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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B.3.2.4. Special features in the form of cost elements for private products at the same time at the highest cost

Zagalnuyu technique that technology region form of elements of the costs of the bulletin is open earlier.

Protezova pobudova oblast form of the element of costs for private products with stricter non-standard options for controlling the costs of a number of features.

In the first place, the elements of costs are formed on the great cost center and cost center. We’re working with a plan of rahun’s almost certainly clear signs of the moment and the technique of interchange.

In a different way - and one with one of the most important signs is to incite the cost area — you will need to expand the area for the material cost elements of the process during the process.

The main goal for the region of the virological process is the cost-based method - the number of new products for that new virological service.

Zauvazhimo, who wants to know more about the limits, doesn’t mean anything else, since control over their Vikings is secured. When transferring materials from the virological process, it is easy to establish that the rules and regulations are very important (quotas, koshtorisu are skinny), and the material for the viral process is much more important. Therefore, establish the regional ruku materіalіv, and on the front of the head, so as to assert the basis (substance) of the Maybut product.

Protec regional materials following the progress of the technological process is less in the first place, because there are not enough. You should also have the opportunity to, so that you need to know how to form your message. Ale is not only in total, but in okremich operations, technological phases, transfers, between the brigades, the workshop is thin.

To incentivize the regional rukhu materials at the process of virology, we are organizing a model of organization. For formalized models, take the most advanced technological and organizational features of a specific virobility and put it into three aspects - the area of ​​costs, the area of ​​transformation of costs and the cost of the cost of the items.

The specificity of the technological technology allows you to zoom in on the operation, so that you can take as a basis the value not less than the maximum, and the first parameter of the radio so that you can have the best characteristics.

Dalі to incentivize the organizational model of the cost area to take horizontal and vertical form vidnosin vidpovidnogo pidrozdіlu and encourage technology.

From now on, for encouraging a specific model of the region of virobnitz on singing, we’ll see the following robots: review the number of laws, verify the system of documenting the costs, revise the flowchart costs of norms (quotas, koshtorisu), visnositi method of distribution of indirect costs and method of completion of unfinished work, methods of estimation of costs, part-time products , Methods for Visually Defining Own Interests and Products and Benefits

Independently, the form of the organization of the process of the legal process and the nature of the technology area of ​​costs may be as follows, the system order on the racks of the accounting department can be used for the actual cost and the cost of the various types of products.

Oblik solve the cost elements - to pay the benefits, social insurance, depreciation, so much better to pay for the earlier plan:

1. Viznachennya cost center and center v_dpov_dalnost_.

2. Sawing a shy plan of rakhunkіv.