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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.


The school of political economics is classic , co-edited by Adam Smith and David Rikardo , has spent a great deal of energy on further development of economic science and the form of economic policy. Universality and cosmopolitan theory prevented the possibility of victory in Ukraine, as well as especially the development of skin dermis because of this, there were more theoretical problems for them. Classical doctrines have come to be seen in the praxis of writers, co-creators of the economy of new conquests - Say , Malthus, Senior, Bastia, Mill and Minor, who have important implications for the development of suspension.

I would like to introduce them to the representatives of the classical school, who, in the center of respect, are increasingly underestimated by the problems of economic development, and the scale of virobnitz. Yak and the founders of the classic school, stink respect, capitalism, incentives for private power and economical sub-sites - power-factor factors, with a progressive way; with the head minds of growing the bagatism of suspension є the competition is competitive and the rational roster of wartost; Now in the basis of self-regulating market self-rest lies “vart”: it’s all right, the size is the same as the next year is the further share of the viral goods, the income is lower than the average viro; scho rozodіl racіonalny, if a part of the bartosti, otrimana from viglyad income, vіdpovіdaє vitratam pratsі; scho tilki rinok viznachaє, skilki and who need viroblyati, and the power is not guilty of getting involved in the marketplace of vidnosini, moreover, you will bring to the ruin of the market mechanisms of self-regulation.

Most ideas, formulated by these authors, are bullets with their own development of the classic doctrine. Adje theory smita і Rikardo - the theory of the market economy and the main characteristics of the basics: the card, the price, the income of the game, the price of the first part of the competition, the lawfulness of the law

Proteins of new economy brought new ideas to the classical theory. The method, based on a unified methodology, became the basis for a larger soil and sacred analysis of capitalistic virology. Zavdyaki ime is classic polyteconomy ceasing to be one-time, ceasing to unambiguously interpret problems and development.

The very latest praise in the classical theory is to establish perfection in respect to the problems of sharing and sharing, in the role of independent suspension. Representatives of the concession to know that we have virobnitsvo signpost of the income and their distribution, ale naholuyutut, scho rozvitstvo viagra, at my house, to stay in the way of income (pay), it is important that I’m very good.

The material sphere of virobility is not to be discerned anymore, like one thing, there is a lot of bugging: the field of dawning is nonsense, the sphere is not material, and, as a result, there is no need to preserve commodity circulation (servants, mystery, science is worth it), I want to take people from there.

A number of authors have a visa, which can be done in the non-material sphere, as well as the idea that you can’t unnecessarily add up the interest in material values ​​- goods and services.

To this is more and more widespread, the interpretation of “Vartosti” as an abstract category, which can be materialized and manifested in the process of exchanging less trend. Knowing how to stay in place for subnormal evaluations of the virobnik and living, the representatives of the new community are expressing respect for those who are mostly interested in the issue of business and leisure. Ціна і ціноутворення є a real apparition, which is why I want to protect the rational Rospod.

Zvyazku zim vinikaє needs z'yasuvati, as well as vidbuvatsya rozpodil suspension vartostі. Yakshcho Smit and Rikardo disagreed with those about the fact that most of the time they were up to date, and, moreover, they have been constantly troubled by difficulties, explaining the nature of such types of income, as well as the fact that they are more important because of the new

Vitrati living practices do not look more like a single factor of bugging, and the fact that they’re taking the trouble is so straightforward, as with Smіt’s, they don’t want to say no more to the population. A water hour to reach is a new sutta problem - the lack of employment of officials, which you should consider.

We explain the role of the sub-active factor in the development of suspension virobility, save on new problems and focus on the problems of economic interests, more specifically protect the virobiologist and spouse. Competition of subcontacts of state donation treats like I think of a great function and development of a market economy, and the idea of ​​a virobnik-living is the essence, the basis of samovrnovnovazhuvannya.

In this way, we are developing the position of the classical school, saving new praise and understanding came to the understanding that the role of the process of non-activity and the exchange of factors is important, and there is no reason for them to be more important than others. Behavior sub'єktіv to the market of goiters'yazuє before microeconomic analysis. This kind of nutrition, such as investment and investment, the crisis and the economic role of the state, knew your name in the science of science.

New theories spurred criticism of the most theoretical aspects, both practical and applied aspects of the side of the orthodox abstract hangings, creative analysis of the economical appearances, the fragments of which were not at all inconsistent with the class. In the framework of this theory, the foundations laid the foundations of a systematic, bagatofactor method of dosljennya, which in some ways became a dzherel to develop a new, neoklassichny straightforwardness in a political economy.