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Accounting region - Sopko V.V.

B.3.3.3. Pobudova oblast zmіn norms

The higher norms of the costs of material and labor resources in full of scientific and technological progress, the more convenient organization of virological work, step by step to spend their progressive character, through a post of need, take a look and clarify them. That is why nowadays the introduction of the standard norms to the technical and normative documents is more important. Vіdpovіdalnіst for the whole robot completely in the service, as well as rokuhranki.

In practice, there are two options for the regulation of the norms, and the very same: for the standards up to the technical and normative documents, make them at the time of the win or even on the first day of the month. In our opinion, it would be bland to completely redeem the norm in the right of way to the region.

Organization of the region of the zmіn norms of maє transmitting: the classification of the reasons for the change of the norms; Documentation of the standard norms; registration of standards in magazines; introduction of a change to technical and normative documents; povidomelennya about the standards and the cost of the costs of the increase in the cost of living; control and analysis of standards.

In order to encourage the region of zmіni norms, they are necessary to classify and code. Classification of the reasons for the availability of standards will fully reflect the factors that need to be considered for an hour of standard development: technical technical level of virology; Polygraphy of the organization of virology and praxis; Zmіna oath and structure virobnitstva. Leather zmіna of norms of maє buti is fixed in a one-time manner, as a form of form: for material costs and expenses for the payment of pratsi (norms of an hour and a rose). The first documents on the standard norms are restructured in the magazines of the regional standard norms materials, hour and rosinok. Povidomelennya zmіnu norms group in magazines for different reasons and the name virobіv. Such a group is needed to control the analysis of the work of technical services and the plan of organization-technical visits.

B.3.3.4. Pobudova region vidkhilen vid norms

One of the most important elements of the normative oblast є oblіk vіdhilen vіd norms. The essence of the area of ​​costs for vidhlenny vid norms of the pole is that, in the process of virobnitsva actually spent material and labor resources are systematically divided with normative methods by way of vidhilen. The stink can be but yak dodatnі, so і vіd'єmni. To report on the economy of material and labor resources, and on the issue of technology breakdown, organization and management of technology. It’s necessary to conduct a water hour in a region like before, so I’ll see the highest standards in terms of efficiency. Oblik vidkhilen vid norms - this is the best element in the regulatory body of the regulatory body. Let’s add up not the fact of the manifestation of the process and the phases of the process at the moment of the process of registration and revision of the first documents before the introduction of the products.

To incentivize the region of standards, there are a number of methodological and organisational nutrition. Before them belong: a rose of the classifier of species, reasons and vinuvattsіv vіdhilen; viznachennya methods viyavlennya v_dhilen; vіdbіr nosіїv іnformatsії about vіdhilenny vіd norms; development of the regional vidkhilen technique for cost centers; region vіdkhilen u systemі rakhunkіv; Development of the procedure The development of the product is often carried out at the owner's office of calculating single products.

Pobudova oblast vidkhilen vid norms of demand I need classifications, yaku can be earned for the winter signs: types of costs, reasons, vinuvattsy, minuscule winnings. For the sake of slіd rozrobiti nomenclature vіdhilen. With a wider range of methods, the region of important importance is the significant number of expenses, which is the center of the cost form. Knowing them, it’s possible to find out how important they are to fallow and not fallow to see how they work and how much more they need to work, they’ll be able to,

One of the most important elements is to encourage the region to see the norms є by the method of manifesting the view. In the economic literature, there are several methods: documenting; Partition Roskroy; New Year’s rozraunkunіv vikoristannyam Danish inventory; technical and economic rozrahunkіv; equal to the actual value of costs with normative.

The method of documenting zatosovyut at vipad zamіni materials at the moment, if they are allowed to store in the warehouse, but at the same time the product is viral; the method of parting with the cut-off - on the side and the machine and equipment; off-rozrakhunki with vikoristannyam tribute nth inventories zatosovuyu at viyavlennі vіdhilen vіd norms for the singing period per hour (zmіnu, decade is thin); відхилення внідок зміни in technological and temperature regimes are manifested by the method of technical and economic rozrahunkіv; Відхилення від norms for cost items, such as working with a robot, appearing by the method of sharing.

Important is the importance of the document standards. The skin vipadocum is a manifestation of documentary design. Moreover, on the basis of such a system, such a system of the first documents that yielded the opportunity to quickly identify the norms of costs.