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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B.5. Accountant FINANSOVA sound

B.5.1. Zagalnaya characteristic of soundness

Accounting financial performance is a system of expanse indicators, which characterize the amount of state-financed financial resources in the shortest period (month, quarter, week). There is a warehouse, a group and a special processing unit for a flow accounting area and a final stage.

Meta financial support. By the method of folding financial resources є giving the corridors to take up the correct, true and uninterrupted information about the financial camp, the results of business and the quality of business.

The procedure for giving financial support to corpuscles shall be recognized by the dignified legislation.

Financial support I need to inform you to consume the following:

• Pribbannya, sale and volodіnnya with valuable folders;

• participation in capital enterprises;

• estimates of management;

• Estimates of health and safety at the time of the vicunity of their goiters;

• care of goiters'zazan enterprises;

• the summation of the dividends, which shall be paid;

• regulation of dyalnosti pidprimstva;

• Inshy rishhen.

Financial soundness is guilty of satisfying consume quiet habits, so you can’t help them, storing together with specific informational consumer needs.

The main goal is to realize the reality, clarity, individuality, unity of the methodology of the individual indicators, the number of the individual indicators of the minimum.

Yakіsnі characteristics of financial soundness such as:

Information, one is to be hoped for by financial calls, is guilty of good luck and is tied to the unequivocally diminished eyes of the brown-haired one for understanding, but you must remember the good knowledge and the basic knowledge of the price range.

The financial sound is guilty of the need for more information, the more energy I can take with the help of the brown-haired people, I can immediately help them, now they can, I’m quick and easy to understand.

The financial sound is guilty of good availability. Інформація, induced by financial soundings, є reliable, but won’t take revenge of the forgiveness and twist, as well as be sure to squeeze the sound of the shreds.

The financial sound of guilty pressure

• financial benefits for the production period;

• financial sound of consumer goods.

Change of mind є Induction of the latest information and the latest information about regional politics and public relations.

The basic principle of preparation of financial soundness

Financial soundness of business forms is formed with the following principles:

autonomy of business, for any kind of business, I’m looking for a legal person, I’m fully identified as a person;

without interruption, transfer of assets, assessment of assets and interests, free time permits, and separate trials;

periodicity, allowance for subsidiaries at the singing period with the help of the combination of financial incentives;

historical (factual) sobvartosti, scho viznacha priority otsіnki assets, on a daily basis on their virobnitstvo that dandy;

on the basis of income and vitality, for the purpose of identifying the financial result of the periodic period, the period of return should be the period of return with vitrates, as well as for the recognition of their income. With all your income and vitality, I’m imagining myself in the region and at the time of my winnings, it’s irreplaceable all the time when I need to pay the pennies;

since then, for any financial sound, you have to give all the information about the factual and potential potential operations and that, if you can get into the decision, I’ll take it on a basis;

the last, the kind of transfer є post і і from rock to the заст заст ув ос п д є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є. Зміна облікової politics guilty of the buti is wrapped up and rose at the financial level;

obachnostі, for such a method of valuation, which is to be registered in an accounting region, guilty of underestimation of the valuation of zobov'yazan and vitality and envy of valuation of assets and income;

prevailing over a form over a form, for a certain guilty oversight until one day, and not more than once in a legal form;

є One penny vimіrnik, a kind of transfer им vimіryuvannya and the co-operation of all operational operations with one financial unit in the single grocery unit.

One way to the last vimog (standard number 1) is the information and information for financial institutions as follows:

in order to ensure financial soundness of the bulls to the evil koristuvacham, she’s guilty of the following information about:

• consumerism;

• date of soundness and sound period;

• foreign currency and one currency of vimir;

• vіdpovіdnu іnformatsіu schіto і zvіtnogo and anterior period;

• regional politics of business and social services;

• consolidation of financial calls;

• pinning (liquidation) okremich vidіv dіyalnostі;

• obmezhdennya schodo volodinnya assets;

• fate at the private enterprises;

• the appearance of the cleansing of the minutes of rock and that of them corroborating them;

• reassessment of articles of financial statements;

• Information, communication, such as transmitted by the latest regulations (standards).

