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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B. Obl_k formvannya element_v costs

B. Region of the element of material costs

Material costs for virobnitstvo for greater state thanks є the best suttuvimi. Їх of the pitoma of the vaga in the community is 75–80% in the middle one, and in the case of devious gallows, on the other hand, it is more than 90%.

At the right moment, encourage the accounting department of material vitrates к ї к к к к к лас лас та о о о о о о о о о о о о о о о лас лас Classification of the transfer of items is nomenclature, and evaluation is the value of the regional price for the flow area and actual sales. Without the same virchisnyh, the food supply is rational, the pobudova oblast Vitrat virobnitstva is practically impotent, especially in the minds of EOM zososuvannya.

Classification and the development of items may be carried out behind two lines: economically and technically. Vibir to a method of an estimation to lay down vіd іzіnny minds, at yak pratsyu those chіnshe statehood.

On the basis of classification and valuation nomenclature-price tags are formed .

For the area of ​​material costs, the most recent is the Maybut product. The same materials approve the substance of the Maybut product, praxis, and the same way as the additional material for the addition of color, color, and payload of protection. At the same time, it is irreplaceable to view the material for the process of accounting for the accounting department for the process of cost element of expenses. In the first few seasons at the first place I can identify the characteristics of materials, on the basis of which I signify the characteristics.

You can learn about the characteristics of materials, especially those at the stage of the regional process, and at the same time you will have to use the front cover for the cost items for the first time (for example, use materials for cars).

Basically, encourage the region of materials є х х х к к к к характеристика характеристика характеристика характеристика характеристика характеристика характеристика характеристика характеристика характеристика характеристика характеристика характеристика характеристика характеристика характеристика характеристика характеристика характеристика характеристика, є є є ник ник ник ник у у у у у у у перв перв перв перв перв перв перв у у у у у у у у у у у у у у у у у у у у у у у у у у у у у у у у у у у х у у у у у у у у у.

An important moment is to incentivize the material costs of virobnitz є vidokremlennya understand the "cost". In the economic literature, we’ll give you more understanding of the process, but if you don’t allow it, you can correctly formulate the normative area of ​​vitrates for the treatment. Persh for all the following vidrіznati understand "vitrati zi warehouse" and "spend at virobnitsvy". Vitrati from the warehouse - transfer from the warehouse to the materials for the virology process - may mean the transfer of the goods to the comori, the warehouses are skinny, but the launch of the materials to the virology processes, the process itself is necessary.

Thus, Vitrati does not have a warehouse є expenses for virobnitstvo. At the same time, it’s not necessary to pay for viola- tic products, for example, to sell products, to get to the product, to get rid of the process, to complete the process, to complete the product, ін.

Rosmezhuvannya to understand the idea of ​​the need for pre-documented design of all of these retail outlets for the visa and the actual product of the actual product. It is especially important to have a moment for the normative region that is at a time of constant EOM.

Vidacha (vidpusk) in the warehouse at the virological process, at the shop can be used and the sound materials and the space are not connected with the virological process.

In deceitful galleys (especially in a cold, hot), a start-up in a warehouse can be started with a launch in a viral processing process in the hour, so in the open.

The documentary design of the type of warehouse (for transmission) of the virobnitzvo is to lay down the particularities and the nature of the technology, organization of the virobnitz and the alternative. Please wait for the document process to save your money for the norms (koshtorisu, quotas) in the course of the technological process for the winter and the minimum for the shortest technological cycle.

I have clear view and see the form for registration of the transfer, but for the start of delivery of materials from the warehouse: overlaid, collected cards, collected sheets, limited and collected sheets, small sheets. As soon as a viewer has a warehouse to be stored at the moment of transfer (start-up) at the virological process, then at this time I won’t store the document.

In the dear clauses of the virology, the transfer of materials from the virological process is made out for the virologic sound: in teams, workshops, workshops. These sounds have the following indicators: surplus on the cob of a robot's servo (abo doby), caring for a servant (dobu), transfer to technological processes (tobit the actual vitrati), redeemed write-off of the sirovini and surplus on kinoets the servant (doby). In addition, there are a lot of indications about the strength and flexibility of the products.

In the case of virology, behind a vignette of the latest and experimental, the costs are regulated by the prescription, normative cards and the same documents. In deaky vapes, it’s allowed to rob one’s mother’s mother’s souls. Such a fact of design registration with a special document for a deputy.

The number of input and output items transferred to the legal process of material and speech costs and the total number of finished products, for the maintenance of the technical parameters of the viral Stink hardened at the norms of the appearance of the finished product.

At such a rate, enter the perch for all zamіni. In addition, in the process of virology, there may be a different appearance: unpaid, amended, as well as a change in the schedule, unplanned, unplanned

In devious virological organisms of nature, there may be a slight change in the transmission parameters of the virological processes. Documenting the quality of life is impotent, after a vignette of crude technological destruction. Tsі vіdhilennya vnaznachayutsya by the method of techno-economic rozrahunku. So much for health on the basis of material balances (balance of dry specks, starchy skinny).

Material and speech elements, so that they don’t translate from the finished product and are located at the higher stages of the technological process, are incomplete virobnitstvo.

First documents ABOUT INSURANCE NATIONAL REGIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT TRANSFERRED MATERIAL PROCESSES ABOUT TRANSFERRING PROCEDURES These characteristics are: for directional vitrat - the center of the primary form for elements vitrat (product, structural pyrodrome, type of vitrat); about the nature of the presentation to the standards (between the norms, the standard norms, or the rules of the society).

On the basis of these documents, I can store the fallow due to the occurrence of technical problems in the house, and machine tools about the form of costs. I can help you in regards to another way - cost and cost overruns.

The main goal of the financial region of the virological process is the recognition of the new product of this virobnic sobartost. In most cases of virology, there is no need for materials for viola- tions, but it doesn’t mean that control over their Vikings is secured. When transferring materials from the virological process, you can establish the most appropriate and highest standards (quotas, koshtorisu to skinny), prote for evaluating the materials from the virological process of the whole lack. To this end, establish a regional ruku of materials, and first for all the main ones, as the basis (substance) of the Maybut product.

However, the region and the control of materials in the process of technological process for the lack of benefits. Use the same parameters, so that you need to know how to form your part and not be out of place, but in the field of operations, technological phases, transfers, between the brigades, the workshop is thin.

To incentivize the regional rukhu materials at the process of virology, we are organizing a model of organization . When formalizing a model of advanced technology and organizing specific features of a specific virology, I put it into three parts (this): the cost element, the transformation part of the cost and the cost of the item -

In the case of skin technology specialties, virology is necessary to recognize operations, which can be taken as a basis for not less than the maximum, and the first parameters for the acquisition of the latest characteristics.

In addition, to incentivize the organizational model of the cost area, you can take horizontal and vertical form vidnosin vidpovidnogo pidrozdіlu and encourage technology.

In this way, to encourage a specific model of the region of performance on a singing program, you can do the following: view the document list, review the document flow chart, review the procedure, see the norms (quotas, koshtorisu)), as well as see the industrial regional complexes of the group of indirect vitrates for their species, the method of distributing indirect vitrates, the completion of the unfinished virobi flowers, estimates of the products, part-time products, as well as the method of drawing up the proper self-registration criteria of the public opinion.

Independently, the form of the organization of the process of the business and the nature of the technology of the cost area may be as follows, in the system order on the racks of the accounting department, you can have data on the actual types of products, between the various products. Prior to prompting the regional vitrat, lay down the scheme for the interchange of technological and planning-regional parameters in the virological process.