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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.

8.2. The basic principle of this functional analysis is analysis

A wide rozumіnnі functionally -vartіsny analysis is not математ a mathematical method of optimization, е сп сп сп є є є є є лиж closer to the optimal technical and economical solutions on the basis of their differentiated estimates. The method of complex technical and economic delivery of goods to me is through the development of yogurt cinnamon functions to achieve the optimal performance of the most important functions for living with medical care. Meta FVA in the nizagalnomu viglyad can be written as a mathematical formula:

method of complex technical and economic delivery of goods

de SK - right now, the value of the analysis (succession of the current authorities of the virobu);

B - vitrati for the attainment of the necessary surviving authorities.

The main arrivals of the FBA require respect:

  • a posh and the realization of effective technical solutions, technical and vernacular measures;
  • change of material products, performance of your design characteristics, vibration technology;
  • change of labor productivity, increase of technology and higher construction;
  • the creation of new organizational forms of collective creative work, shortened to the cycle “prejudice - virobnitstvo”.

Thus, more importantly, if you want to fill in the FVA policy in the country, so that you can have a systematically organized device, special needs, rules and procedures, you need to know the reserves for lowering the operating costs of the products through the availability of additional functions.

The principles of PV A є: systemic; functional pidkhid; vіdpovіdnіst vitrat for protection of significant significance and corinosity functions; collective creativity (Fig. 67).

The FVA process is here for such last-minute stages: pre-preparation, information, analitic, creative, up-to-date, recommendation, overseas.

On the first three steps, you can have a complete diagnostic character, recognize the functions of this element, interconnect between them, and the other evaluations of them. To herself on these steps, the subject of analysis will be specified. Naichastishe for such take virobi mass virobnitsva, scho may be lacking in yakіst, but sobіvartіst, I look for analogs. All of this is especially important when, through the rational policy and tactfulness, it is possible to achieve the competitive advantage of the competitive ones.

The most significant effect of the FVA is to reach out, if there are products, what to analyze, relocate to the stage of fragmentation. For the full time, you can pay for the construction of the technology and the technology of the technology and the ability to save money.

FVA Methodological Principle

Fig. 67. Methodological principle of FVA

The subject of the agreement is vibrating to negotiate the reserved versions. For the whole, a working group of special-purpose specialists who are competent in conducting a FVA of a particular subject is being put together. Fakhivtsi with marketing also take part in the preparation for the FVA of the new viroba, alya the role of the sutta is to be avoided, if such an operation ceases to be produced, as well as it is already released. About the price of this table. 34 [1].

Table 34


S / n

Name Etapu

Short snake of the main robots

Vikonavtsi robіt



Vibir about an analysis; vizneshennya met, zavdan i umov zdіysnennya analysis; form programs realizatsii i viznachenny vikonavtsіv robіt

Kerivnitsvo company; great service marketing



Achievement of technical and economic and marketing information and technology information and functional analogs

Vlasni chi zuchenі special_alіsti z marketing



Analysis of the functional structure of the object; the formulated function of the object and the elements, the establishment of causal and audible sounds between them and the function model of the object; Optimization models for the most efficient functions and the total amount of functions

Good knowledge of marketing and marketing with FVA



Formulation of the principles of constructive options for realizing the necessary functions, which require complex development of problems and problems

Rosobrochny project designer


Up to

Vibration of those who receive results for the analysis (for the system of technical and economic indicators, criteria for sharing)

Specialists for marketing, economy



Residual vartisna assessment of the varieties of the vikonanny about the element and the element; accept the residual solution of the structural design analysis

Those same


Stage of Provision

Separation of necessary scientific and technical documents, training and development of virobnitz, test products for the market

Retailers, technologists, virologists, marketing and marketing

Instead of the table, on the fourth (creative) stage, the FVA Vicon has an active role. For some kind of additional help, a creative idea of ​​original solutions based on a logical analysis of the day and the sound between them. On the fifth (previous) date, there is a variety of functions, availability of visions, availability of needs and requirements for the implementation of borderline allowances for weekend skin functions. At this (final) stage, it’s possible to realize and realize the necessary recommendations. In the process of functional analysis, marketers and experts from the FVA interact on a practical basis in all, but on the other - on the third (analytic), as long as the function is evaluated.

The methodology of the FVA has great respect for the functionality of the virob: I will describe, order, and systematize. On the basis of the functional functions, there is the “disjointment” of the design of the machines and the most advanced ones, the design of new technical solutions and the more economical options.

