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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.

4.3. Advanced system management

Reservation of the systems of visibility at the time of business - one of the changes of mind is the form of the market mechanism, the harmonization of the day and the world economy. All this is especially important when you get the feeling that you have gone through the whole transition of total management ( TQC ) to total (all-inclusive) management - TQM. As soon as the first step of the transfer is controlled, the method is set up by the installation of the controls on the basis of the control, then TQM includes the control of the method and the control by the VIMOGs themselves. ТQM is based on a systematic approach to developing practical skills, methods and methods of effective management of consumer goods for satisfying the living needs, which are constantly limited. Tseyamok dyalnostі spriaє pіdvishchennuyu productivity of virobnitsva, and the very same: uusuvannyu defective products; product design; expedited delivery and lower product availability. From now on, the initial strategy of TQM is all the same to the satisfaction of consumers. Such a form is the form of a warehouse of service items for a third party in total management and transfer of the fate of the skin prince at the vicenary (Fig. 30).

Obligations of the third party in total management iakostі

Fig. 30. Obov'yazki vishchogo kernіvnіstva in total managementі yakostі

The basis of technology management is based on the vidomy “Shukhart-Deming cycle ”, which can be stored up with several stages - the last stages, which are necessary to ensure that they are correct and effective until the problems are more clear (Fig. 31)

  • Plan (plan);
  • Come around (do);
  • Control Abo Vivchay (chek or study);
  • Come around the corridors (action).

Fig. 31. Head warehouses for the management cycle in TQM

Head warehouses for the management cycle in TQM

In the newer versions of the ІСО standard homeland 9000: 2000, the Shukhart-Deming cycle was introduced without interruption in the text of ІСО 9001 and 9004 standards.

Згідно з біліфонісією TQM Effectiveness of management of the yakistyu to lay down in three heads of minds:

  • glybokogo rosumіnnyh as a special planting seed for special consumption in permanent food;
  • investuvannya not in possession, but in people;
  • rebuilding or special organization structures for total management.

Berserk zagalom, it is possible to say that TQM stock up on such elements:

  • QA - safeguard;
  • Qpolicy - politics of jakosti;
  • Qplanning - plan Yakostі;
  • QI - Polypresence Yakostі.

Security in TQM allows you to choose the right access system, which can be used to optimize the availability of products. Vіdpovіdno suttvo zrosta і the role of people and orientation to staff. There is a greater number of certified posters for the higher certification systems for higher standards of ISO 9000. There are active methods for evaluating the number of posters, for which there are a lot of ratings. There is great respect for coming as well as for processes, for soaking up for being so called 5M:

Men - people (information, motivation, qualification, goal, labor collective);

Machine - machines (possessing, prisosuvannya, tools);

Fig. 32. Fasting the Yakost

Material - materials (purchased sirovin, parts, products, complete sets of virobi);

Method - a method (organization systems, style of technology, technology);

Mileu - middle ground (think for praci).

Polypropagation of the graphical virazi (Fig. 32) is the transfer of the postal progression of the cinnamon authorities of the products.

In this rite, vseosyazhne upravlіnnya yakіstyu - tse kontseptsіya, yak peredbachaє vsebіchne, tsіlespryamovane, skoordinovane zastosuvannya systems i metodіv upravlіnnya yakіstyu access in all areas dіyalnostі - od doslіdzhen that konstruktorskih rozroblen to pіslyaprodazhnogo obslugovuvannya - for uchastі kerіvnikіv i sluzhbovtsіv usіh rіvnіv of efektivnosti vikoristannyam tehnіchnih mozhlivostey. Yasna rich, what is the concept of TQM? Yes, I’ve stated more about the following: go to the warehouse of all the warehouse management, security and maintenance in the practice manager. Leather country is guilty of vibrating its national hat to the highest quality products. Zrozumіlo, shvito sovtovtovarstvo opratyuvalo bagato of universal methods and approaches, vikoristannya some can help the countries of Ukraine to reach the optimum opportunity of their own opportunities, more, of all sorts of opportunities. The classic class has been filed in tab. 16.

Table 16






Management Yakіstyu

Process control

Kerivnitsvo staff

Resource management

Viznachennya understanding yakostі


Team Kerivnik

Program vitrat on Yakіst

Politics Yakostі

Statistical Control Methods

Zagalne go with food safety bakery

Weekend Control Indicators

Back to the staff

Mozhlivostі processes

Organizational group pracіvnikіv

Vartisny indicators

Vzaimovidnosini with internal friends

Razv'yazuvannya technological problems

Methods i need motivation

Conservation of resources

Systems Yakostі

Conscious process

Z'єdnuvalnі lanka

Polishennya on the middle of the middle

"Jackets Yakostі"

Analysis of the nature and insight of the stage project (FMEA)

Theory of Intensification

Pratsya for the principle “exactly at the lines” (LT abo “kanban”)

Methodi Taguchi

Those on stage virobnitztva

Підвищення кваліфікації


Yak vidomo, yak_zhit wait for the bucket of the functional hour, a yak postіyno koriguє vimogi until it survives that suspension. At 90 years of the 20th century, the influx of suspension was significantly overpowered by investment, and the rest seemed to be more and more vulnerable to suspension of interest. This led to the establishment of the standard of ISO 14000, so that you can install vimogs to the systems of management, which is why I need to save the security and safety products. First of all the ambiguous standards in group terms with the group names "Management Systems for the Middle Ages" and "Establish a Good Environmental Audit" were blamed on 1996 rock. Ukraine 1997 fate has deferred the standard of voluntary. Standards of Serial ІСО 14000 are attached for any organization. For the sake of generality, the terminology itself is explained by the following terms: organization - the whole company, company, organization, authority body, installation, functionality, legal rights, legal rights, without any rights to them, Mayu adminstratsiyu. The very idea of ​​managing systems is to preserve the sum of standard ІСО 9000 and ІСО 14000 standard. The control system is the first and middle one, as well as the old part, the organization is included in the plan environmental policy. This means that the organization will constantly shave the mustache for a minimal amount of fuel for dovkill. Certification of the systems of visibility for standard 14000 standards is no less popular, lower for standard ISO 9000 standards (Fig. 33).

The model of the management system by navigator

Fig. 33. The model of the management system by navigator

Ров ISO 14000 standard requirements can help the deputies to be more productive in environmentally friendly, organic products, as long as the concept of socially-ethical marketing is clearly discouraged. In addition, I’m grateful for the opportunity to do the same, have access to a wide range of services, have access to the market, receive a limited amount of goods, and often go to the next part of the goods.