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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

The role of power and theory of protectionism

Power in the period before the stage of development of the period of time Muscovite health function organization, obdnanny, vihovannya and zachistu natsії. Politically strong power may have the function of realizing and viscating the goal of building minds for economic progress. Let’s take advantage of the protection policy of the state, so that we can be young in industry and competition.

The school of political economy was committed to the principle that it is necessary to have a special kind of leather power to specialize in the release of this type of product, which must be secured of the first transfer to the international market, and to the domestic market. Inshi galuzi virobnitsva will be devel- oped less immediately at the same time from the form of sufficient capital. And even with the main method of developing suspension є zbіlshennya in leather Denmark, the moment of troubling, as I live in the country, and because of the great deal of trade, the problem is much simpler to solve. The policy of protection streams the process, the better the goods are on the internal market of growth, and the liabilities of their living will change.

Ale List meant that she would adopt the liberal laws (for the model of the Prussian state) put Nimechchina in the mind of competitive struggle, so that the bull was unstoppable for the unqualified industry. From the first side, England and France themselves, we have exported the German products of earthmoving.

In addition, List may be able to overthrow, as soon as the economy of the Czech Republic is better, and the legislation of this country, expressly declaring the foreign economic freedom, as well as the image of national specialization and direct recognition.

The list was approved, which is based on the principles of liberalism and bajannya, which is part of my own hope to protect the population by impounding import. In addition, in the course of trade, we’ll change the form of national gadgets of promo words, we recommend that you go to the industrial stage of development, and we’ll take advantage of the national capitals behind the cordon. It’s not sound, protectionism doesn’t mean that: in order to compete with the competitive industry, it is imperative to give up the competitor of the international competition. Ale Doti all the Zusilla Powers Mayuy Buti are hidden on the mind for a lavish economic development.

The middle of the call, as a maє zasosovuvati empire, is protectionism, spiritually that “industrial” is the vihovannya natsії.

The nation’s ready-made, ready-to-go rally ideals, encourage the independence of the industrial industry, and out of the way, are placed before the protectionist policies of the state. Ale, meaning List, rozumіnnya natsіyu protectionist policies can be less for understanding Ії відсталості in industrial відніннішені. At all times, it’s not a glimpse of suspension protest to bring dumping.

Itself through the protectionism of the state realizes the function of the industrial vihovannya natsії. The sheet is bare, the protection of laws and regulations is as important as industrial, future-oriented (geographical, unified), and shiliness (especially national character) prior to manufacture.

For the sake of politics, protection, thanks to the government, the products of a kind, to the thought of Liszt, you should be competitive, and, in addition, it’s very important to keep up with the industry, rather than on the spot.

Power vіdpovіdaє before the nation for the success of industrialization. If the state has a regulation є dyalnist is economically important, it’s possible to take the responsibility for the development of the most important ones. We stimulate the development of the manufacturing industry, I won’t forget to know how to secure the balance of the galleys, how much protection is needed for such a balance.

The policy of protection, therefore, does not imply the role of the state in the national economy. Іeconomic func- tions have gotten a grip on the form of a rational regional virological structure, invested in the development of virology, as well as protected. For the whole state, most of all is the statehood, that is, the sovereign sector of the economy.

The sheet analyzed the flow of one national sovereign government for economic development, on the butts showing, like the power of the country, Uzhuzhuvati and the direct involvement of the okrimich lanok of the national statehood.

Behind the List, the role of the state’s leading progressive economy is virshalna’s role, but its role is to revolve around the economic laws, “especially for the skin’s national” * 2, and those that have a “spirit”. Less than reaching the singing song, the nation can follow the cosmopolitan laws of the classical school.

* 2: {List F. Op. cit., p.113.}

Theory List - the mercantilism of the 19th century, preaching the policies of national integration in the transition to the first stage of development. She won the political economy of the abstract theory of international trade and protection. Tse Bulo origіnalne rozumіnnya subject polіtekonomіchnogo doslіdzhennya, zgіdno of Yakima іsnuyut two rіznovidi lіberalіzmu - for vnutrіshnogo vikoristannya th kosmopolіtichnogo two rіvnі natural ekonomіchnih zakonіv - Especially for okremoї Kraina (natsії) i zagalnih for vsіh ekonomіk scho perebuvayut on tіy samіy stadії rozvitku two Rivne economy - macroeconomic and microeconomic. Introducing these rhivniv in one place, to the thought of F. List, theoretically it is safe to save economical.

If the list of F. Liszt “The National System of Political Economy” was presented to the audience, a little flow was formed in the economic thought, the representatives of some criticized the classical theory, but they “gave it a little extra time” and expanded it. F. List, having been in the middle quietly, hto, not unconstrainedly of the basic tenets of the classical school, having worked out the method of completion, having adjusted the politics of the nation in parallel, and not all the way to the classic politics.