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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.

8.3. Form and procedure of functional-analysis analysis

Dependently on the basis of the functional and economical and technical integration of technical solutions, it is possible to corrode one of three widespread forms of FVA: the corpuscular, the creative, the inverse. The best practice in marketing practice is that it is corrupted and inverse to the FVA form . Persha spriya вит lowered vitrat on virobnitstvo specific product; friend vikoristovitsya to adapt the product to the whole market, a joke of new abilities for products, schigotovlyaetsya. Глиї glibinna is the essence of the plug-in for a functional functional model of a viola, which is adequately adequate for a segment of a new market for a company. In order to model further material in a particular product, if you are trying to change the model for a new one.

Thus, the sphere of acquiring the corpuscular form of the FVA є virobnitstvo, creativity is the project of bathing, and the inverse is exploitation.

However, the main object of the FVA's analitical report is that it is independent of the realms of congestion, but it’s really real, but it’s preset (complete), but it’s potential. Details of the main methodological features of the FVA forms are indicated in the table. 36.

Table 36


FVA Form Characterization





Likewise functionality, elements and vitrat for one-hour saving

Zapobіgannya appeared zavih functions, elements and vitrates for a one-hour saving and aka p_dvishchenny yakostі

Pristosuvannya (Uzgodzhennya) of obvious functions and elements to minds

Sphere vikoristannya




Golovny ob'єkt doslіdzhennya

Realistically Functions

Tsіlovі (tasks) functions

Potential Functions

Methodology and procedures


Synthetic, analytical and analytical

Analytical and Combined

Method of Visiting Functions

For additional analysis and vibration of real functions

Through rozv'yazuvannya zavdan project

For the additional manifestation of the potential and analysis of really functional functions

Rіznodyi ways іn joke rіshen

Basic priyomi science and technology creativity

Usi priyomi creativity

Combination of all creative forms of creativity

Zmіst of the main stages of operation and the designation of the corpuscular form of the FVA boules are detailed in the forefront, ale warto designate, and the general procedure for requiring a long stretch of the life cycle of the goods. The essence of these procedures is polyanaє in viconanny such analitichnyh and rozrahunkovih robіt.

1. Vibir ob'єkta analizu, viznozhennya meti.

2. Zbirannya neobhodimnogo іnformatsії schodo ob'єkta analizu.

3. Pobudova structural model ob'єkt.

4. Viznazhennya mezhony zanalizu (pohodova diagram Pareto schodo vitrat i yakostі).

5. Viznozhennya vimog to ob'єkt and rozpodil ikh for significant.

6. Viznazhennya head, other and primary functions of the object, the impulse of the foreign functional model.

7. Analysis of the function.

8. Additional functional model of additional functional functions.

9. Pobudova summation functional-structural model.

10. Significance of significance and importance of functions.

11. Rospodil Vitrat for the functions of the separate functions of the functional model.

12. Pobudova functional-vartisnoi diagrams behind the level of functional models.

13. Otsіnyuvannya іvnya vikoristannya funktіі ob'єktom.

14. Viznazhennya zones of adversity and marginally possible vitrates for the functions.

15. The implementation of the package of ideas for the consolidation of retail outlets, the estimation of ix for the additional positive-negative table.

16. Pobudova morphological picture of cinnamon ideas for functions.

17. The form of variant udoskonalennya ob'єkta analizu.

18. Evaluation of the winter vitrates and the brightness of the functions, the value of the integral index of the brightness.

19. Transitioning to establish established terms and conditions.

20. Vibir varіanta for proof.

Mozhliviy option of carrying out the procedures of the corpuscular form of the FVA testimony in Fig. 69.

