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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.


8.1. Significance of functional-analytical analysis in marketing dіyalnostі

Favorable service to marketing, in order to take part in the creation of a new product, to obey the mother’s notice about the criteria of economic rationality and innovation. Warehouse of these criteria to lay down in the form of the product and the price estimate. The usability criteria can be intelligently divided into two groups: the main ones and the additional ones. The main criteria are:

1) compliance with the cinnamon effect of full-fledged victory in the country with igneous vitrates on the first stage of operation and exploitation by stretching the life cycle;

2) compliance with the terminology of the effective function of the virology and the period of its development and development;

3) suspiciously historical significance of the results of innovation, as far as the scale of widening and stagnation is concerned, as well as the world’s amusement for the development of the price of total galleys.

Additional criteria may be more significant and signify the effectiveness of the product in the environmental sphere, but in the environment. For example, such a criterion is possible to respect the economical assessment of the effectiveness of modernization, as well as modifikuvannya goods. For the market economy in the process of evaluating the project and the maintenance of the virobility for the criterion of economical efficiency, we often take a set of indicators, which means that the price is correct, and the technology is more efficient. For collapsible innovative goods (technical systems, possession), the most important role is to play the role of unification, aggregation, and the ability to make a quick change of minds.

The idea is that you can materialize in an innovative product, expect to need vitrate for operating and operating, and that’s also economically viable. I want to tell you about the super-extremes of technical and economic vimogs to the product spriyu funktsionalno -vart_sniy analiz (FVA), which is good for the skin of this product. In countries with a widespread economic economy, the Vartisniy Analiz (VA) is often closed, but for both, take the functional principle as a basis. Tsei principle maє dvi tisno povyazanі chastini. Persha є suto marketing and transmission ’, which right now is good not to sell the goods, but the functions, which are good to understand. In addition, in the new viir, it is required to lay down more functions, so that you can live with them. Zrozumіlo, scho y rіven іkostі goods as well may be accepted for purchase. Another part is the principle of transferring to a higher level of functionality, more functionality, more detail, more work and experience. From now on, FVA can be considered as a comprehensive analytical and methodological apparatus for minimizing the quantity of goods for an adequate product for the whole market of distinct characteristics. For the sake of warmth, on the basic principles of FVA, we are an important marketing tool. Zrozumіlo, which is also firmly justified for obov'yazkovo umovlyuvannya to silent officials, who should be satisfied, the consumer will live.

The main endeavors of the FVA, as well as new innovations, can be formulated as follows. In the first place, the change of vitrate for virobnitz product for one-hour savings is not limited to one year’s yakostі. Remained є an important official of competitive struggle, especially on the stages of maturity and decline of the product cycle. The lower number of products and the most important issues for the most part are important. In a different way, when adapting a product to a whole market of products. For the additional FVA, there is a need to ensure that there are characteristics of the product of the vimogs of the healthy segment. To reach the end by launching new products for the segments of the market, I will master the company. In the third place, with the help of the FVA, it’s also a good idea, evaluation and implementation of ideas for the basic assortment of goods for an already developed market.