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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.

6. Development of virobnitstva and zbutu

At the final stage, a detailed plan for creating a new product will be explored. With the help of this method, the Dzherela is secured by materials, components, possessions, working armchairs, and the launch of goods from the building. On the whole, this is a bagato virobnikіv to be taken into account by the principle of "Rob your hands". Establishment of the principle of transferring the introduction of cardinal payments to a few of the most important spheres: inventory management, distribution of ownership, interchange of postage, as well as internal virology. Pratsya with the post-overshoots of the complete set of viral and material transfer control and analysis of supreme documents, and the necessary procedures for incoming control. The water hour will be clarified by the fact that the prospective vimogs to the products are evaluated. The reason for this is due to the necessary requirements for servicing serviced products at the same time and (at times) for the servicing staff to operate the rules.

Pratsya with the most important services to stop eating:

  • vivchennya of opportunities vikoristannya wise and visnozhennya neobhodimy promising and more advanced technological processes;
  • secured goods and services with specified specifications.

Thrilling process technology with a permanent warehouse of high-quality virobnitz. Changes in productive sprijє conduct effective marketing policy. The main officials of the new efficiency of new products are shown in fig. 61.

The main steps for speeding up the development of new technologies

Fig. 61. The main steps for speeding up the development of new technologies

The development of goods with urahuvanny vidomikh vimog and latent consumers ож especially important for ni, if virobnitstvo goods in mustache is more recruited є sign of other (single). To that head straightforwardly increasing the number of technological processes to get involved in the recovery of non-rigid virologic systems (DHW). Such systems can become more profitable (for third parties) possession of a numerical programmable control (CNC), robotic technology complexes, silent viral modules, and one can automatically operate systems that are fully operational.

Gnuční virobiční systems can have a healthy life until the automated sizing for vigotivleniya virobіv dovіlno nomenclature. On the other hand, in order to have a higher education institution, the hot water supply to protect the products in small batches, the nomenclature and liabilities can be significantly reduced to the maximum size of the segment. DHW are stored iz from such p_dsystems:

  • automated technological system, such as main technological operations;
  • Automated transport and storage p_system, which is why I need to save, storage, saving, hourly delivery, distribution and delivery of necessary warehouse products and technological equipment;
  • the transport system has been automated, for which it is possible to relocate materials, workpieces, accessories, complete sets of equipment, parts, tools and equipment, and also equipped with automatic equipment;
  • the warehouse system has been automated, so I will keep in mind that I’m in charge, save money and save for normative problems, have a look at the range of blanks, fill in factory parts, complete sets of ready-made parts, do not have to pay for the need for free shipping;
  • the control system is automated; before a warehouse is entered, it is necessary to include computing technology and software protection.

Reservation of the hot water supply at the time of the promislovosty є one from the head changes of mind її updated and more comfortable.

Come in and go out immediately: go through advertisements to service servants.

Strengthened the need to go through the lines, how much could be done to create a new product, pay off more, so that you can spend more time and compete in the new market. Dosvіd provіdnih companies, so that I can folding folding technology, to know what I need to know at that time on the design work, we can bring up to two times more profitable business. Significantly short term and non-technical requirements for computer-aided design systems (CAD) and silent virobic systems (GVS).

With the mind-changing mindsets of the commercial success of an innovative product орган it’s also organically and unbalanced by the efficient science-to-business robots, marketing and marketing. I’m committed to actively interacting and interested people, to take part in the development, to be creative in the creative team of a strong leader, and to have sufficient financial resources. Non-affiliates may also have a clear understanding of the value of the innovative business, the presence of the latest business plans at the enterprise.

What is the meaning of a faster pace of globalization and a greater role for innovation in the competitiveness of goods? I can significantly increase the role of channels in the successful realization of new technology products. It is possible to reach the forefront of the vibrator type of merchandise sales of science-based virology, as well as the choice of fakhvtsiv. The sellers of such goods may have a good deal of preparedness for the above-mentioned services, which will redefine the added-in folding technology and the related servicing. For the sake of commercialization of trade measures, you need to take a look at the features of an innovative product, as well as the sounds of customers and their behavior.

The special features of the innovative product are identified with the original specifications and the new materials. To take a look, the innovative product can be:

  • unique, one at a time with one’s family and wanting less than one buyer (technology has been patented for example);
  • Duplicated in virobnote, to virobi, which are serially made to the copyright law of the know-how (for example, the program of secured organization of examinations in the university);
  • We surround the component as a component with a folding machine assembly.
  • business-in-home right on the market of new brands;
  • about the і intellectually moisture;
  • a modified version of the base product.

The most unique products are sold for direct marketing to a specific interested buyer, which is a good idea to pay not only the price of the product, but the first time you need to complete the necessary work. Zrozumіlo, I’ll need a purchase of purchasers for such types of needs. Know the potential potentiologist, requiring that you reconfigure the product for the product. You can find the right contacts to contact with people who are interested in the latest product for a better look at their functional functions. Itself zer to beat ikh their henchmen pribannya novatsії. However, the residual solution is lost for the core companies.

Behind such a scheme are also sold the objects of intellectual power with a minimum price, which, for the most part, are subject to sale of materials and materials for the conversion of product materials to innovative products. For the fastest pace and the best science and technology of materials, as a rule, I will require significant negotiable costs, which can be bought. That is why the effective policy on the market of innovative products is effective in spiraling into the credit of financial institutions: banks, investment funds, and state-owned technology programs.

Innovation in the galaxy form of the channel in the commodity market to take the opportunity to do away with the idea of ​​innovation, satisfying the latent needs. So, for example, the innovative products of the first two kinds can be commercially available only through uninterrupted views of the company, but there are several presentations, at different times, and there are several stores available. For the best selling experience, we can give you a quick and easy to inform, secure list of advertising materials, pictures, layouts, photographs, reference list. Tilki in this time reach the effect of direct marketing with a great group of buyers.

From now on, at the momentary innovative process, there is a special need to establish service marketing. Marketers take a practical part from all these projects managing an innovative project: initiation, planning, coordination, analysis and correlation, as well as on a completed project, but not limited to.

Table 30



World marketing services to marketing

Viznazhennya meti


General idea


Whirlwind vibrator

Those same

Separation of the concept of a new product and project


Otsіnyuvannya concept product

Those same

Prior market and marketing plan


Up to date virobnitstvo


More accurate assessment of the product


Rinkov_ viprobuvannya

Those same

Komertsіyne virobnitstvo

- “-

Commercial zbut

- “-

The meaning of the system and the complex marketing of securing a new product is significantly lower sales price for the market. For the sake of economic reasons, the need to reserve new ones is not to be shunned by a loss, which is a formality. Zdebilshogo the very fact of distribution and the realization of such a product has become more and more respectful on the side of the last companies, which may have the benefit of adding licenses for the right to release new products.

In addition, it seems, the effect of selling is not one, but two goods, more than one price - this is also a good product for a unique market. To clarify the idea of ​​the economical economist Vilyam Davidoff: “Great winners are in the laboratory, and great products are at the marketing”. The very same pidhid yes I can replicate the concept of the product on the product itself. The short-term terminology of transforming science and technology knowledge in the sale of spheres is an active part of the service of marketing in the form of an internal, innovative means of consumer goods, generic and new products.

Interaction with industrial enterprises at the grocery іnnovatsії

Fig. 62. Interaction with industrial enterprises at the grocery іnnovatsії