Block diagram of the algorithm for the corpuscular form of FVA

Fig. 69. The block diagram of the algorithm of the corpuscular form of FVA

The main change of mind of the inverted formation of the FVA є as well as a marketing analysis of the consumer market and potential consumption. The very results of marketing their achievements are capable of creating a functional model of a virobu, yak vіdpovіdaє vimogam spozhivachіv new for the firm market segment. Pislya realizatsії functional models in a particular product sіd ochіkuvati successful sale of modifikovannyh goods to a new contingentі spozhivachіv. From now on, at the pre-preparation stage, the inverse form of the FVA form is the primary role of the segment of the segment of the market and the vibration of new segments with the method of re-creating them in the whole. Inkoli tsіy metі can pereduvat zmіni virobnichogo and zbutovogo potenzialnosti firmi. At such a time, the FVA’s objective is to reveal the appearance of a new segment, and a meta-analysis of the transmission of new features and a new performance is available until the very latest. Є sutty special features are also in the informational secure and inverse form of the FVA, it’s necessary to explain the need for the current status of new segments of the market. For a long time, there is an accelerated need for greater technical and technological features, such as modernization. The form of the new functional model of the Maybust virobi is to be analyzed on an analogous basis. The FVA is the inverse form of the transfer of knowledge and assignment to the previous set of the same functional functions (new analysis) of the new functional powers, as well as the possibility to extend their business. This means that a new functional model is available for old and new functions, which can be of great importance for the residents of the May market. With the whole transition to a new segment, you can superconduct not only the appearance of new functions, but the loss of the singing "traditional" powers and the functional virob.

The main procedure for the inverse form of the FVA is to have such a look.

1. An analysis of consumer demand.

2. Formulate meta analysis.

3. Viznazhennya funktsії ob'kta zastosuvannya.

4. Classification of functions (value of potential functions).

5. Functional description of the object (the functional model is overwhelming).

6. Viznachennya doslіdzhuvano the availability of systems - well.

7. Z'yasuvannya funktsії systems that іhhnіkh elements.

8. Adding functional description of the systems.

9. Formulation of the most important systems of their significant importance.

10. Vibir group oznak that mіri іbnostі ob'єktіv і systems.

11. About the function of the system and systems beyond the level of accuracy.

12. The fragmentation of the sub-functional functional description (ob'kti-system), of the morphological picture.

13. Viznazhennya obmezhen stosnovno material nosіїв functions and that іхніх зв'язків.

14. Vibration criteria for the selection of options (the system is the subject).

15. Omezhzhennya poshukovogo open space varіantіv.

16. The recognition of the permissible vitrates for the implementation of the function for the minds of the virology system.

17. Estimation of the integral indicator of the brightness for the winter holidays.

18. Transfer to vіdpovіdnіst obmezhennyam.

19. Viznazhennya minds zaprovadzhennya object in the system.

20. Kintsevsky vibіr varіanta spheri zososuvannya ob'єkt.

A possible alternative to the procedure for performing the inverse form of the FVA testimony in Fig. 70.

Block diagram of the algorithm of inverse form FVA

Fig. 70. The block diagram of the algorithm for the inverse form of the FVA

The creative form of the FVA is based on the fragmentation of a fundamentally new product, such as the ability to expand the market of goods (or to open a new market of goods). The meta form of the FVA form - that is, the reality of realizing the goods in the goods — I am not satisfied with the need for the environment group. I want to hear from you the awesome functional model of the Maybut product, the power of a certain kind (the zavodaki of the fundamentally new technical solution) for your living power to significantly redefine the true virobi. Consume new problems and problems if you see marketing hour of marketing, and also on forecasting. From now on, on the basis of the required functions and the necessary parameters, the main role to be assigned to marketing is on the market, and on the internal functions, it is necessary to design the complete list of products (71).

Scheme of the main stages of FVA creative form

Fig. 71. The scheme of the main stages of creative form FVA

The very same way to process the creative form of the FVA.

