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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

Economic Nationalism

To the idea of ​​Lista, the classical political economy outstripped the cosmopolitan theory, especially the interest in the skin person, the basis for the development of suspension, and the very suspension is the essence of people. Just, as a matter of fact, humanity is the whole of greater rights and indivisibility, then it’s not necessary that you will need to change the number of times you need to pay for it. Ale historically, it happened that the leather of indivi did indi viduals was determined by the fact that they had their own right to a specific ability: national, state, real estate and business opportunity.

Formality zagalnolyudsko і spіlnoti more powerful on a parity basis. For the principle of obednnaniya required brothers to take the same socially-economical level of development, so that zhodna natsіya did not spend in the fallow till the moment.

To the thought of List, the economy of the world is science, which, “we are always attentive to the interests and special establishment of the nation, let’s take into account that it’s very possible to have such “At the national level, like at the transition stage, between the indium and the whole humanity, my entire system has been established,” he wrote. * 1

* 1: {List F. National Sistem of Political Economy. - NY, Lloyd, 1985. - P. 87.}

Natsіya ob'єdnuє people in the same і є є the result of forward development. There’s a great character, the third one is especially special, the one is material, the other is spiritual. Vaughn is productive, the organs are healthy and organisation is available for reaching the mark.

For the main method of obtaining the benefit of the “history of the world”, the historical method, the historical method, the historical method for the development of the nation’s knowledge, and I’m able to learn more about it.

A sheet of your own yielded respect for actually more, less for theoretical analysis, the method of adding letters is a sign of abstraction: winnings are included in the analysis, we’ll show productive strengths.

At first thought, the people at their own perevodki undergo the same period: the first barbarism, the cattle, the agrarian, the agrarian-manufactory, the agrarian-manufactory-commerce.

The remaining period is the ideal until which it is directly at its own development. For your convenience, you need to think, not all the people can have: great territories with significant reserves of natural treasures and abilities for developing the industry, praxis of great strength, we can do this.

Nіmechchina, beyond the List, we’ve given you all the best, except for a good deal of land, yak, prote, you can get it for the bosom of the small powers-states (for example, the Netherlands doesn’t miss such a point.

An important mental attainment of the ideal camp of suspension є the health of the nation to the establishment of bagaty, which є important for the very fuss. That’s not enough, so that praise and mercy would be safe because there was a need for goods at the time of Denmark, but I’m very happy to sacrifice a great deal of laudation - good health and social strength, as much as possible.

Prior to the productive forces of the List, it is necessary to bring in a reliable suspension: institution, press, spiritual wages, morality, mystery, court - non-material officials, so as to ensure that there is a high degree of false accusation.

Understanding capitalism (Listing of the so-called “fixovanim”) win includes material buggery, natural and healthy people. Recognition of fixed capital and productive forces ово mental development of virobnitva. Alya, the principal of the List of Respect for the Organization of Economy and Economy: Manufacturing Industry and Transport Infrastructure (especially entrance halls).

The creation of material development is the development of the productive forces of F. Liszt nadє of the same significance, as a form of liberal liberalization of the moral spirit of the nation.

The main subject of economic theory is to replenish the role of the state in a particular historical situation, the development of the national productive forces of suspension. Political economy is small, but the very need to secure the powers for a specific development, abi productive forces between these countries have secured economic isolation.

I want to prevent the loss of classical politics, ale vvazha, and won’t be unapproachable during the period of transition to the development of the national economy of Nimechchini.