would like to reassign such items of equipment, such as ownership, materials and complete parts, technological equipment, tools, virological personnel, additional materials, technical documentation, and virology. The system of safety management of all the elements of the radio, so that the control and reduction of the elements at the mill. I especially respect the need to come to viral processes, as well as formulate the parameters of the products.

Managing the viral processes of the local zdryamovane for secure care products for the hour of the whole day. For the entire operation, the requirement is to provide detailed documentation and documentation of the operating instructions. Relocating the product’s products, process, software protection, materials, and any viral environment at the most convenient points of the environment. Technological processes are converted to adaptability for the production of products that are installed in technical specifications. The greatest effect is to reach out for the statistical regulation of technological processes.

In the district of virobnitsvah, the great desire is to add such materials and additional materials, such as water, calm down, power supply and electrical products. Usі tsі materialі takozh pіdlyagayut postіnіі perevіrtsі. Remaining obov'yazkovo bite and I will become a virologic treasure (temperature, vologіst, purity).

Launching materials from the viral industry and the complete virobi require less information to convert to standard specifications. In the process of viral resources, it is necessary to have the regular order of security and seizure for the purpose of providing functional functionality. The stability of the virological process is ensured by the fragmentation of the prophylactic and technical service programs.

Having infused the system of preparing virobnitz to the efficiency of a new product

Fig. 28. Introducing the system of preparation of virobnost to the effectiveness of a new product

Obov'yazkovymi elements of the system may have a buty control that viprobuvannya ready-made products, as well as the conversion of virobnitzva. The system is based on the statistics of statistical methods of control over the world, is available for analysis, analysis, testing is one of the most important characteristics of the products (services) and their identification is established. The system is guilty of protecting the products as well as for the installation, installation, distribution, installation, and installation of components and components. For the whole reason, you need to get the necessary resources: come in: technical consultations, first-hand staff, some kind of maintenance, I’m folding technical maintenance and maintenance and repair; Now and in the total obligation to reserve spare parts skinny. What is the best way to ensure the safe preparation of a new product є zasosuvannya іnnovatsіynyh technology (Fig. 28).