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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

2. Historical school

The finalists of Liszt in Nimechchin introduced the problem of classical science into the world, but abstract otzagalnenniya did not open all the glibiny of economical apparitions and couldn’t get into practice. It’s more pleasant for them to try and absolutize Lista’s thesis, which means that the concrete economy can be respected in the historical and historical laws of the European specific nation. Vidknuvshi abstract theory like shkidlivu, stink to vocalize the image of reality in the historical and national aspect by a single method of politics.

I’m going to straighten out the development of science; I’ll call the historical school and the political school. The historical school of the Bula is a special phenomenon, since it’s not difficult to find out how to do it, browning in its own way, making me finish the politekonomic doctrine, which could have replaced classical. However, the school itself has regained respect for specific problems, and so they themselves have spanned the expansion of the subject of political and economic economics.

The founders of the historical boulevard school are V. Rocher, B. Hildebrant, K. Knis. It’s more critical to place a classic school about theories, to get a better idea of ​​the tendency to suspend a tenant suspension, and then push it to one another, not be confused by theoretical remoteness. On the look, the very passivity є the main minor of the classic politekonomії.

The historical method of presenting representatives of a school is characterized by an analysis of economic and economic behavior on the basis of all historical aspects of human life: historical development of culture, science, mystery, social studies, social studies, etc. . For the sake of this method, cameralities, for example, Hegel and Savinі, were put on the table, which they interpreted historical development of suspension as a positive practice, culture and morality - as a manifest of a humanistic spirit, and the state - as a rule in suspension.

The leader of the historical school bouve Wilhelm Rocher (1817-1894). Winning law and philology at the universities of Gettingen and Berlina, and even more than fifty years of age, professor at the University of Leipzitsky. Vіn is the author of books and articles on food and beverage, colonial systems, fiscal and social economics. 1843 p. Rocher publishes his own opinion “Shortly base the course of political economy on the historical method”. There is something to be found in “History of the English Political Economy XVI — XVII Century” (1851), the fifth-year book “The Political Economy System” (1854-1894), and “History of the National Political Economy” (18). Rocher bouv is not less than a pro-Nimesky economist, and th (a stretch of a trivial hour) a leader of a new straight forward in the development of politekonomії.

The “System of Political Economy” says: “Our meta is simply to describe the economic nature of people and the economic economy, to enforce the law and the nature of discrimination, which are accepted for satisfaction with this economy .... Also, please contact us for your good contact with the best knowledge of national life, for the sake of historical law, political history and civil law ”* 3.

* 3: {C. Gide & C. Rist. History of Economic Doctrines. - N.-Y., 1948. - P. 382.}

Rocher to put in order to upgrade and expand the theory of the classical school and to squeeze the water hour into the form of national policy. In yogo pratsakh, the explicit and obvious analysis of history and the development of economic manifestations in Nimetchin, England, and France. Next, the genesis of international trade, penniless bank notes, bank cards, the number of national and national economies, and the need to establish the reasons for national economic peculiarities.

Rocher has a great deal of driving and industrial development, transporting and paying attention to their sorts in economical business forms, as well as their ability to redeem them. Vin rozglyada є the role of the power of the first half of the year and the priyannya machine virobnitsvu like butt pouring on the development of national gratitude. Practical recommendations are actually made possible by a supporter of the possibility of suspension of the possibility of self-thoroughness.

Teza "Taku korist mozhut otrimati nіmetskі promislovtsі od critical pereosmislennya іstorії for virіshennya Suchasnyj problems for konkurentsії on vnutrіshnomu that zovnіshnomu Rink" * 4 - nabuvaє especial value if s pozitsіy іstorichnogo analіzu vіn daє rekomendatsії of rozvitku fіskalnoї polіtiki, regulyuvannya torgіvlі, vіdnosin mіzh hired by robots and valsniki, organizations of professional profession and science, that mystery, all of them are known for the interdependence and the development of national education.

* 4: {Ibid., P. 392.}

It is especially important that all practical recommendations are made for the theoretical principles of the classical school, and this is the historical method, which is a clear theory.

The historical school in Roscher’s person is a small advocate of the Evolutionary slut development of suspension. Winning respect for being revolutionized by evil, scraps of the heyday of yogda, wait for it, and chaos yak nevid'єmny saboteur of the coup d'état zázvateє rozvitkovіng progressive yavisch. Istoriya itself tooru hats peaceful hat of "positive law", and the nation can be a participant in the whole process of the power of the state.

The theory of gradual development of Rosher’s slurry, having opposed socialist ideas, yielded all of the most extensive ideas. Winning respect for the opportunity to reach the socialist reformist way and criticizing the classical school for those who won’t look at it more clearly, it’s a result of civilian progress, it’s unreasonable for them to have a good time.

