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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.

5.3. Marketing security of the innovation business

The flow of innovation for the minds of globalization of economic and economic interests is superimposed on the sutures of the unimportantness of the traditional middleware of industrial enterprises (Table 23).

Table 23


Stage of development of unstable systems

Etapu Characteristic

Scale of instability, bal_v



Podіb peredbachuvanі

Zmіni sovnіshnogo treasure v_dbuvayutsya completely

Maybutnє forecast for analogy with min



Reaction to problems

Compliance in the range of extrapolation

Zmіni sovnіshnogo treasure v_dbuvayutsya completely

Maybutnє to be predicted for the analogy of the past by any means by way of extrapolation




Submission in the range of extrapolation to the benefit of obvious analogies at the past

Zmіni sovnіshnogo treasure v_dbuvayutsya shvidko

Predictable folding problems and new ways of extrapolation




Pod ї non-transferring, ale may analogy in the past

Zmіni zvneshnogo middleware vdbuvayutsya fast and vidrezhayut reaction of pidprimstv

Forecasting for weak signals, messing around folding problems and new ones




Unforgettable and new news

Zmіni zvneshnogo middleware vdbuvayutsya fast and vidrezhayut reaction of pidprimstv

Mayboot is often predicted for weak signals; otherwise, it’s unpredictable


From now on, the annual innovation of the business cannot be successful without a clear and unbiased system of information and an internal business environment. The leaders of such information are changing their minds for quick reaction to all micro and macro, operational upgrading of the product range and technology, and the dynamics of consumer demand for a large group of 45 innovative products.

The system of marketing marketing information for the protection of food innovation

Fig. 45. The system of marketing marketing information for the protection of food innovation

The information system for securing innovative food projects in warehouses is stored in materials of the most common economic camp, a bank of science and technology and patent marketing, as well as marketing results.

The first information, which is the sign of the exalted economic camp, є:

  • Documents about product sales and sellers and product sales;
  • accounting sound;
  • briefcase;
  • kіlkіsnі indicators of the fragmentation of new and old age old virob;
  • the results of scientific studies and the results of which are brought to the stage of the latest design robots, the selection of the latest versions and the standard virology;
  • indicators I will become a vidnosin with purchasers and with competitors.

Scientific and technical, patent and marketing information, which should be promptly and temporarily secured for innovative activities, systematized for warehousing, values ​​in the table. 24.

Table 24


Type of information


Stage Victoria

Science and technology

Інформація щодо trendy development of singing technology


Investment project

Description of the technology of possible virobnitstva

Characteristics of the period of moral old ob'єktіv technology

Vidomosti about the new science-and-technology reach and NDKR

Vidomosti schodo standardization and certification


Kіlkіst and zmіst patentsіv


Zdіsnennya marketingovyh doslizhen (assessment of marketing strategies rivals)


Indicators of technical rivia and direct development of technology

Indicators of patentability and patent cleanliness



Market structure

Market marketing

Market segment of consumer goods

Popit indicators

Commodity Impulse

Competition Stan


Competitive Goods Comrade Deputy

Warehouse postachalnik

Foreign economic trends

Trends galuzі development

Zakіnchennya tab. 24

Type of information


Stage Victoria

Business-information and competitiveness and possible partners

Zagalna information, financial rating


Poshuk partners

Assets and Passive Firms, turnover, oath of sale, profit and vitrati skinny

Payment and analysis information (terminology; payment payment)

regional statistical

Population census results


Virobnitstvo products

regulatory, legal

Vidomosti about legislation and normative acts and practicalities are more practical

Postіne vikoristannya

Infrastructure Turna

The number of organizations and the warehouse, the number of which is directly related to the technological innovation of innovation

Jerela Investuvannya

In the Republic of Kazakhstan, practically all kinds of information marketing are provided for the protection of the innovation and business activities of the community. It’s the basis for active participation in marketing for a brand new product. Marketing care for such recent steps.

