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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B.5.5.3. Roskrittya information in primitives

You need to declare the benefits from financial statements to financial calls, designate and understand the status of the skin element of the hairy capital (except for statutory capital).

Promotional partnerships to induce at primitives up to financial notice information about:

1. I am declining the number and the nominee interest in the transaction, on the basis of which there is a higher payment.

2. I suppress the number and nomination of the share, on the other hand, an overpayment is paid on the basis of the specified values.

3. I zagalu a sum of money spent in the course of overpayment for shares, at such a rate:

3.1. All groshty koshti, made as a payment for shares, із to the designated amount of shares.

3.2. Vartisna otsіnka mine, paid as a fee for shares, iz from the values ​​assigned to shares.

3.3. I zagalu a sum of foreign currency, the payment was made for the share, the value for the rate and the rate for which the currency is insured in the region.

4. Shares at the warehouse of statutory capital for okrimy types and categories:

4.1. Most of the outstanding shares of the unpaid part of the statutory capital.

4.2. Nominal wartime action.

4.3. Zmіni stretching a great period at kіlkostі aktsіy, scho perebuyut in obigu.

4.4. Rights, privileges and obligations, including obligations, including the rights to dividends and turns to capital.

4.5. Aktsії, it is necessary to establish the partnership itself, its daughter and associate.

4.6. Transition of the sovnik і і kіlkіst aktsіy, yakimi stink volodіyut.

4.7. Most of the shares, like the interruption of the authority of the member of the vicarious body, that change, oftentimes 5% of the statutory fund.

4.8. Stocks reserved for VIPs with optional contracts and the specified contracts and terms and conditions and sums.

5. I am accumulating a sum of dividends, not rallying for preferred shares.

6. I will turn on the sum (but I will not turn it on) to the warehouse of goiters, if there are dividi’s boules transmitted, but they are not formally hardened.

Indicate all the necessary suggestions at the notes to the financial sounds of information about:

1. Rospodil is a part of statutory capital by the hairline.

2. Rights, privileges of any kind, often.

3. Zmіni at the warehouse, a part of the owners at the statutory capital.

For the decision-making bodies, the accountant (accountant), the accounts can be stored, and they will be allowed to report on the results of the second anniversary. Analyze the balance, you can make sure the gadgets are about those that have enough information to conduct a cost-effective analysis of the financial support of the company, and a period of time to keep the business accounted.

The farthest linking of the market economy is more convenient as an indicator, as well as the methodology of its analysis.