Functional virobu ( FVA project ) is conducted at the internal and external levels . Zovnіshnі stockpiled from the top and other rows, and internal - from the main and subsidiary. For the possibilities of manifestation of functions are classified on the basis of potential and potential. Beyond the level of corinosity - in corinth, uncommon and shkidlivі. Remain the most important part of the project. The detailed classifications of functions of the virob are shown in the table. 35.

Rosganymo report zmіst okremikh etapіv FVA. So, at the front (preparation), it’s up to you to vibrate (with more technical and economic) analysis, to designate the meta, to complete it later, to formulate a realization program.

On the basis of information for special marketing and marketing (if you want to, you can get more information) to collect the necessary data about the product and its functionality, you can get more information about the main purpose of the product The principle of advancement in developing the technology of the spring is that, for better technology, there are analogs, as well as the same constructive solutions and the same functions, but the same functions. Zdіsnyuyuchi functional analysis, to carry out reliably up to date analogs with the method by the way of elements, which are repeated, as a rule of the typical warehouse processes, typical for such virobіv. For the whole, technical passports, technical instructions, protocols are approved,

Table 35


Signs of Classification

Type of function


Scope of Incarnation


Zagalna ob'єktivna funktsiya, scho є to get an idea of ​​the whole and complete image of the functional vision of the middle and lower


The internal function of the object, which is to be identified and implemented by warehouse items

Role of Consumers


Zovnіshnya funktsiya, scho iznacha є appointment, ugnost and that sense іsnuvannya ob'єkt in the whole


Outreach of functions, yak is not inflamed є on the indispensability of the object of the image, the number of goals, the safety and the benefit of drinking

Significance in the working process


Internal functions, as a matter of safety, robustness of the object, necessary tasks for the implementation of the main functions


Internal functions, as a spree є realizatsii basic functions



Zovnіshnya abo internal function, yak really power about the subject and health for normative minds of the yo funktsiononuvannya


Zovnіshnya abo internal function, yak is really dominant in the field, but you don’t have to wait until new minds of functional function appear

Rіven korisnostі


Zovnіshnya abo internal function, a yak to learn about the functionally necessary and necessary power for the creation of robots


Zovnіshnya abo internal function, yak є zavoyu і zbіlshuє vartіst ob'єkta, ala є neutral and staunchly ntshnih functions and the current authorities viroba


Zovnіshnya abo internal function, as it is not required and the wartime is negative, it is negatively influenced by the current functions and power

Van, technical knowledge, the results of the analysis of patent information. Usі dana fіksuyutsya on special cards abo in memory of EOM. Dodatkovo collect information that is clearly functional in the details of the items, materials, and they’re stolen from them, and that they’re stored in warehouses. Great respect is attached to the estimates of the living standards, the highest product quality, the aesthetics and the ergonomics. The service of the company and the government should take a part in the informational and secure phase of the FVA.

Yak has already been indicated, at a similar etapi marketers and specialty FVA to reach the functional structure of the object. Due to this method, the functions of the object and the element are formulated, the sounds between them and the function model of the object will appear (Fig. 68).

The last day for evaluating the effectiveness of the function

Fig. 68. The last day for evaluating the effectiveness of the function.

We’ll want to optimize the optimized model for the most intact functions and see the total functionality. In addition, it seems that on this stage the functions of the project and vitrati are provided for their care. Vidkidayuchi zavі funktsії, at once to change unprecedented vitrati. Dodatkovo roz'yazyutsya nutrition about the possibility of substitution of materials, possession of that technological operations. For the significant significance of the functions of the warehouse warehouse, the methods of expert evaluations can be used. Creative way of transferring the form to the engineering and technical principals of the principles of constructive options for realizing the func tions, so as to formulate a complex development of the problem. By the method of the previous є vibration of those who come to receive the results of the analysis. There are many designers, marketers, and economists who want to use the system of technical and economic indicators, as well as transferring, evaluating, and calculating their functions.

At the recommendation that you’ll get to know the fate of the economy and marketers of the latest version of the mysterious issue of this item, you should praise the remaining product design - the analysis. The stage of delivery is due to the fragmentation of the necessary scientific and technical documents, preparation and development of virobnitz, test products for the market. Win is characterized by active interaction of engineering and technical specialists and marketing specialists. Robots with FVA enter into vikonanimi, as soon as a variation of viroba is known, but a process with a low sobarty and a high yak_ty.