Stage of evaluation and selection of promising ideas for new products. In order to keep up with the detailed vivchennі naystіykіshogo element market - consumer - for such storage:

1) z'yasovutsya, who is ready to cry a penny for satisfying singing consumption, so that the top officials of the segment of the maybutny market are identified;

2) vivachayutsya prospect and consume alternatives її satisfaction;

3) a good analysis of the idea of ​​a maybutny product on the availability of socially negative officials who might have been able to change the name of the product;

4) to become ready for the market for goods, which can be tackled by ambushes of a new idea, as well as the ability to penetrate a Maybut viroba (especially traditional) from a new sphere of vikoristan;

5) vivchaєatsya vіdpovіdnіst іideї goods zagalnogaluzevim trends;

6) undertake, with respect, the ignorance of the resource security of the material and new ideas;

7) to evaluate the dominance of the top authorities of a new product to the vimogs and the manifestations of the current living values ​​(Fig. 46).

Головні officers official form values ​​of a new product

Fig. 46. ​​Golovnі officials formality of values ​​of a new product

This means that the effectiveness of the idea and the idea of ​​whether you are looking for it, more often than not, is to spiral over the obedient laws of technical development and sufficient resource protection.

Assessment of the prospect of the idea of ​​new products, as a rule, of an expert group, marketing specialists, economy and currencies of top managers are included in the warehouse. By the method of third-party в foreclosure ’, the propositions beyond the criteria of the overall market, the minds of the competitive market, and the primary market are not far away. To be taken as a matter of fact, to respect the hour and vitrati for fragmentation and assimilation of the product by virobnitsvom, yogliva zlina, shvidkіst payback and this criterion (Fig. 47).

By headache in creative work teams є the complexity of one-time testing of significant number of criteria and labor procedures for evaluating the number of different indicators. Bazhano, shchob kіlkіst tsih sobuchen vіdpovіdala umovі:

S = (57) n ,

de S - number of indicators;

n - number of indicators.

Zrozumіlo, scho chіter criteria є є тов є тов тов тов ними,,,, кот,,, arguments, suggesting expert advice hour, to talk about the importance of the indicators and the sound of them. Formalization of the process of the foregoing assessment is reached by the countries of the quantitative methods in accordance with the rating of the ideas for new products (Table 25) [37].

Criteria Filtered Ideas for Innovative Products

Fig. 47. Criteria of filtering of innovative products

Table 25


Vimogi to the new product

Vagovі kofofіtsієnti

The average assessment of experts for the seven-point scale

Assessment rating (gr. 2? Gr. 3)





Original Idea




Optimum spіvvіdoshennya "price / yakіst"




Vartі marketing security and payload




Strong competitiveness




Vіdpovіdnіst galuzі




The appropriateness of witty dzherel of material and technical security




At once




For the results of the rating assessment and the standard rating scale, all new and good products are unpromising (rating scale 0.00-1.50), long-term prospects (rating scale 1.51-3.50), perspective (rating scale 3.51-7 , 00). Remain to include at the front of promising ideas, skin and skin, with an additional report. For the sake of giving you the opportunity to make it easier for you to reveal a new product, a certain opportunity can be reserved for the market, and another way of marketing protection is the innovative business - a fragmentation of the new concept .

Marketers of the country of Kazakhstan with a widespread economical economy to respect, but now that they are science-based and fragmented concept of a new product, I can help you to improve your chances of success. Itself at this stage, a system of powerful organizations is being formed, the staff of the company are strictly aware of the concept of a new product, which is significant for the current form. At the best price, the simplified conceptualization of the concept of a new product is based on a comprehensive assessment of such officials:

  • addressing of the living segment, for which goods are being goods;
  • vіdpovіdnіst yakіsnih parameters_v product vimogam segment;
  • the sum of Maybut goods і from the middle of the yogi funktsіonuvannya;
  • Golovnі moving a new product over competing goods;
  • transfer of information in the system to the development of a new product and the development of a system;
  • імовірні lines the appearance of a new product on the market;
  • possible negative accruals of virobnitztva, zbutu and vikoristannya goods (ecologic, social);
  • zagalny vitrati on a fragmentation, virobnitstvo і zbut goods;
  • predicted prices, income and profits.

From now on, the concept of a new product is organically based on the element of the universal algorithm for evaluating the market for a new product and indicators of competitiveness of the product. The concept is based on the same fragmentation and front rose. As a matter of fact, go about fundamentally new consume any kind of comrade, then it is more than usual to stiffen your analysis for analogy. Great is the importance of professional proficiency and form for the creative team, a kind of concept. As a rule, such a team is about the best practice of the state of the art. At your creative work group, you need to have expert feedback, you can get special feedback from the company, as well as international consultants.