Інформація про підпрімство, яка підлягає розкриттю у фінансій звітностіі, including:

• I will name, legal form and legal form of business (country, deregistered business, address of office);

• a short description of the main activities of the company;

• I will name the governing body, at the previous date, I will interrupt my company, but I will name my mother (holding) company;

• the average number of employees of the company extending the entertainment period.

The leather financial star is guilty of a city date, having pushed indices on the yak, otherwise, the period, yak vin okhoplyuє. As a rule, for which the financial sound is folded up, the sound of the sound period is transferred to this Regulation (standard), then the reasons for and the obligation to pay the full coverage at the notice to financial security.

The currency is assigned to the financial entities, the currency is shown in the previous image, and that is the same as the current rate.

As a rule, the currency of the currency is in the form of a currency, the accounting region is maintained in the country, then the company is obligated to disclose the reasons for this method, which should be used to translate financial statements into one currency.

I will confess guilt vis-a-vis the region’s politics by a gent I will describe:

1. Principles for evaluating articles of soundness.

2. Methodology in the region of the area of ​​articles articles.

Information, scho pіdlyagaє rozkrittyu, induce without interruption in financial sound, but in the notes before them.

At notes up to financial statements, please note:

1. Oblіkovu policy of business.

2. Information, the yak is not prompted infinitely at financial calls, ale є obov'yazkova for the latest regulations (standards).

3. Information, to take revenge on the analysis of articles of interest, and the need for protection of the public and that.

Sound period. With a sound period for storing financial statements є calendar calendar. The balance of business is stored for the rest of the rest of the day.

Industrial (monthly, quarterly) sound, like a good period, stocked up by an on-the-fly pound on the cob of rock.

The first starter period of the newly-created business can be less than 12 months, but not can be more than 15 months. With a sound period of business, what to do, a period of ears of rock until the moment of business.

In this way, for periodic folding and subscription, the number is for internal, monthly, quarterly, quarterly, nine-month and weekly.

Internal sounding is called continuous sounding, but periodically.

Financial support for acquisitions of vikorists is held by the owners themselves, funds for analysis and control of the agreement of contracted goiters, analysis of state donations, for folding plans for Maybutn. In addition, the sound of giving:

I’m looking for order organization, as such так, with the help of robot work;

counterparties (purchasers, post-overshoots)), as well as I will establish a bank (for the control of the bank loan vikoristanny), as well as transferred to a loan agreement;

statistical authorities for statistical processing.

The accounting sound was filed by the company not earlier than the established line, coming after the last period, month, quarter, and not by the fixed line, coming after the star, rock. Warehouse (oversight) and the procedure for folding accounting financial notes are secured by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

Warehouse of financial services

Financial sound is stocked up: balance, sound about financial results, sound about a lot of bad money, sound about power and equity up to sound.

Financial resources, warehouse and storage are recognized as the most recent regulations (standards).

The article is induced in financial statements, as a rule, to such criteria:

• існує ймовірність needed abo vibutty maybutnіh ekonomіchnyh vigod, pov'yazanih with the main article;

• Assessment of stats may be clearly identified.

Prior to financial inclusion indicators are included indicators of filiality, representations, representativeness of the most important subsidiaries.

I have to give a clear account note (notes), the main factors are included in the account, they are included in the interest rates, the prospects and the benefits are available.

The accounting financial statement for forms No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 characterizes the financial statement of the company, and the “financial statement” the financial statement. A special feature of new features є there are no longer any planned targets for standard specifications.

Accounting financial sound є но one. Sounds of organizations and the organization of all the galleries of state donations are stored for one form, one for one, one for one. Galuzevі special features to vidobrazuyut at statistical zvіnnostі. Restored forms of storing stockpiles of all enterprises and organizations, which are required to take revenge on the territory of Ukraine and legal entities, as well as other enterprises for the share of foreign legal entities and those of the population. For these forms, store the accounting financial statements of the company, cooperative society, the company on the basis of collective power, the government and government organizations of the largest organizations.

Government, organization and organization, who want to go to the state budget, to have independent balance and legal persons, including to go to the territory of Ukraine, to take part in other national and international Ale to support income from state-owned joint-stock commercial companies (except for budget-financed organizations), and to collect and manage accounting and bookkeeping.