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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B. System of synthetic rahunkіv

For the region of the main concerns, such synthetic rachunks have been transmitted:

No. 10 “Main interests” - designations for the region of manifestation and the main needs of the community, which are no longer needed for maintenance, but in reserve, for conservation. Mainly concern yourself with the first charity vidnovlyuvalnuyu vartіstyu.

On the rakhunka number 10, there are the main areas of concern:

  • land dіlyanki;
  • capital vitrati for land acquisition;
  • equip the booths;
  • machines that possess;
  • transport hassle;
  • Instruments, attach that inventory;
  • shy and productive thinness;
  • bagatorіchnі nasadzhennya;
  • The main thing is.

The surroundings of the main group of regions are governed by the title “All non-returnable assets”, rakhunok No. 11. For the whole region, there are regional basics:

1. Bibliothec funds.

2. Small non-negotiable material assets.

3. Timchasov’s untitled equipment.

4. Natural resources.

5. Inventory packaging.

6. Rental items.

7. Intensive non-reverse assets.

No. 13 “Import of non-current assets”, “Import of major interests” - designations for the depreciation (amortization) of the principal arrears in the process of transferring a product to a new product. Three subrachunas have been transferred to the whole rahun:

  • drift of the main concerns;
  • znos іshih non-current assets;
  • znos nematerialnyh assets.

The area of ​​the middle subraunk is maintained between the okremich groups of the main virobiotic groups of the galusic designation, the main services of the statehood and the main non-viral main groups, as well as of their species class.

Repair of the main problems, the occurrence of the nature of the nature of the building on the winter rachunah.

For the region of actual costs due to major repairs of the main problems, including maintenance, reconstruction and modernization, modernization is awarded to the “Capital investment” slider. In the accounting region (it is irreplaceable that the norms of the new legislation are in place), the primary interest in the main interests is to save more on the amount of expenses, due to the fact that they need modernization, improvement, renovation, and renovation. Victoria.

Expenditures on overhaul repair, installation of small amounts of work, especially for the maintenance of economic and social services, the first sight of the city, the most important, the most expensive and costly .