1. Vivchenny consumer and rivals

2. Mark the design of the bath.

3. Systematization information.

4. Pobudova "tree Tsіley" that viznazhennya zavdan projectuvannya.

5. Viznozhennya vimog to the characteristics of the virobu and its significance.

6. Transition of the manifestations of super-transcendence.

7. Visualization of economic parameters in the whole.

8. Viznazhennya zovnіshnіkh funktsiy virobu.

9. Viznazhennya to the principle of implementation of the head function.

10. Viznazhennya internal functions.

11. Pobudova foreign functional models.

12. Redefining the rules and rules.

13. Significance of significant functions.

14. Viznazhennya marginally permissible vitrates shodo okremikh functions.

15. Z'yasuvannya idea and the decision of the okremikh funktsiy.

16. Zdіysnennya forward experts otsіnok.

17. Visa of the necessary additional functions.

18. The creation of morphological pictures.

19. Viznazhennya synthesis of options and pobudova structural model.

20. Evaluation of the reality of the functionalities of the winter options.

21. Perevirka vikonannya obmezhen schodo vitrat.

22. Viznazhennya nayprivablivshih іz plurality of options.

23. Kіntseviy vibіr varіanta for yakіsnimi and vartіsnimi indicators.

The possible alternative to the algorithm of the procedures for creating the form of the FVA testimony in Fig. 72.

Block diagram of the FVA creative form algorithm

Fig. 72. Block diagram of the algorithm for the creative form of FVA

I mean, by creating the FVA form, I’m going to the stage of development, but I’ve got a little func- tion and resources that I can broadly lock in in the different spheres of activity. Protein has only recently marked a trend in the progressive transition of the FVA form of dividing, a view of the technological process of the most important aspects of science and technology to the recognition of this very same principle in evaluation methods. FVA is obliged to sign up for the establishment of an organizational organization, encourage that efficiency and management of marketing activities, the general evaluation of system analysis and the analysis of environment. Promising prospects for the FVA victory as a model for the up-to-date marketing and marketing activities are as important as: productive productivity; change of bartosti, labor bills, hour; pіdvishchennya yakostі.

Searching for reserves for productive management and transmission of the transmission of such methods:

1) analysis of functions, so I can help you to find the right to see the rest of the week;

2) z'yasuvannya the causes of marnotraty and ways zapobіgannya such;

3) health monitoring and the celebration of the need for vimіryuvany on business.

The speed of work, labor time and hour of health management functions in ambushes of the FVA is reached by the following:

  • form of ranked transfer function for the wart, labor time for an hour;
  • vіdmovlennya vіd functions with a high wart_ that labor labor;
  • skorochennya hour, necessary for the vikonannya functions;
  • performance of functions;
  • organization of the sum of all possible functions;
  • I have re-allocated resources, I’ve been able to learn more about them.

Zrozumіlo, now you have to come in to take part in the selection of structural structural incentive and marketing functions of marketing services and organization.

The management of marketing activities in the FVA countries is based on the victorious strategic and competitive analysis, the estimated labor costs, and the valued value of the product or services.

Meaning, what in the main economical literature of the FVA is the English abbreviation ABC (short for the first letters of the words Activity Based Costing). More actively, further on, ABC for the achievement of management systems has enabled the system to use the process-based management method - Activity-Based Management (ABM). AVM - the management process for the accurate presentation of the daily vitrats on the processes, procedures, functions and products (Fig. 73).

Process-management management based on information, cleaned up during the functional-virtual analysis, basic business processes, more than one need for more resources, more efficient work, and more Otzhe, a private dosvіd svіdchit, shcho FVA - the price is not only a method of system doslidzhennya functions okremogo virobu. ambush yogicheskuyu ambush also able to minimizatsyu vitrat on a healthy singing virobnicho-gospodarsky process for any management dіy. However, the bazhani meti can be successfully reached for such obovyazkovyh changes: the side of the neck, the border is corinth, supine.

Scheme of the main process management processes

Fig. 73. Scheme of the main stages of process-related management