For goods, the concept of which is clearly the most promising from a commercial perspective, to financially improve and fix them without delay.

At this stage, the fragmentation and development of the previous report, the marketing service is available for the latest news from the Nelsen matrix, the MDA consulting group, and a similar analitical device. In addition, it is specified to be clarified and corrected before the transfer of the liability to the goods and the parameters of the product. From the world to the next, I want to get closer to marketing and marketing to get more information about the competitiveness of the Maybout product, which is safer and more optimal for the second and second time. Dosvіd zakordonnih companies zvіdchuє, schoh with a bit of hassle-wise, breaking up to this point the goal of reaching the last sight is too little to reach, and without any time to market - only one. As soon as the hopelessness of a new product is reached, then the smaller will be the difference in the appearance of a commercial failure on the market.

Urakhuvannya all officials who want to absorb on the commercial perspectives of an innovative product, reach out to the best with the help of situational marketing analysis, which is worthwhile for such strains [27].

Underlying characteristic:

  • it is possible that the Persians have three rockies for sale;
  • in-competition
  • Competitive;
  • Mistkіst market;
  • rivine of necessary capital deposit at the virobnitstvo;
  • patent zahist;
  • rivie ryziku ryvnya commercially effective export.

Rinkova characteristic:

  • market conditions and trends for the remaining five years;
  • the characteristic of the firm competitive product is more characteristic;
  • possible trivial life cycle of a firm product;
  • setting the right to the right moment and the first time for positive moments for successful delivery of a new product to the market;
  • infusion of seasonal officials on the goods;
  • emotsionny vliv product to the buyer.

Virobichnaya feature:

  • the possibility of a gray newsletter of a new product and a similar arrangement of such a garment;
  • change of labor, so that you can set up a new product for organizing a new product;
  • availability of access to all necessary material resources;
  • the manifestation of the necessary engineering and technical principles and robotic qualifications;
  • the ability to use the product for competitive prices;
  • zovnіshnіy viglyad goods.

Market test product:

  • trivial termіnіv otrimannya results_v testuvannya;
  • kіlkіst mіsts, de yogo treba conduct;
  • name mіsts, scho conduct tests in them;
  • the ability to save competition for the test.

We have a large number of marketing opportunities for securing the sale of a new product, in order to present a new product of the market. Zrozumіlo, right now I know that there are new products, especially winter goods, which are based on new science-related products, which require you to fix them earlier. Utility of the same type of demand will be required for innovative types (for example, retro innovations: Volkswagen-Beetle is a new generation, but it is possible to buy a new model of a 40-rock model). Dії marketing services (and the most advanced advertising campaign) before earning on the cob, selling an innovative product on the market is based on the nature of the past season. For the price of the new product, they can be divided into three groups.

  • Smooth innovation. Appearance of such goods will not require a special match with the customer and no reason for remembering the required behavior. For example, a fountain pen with a pivot rod is the innovation of a fountain pen for the principle of a cultural pen for design. Presentation of such innovative marketings can be made available immediately hourly for sale. Advertising for goods smoothly іnnovatsії zoseredzhuє respect on іхніх yakіsnih abo wartіsnih redevelopment.
  • Dynamo Innovation. Such a comrade will demand the same sound procedures as the special and special training of the Koristuvach. A dynamic innovation can suttuly push into a well-behaved behavior. For example, substitute plates with compact discs ина dynamically іnnovatsієyu. Reservation of such innovations is preceded by an ear sale of goods and super sales by an active advertising campaign with the promotion of items on May.
  • The cardinal innovation is a whole new, unknowingly earlier need. Provision of such innovation needs to be dealt with with the highest possible benefits. Zusilla is a marketer who wants to go to the middle of the information about the product and the need for overcoming the innovative product. Advertising is not only necessary, but the first time you’ve changed your phone’s store, so that you can add goods. Allow yourself, for example, on personal computers, video cameras, phone and phone calls.

Ozhe, marketing security with a wide range of superconducting services; the whole process of product innovation. The scheme of order and that of the marketing of their business is presented in Fig. 48.

Marketing the security of a product innovation project

fig. 48. Marketing protection of a product innovation project