The first Nimmets ’adherent of the historical method of Bouv, professor-economist Bruno Gildebrand (1812-1878), who made a history of economy and economics in Breslau and posled there for a vacation. For political criticism, the order of the yogo bulo has been added to Switzerland, de vinclad in the Universities of Zurich and Bern. Gildebrand Buv is the first time in the Swiss Statistical Office. Pislya turn 1861 p. to Nіmechchini closed at the University of Universitet, 1863 p. becoming the cofounder and editor of the Shchorichnik ekonomiki and statistics, he actively pursued social reforms and navigated one by one from the organization Verein fur Socialpolitik (z 1872).

Bruno Gildebrand is the author of a number of books on politics, social science, business, statistics, ale in his basic law, “Political economy of modern and important politics” (1848), to put his own words in favor of the most important Theory, I won’t miss the economic development of the people ”* 5.

* 5: {C. Gide & C. Rist. Op. cit., p. 394.}

Win is significantly greater, lower than Rocher, attack on the classical politics: there is no recognition of economic laws, universal laws, the principle of indivisibility, and criticism of Rochera for that

The history of Gildebrand is not less than the need for additional economic theories, but for better science. At first thought, “Political economy of science but about the laws of economic development of the nation” * 6. With such rules of law, evolutions are possible, such as prostitution, social history and factual material from other statistics.

* 6: {C. Gide & C. Rist. Op. cit., p. 394.}

By the butt of such a provocation of the third phase of the evolution: the phase of natural statehood of the middle days, the phase of the penny phase of the credit economy. As a basis for periodization Gildebrand take organizatsii exchange products. Bring your theory, win a shuka argument in the classic politekonomii, especially especially the power and the swap.

The scheme, in the opinion of Gildebrant, is small enough to cover all of the history of human development, divorced itself from the appointed phases of the evolution of Europe, given more than the main signs, which signify the specific phase of suspended development. As the summit of the progress of the economy, be it any kind of national win to replenish credit gratitude, you can form yourself with the latest result of the European revolution.

Owing to the form of statehood, I will rely on a fair exchange of trust, as if they are not penniless, as an intermediary and vimiryuvach wartosti. Гї Gildebrand is actually ototozhny with the planned economy, which function to satisfy the specific, first of all, the needs of the living and є є grave zavdyaki for the high moral brutality of the masses of slustilstva. The role of the power of the poleє in the core social and economic process.

I would like to speak to those who have a history of historical schools and have won their prizes in the struggle with theories of socialism, then the idea of ​​credit statehood, since we have all the social benefits, we have to be fully respectful, development, and, in a different way, respect for the power of unsuperiority, oskilki won є the basis of evolution.

The third representative of the historical school, Karl Knis (1821–1898), professor of Marburzky, Freiburzky, Heidelberzky University. Yogo pratsya 1853 p. “Political economy from the look of the historical method” (revised 1883 by the title “Political economy from the historical view”) of the stock with the butt of such an ease and lasting nature of the problem, since there is little to no

It’s necessary to introduce the fact that the economic potential of the economy and the theoretical conception, as well as the image of the old economy, are achieved by the results of the song development. Riven, which seemed to have reached the Danish moment, є by the transition phase to the first progressive advance. Ocіniti can be less than the development of culture. The economic doctrine can’t read about the development of love, the fragments of the category, the yakimi won the opera, may be in the best state system, but for the great minds the role will be played. The categories of categories are analogous, and not specific laws. Oskilki is classically polished to doctrines, as if in the hour get lost in unshakable, it just can’t be correct.

There is criticism of Rocher’s for the revival of laws and vikoristannya of classical methods in the previous years, and Gildebranda for replaying the pure theory. Ale vіn solіdarizuєetsya them with them пит ань ан ев ан ан ан ан ан олю олю олю олю олю олю олю олю олю олю з з з аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта аспекта.

Knys, like I’m his successors, having given me a thought about the power to use in a slimming process, for know how the genesis of these processes is good for a vidomy, and meta, please be sure to have a good sense of it.

The political economy of the Niemechchini Tibi Dobi Bula is permeated with ideas of national unity, characteristic of all aspects of the suspension of life. Zrozumіlo, schcho, quilting the form of the form of the idh is possible bulo, more lamely by the historical method of doslidzhennya. The German economy, the time it takes to go to the first national level, have adjusted the historical method of access and have declined in order to fall asleep for a new policy of the first and foremost national law. Tsey straightforwardly resisting the cosmopolitanism of the classical school and the geopolitism of England. Prior to the school of history, those who were of primary school were widely gossiping with historical and statistical material, as well as with specific specific economic bells and whistles.