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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

1. Zapatkuvannya system and national political economy in Nimechchinі

Nimechchina XIX century - a whole country, which was stockpiled with politically and economically separate branches of powers, united at the confederation for the national sign. The economic economy was based on feudal economic taxes, indiscriminate industrialism, political conflict and the state regulation of all economic spheres.

Chi isn’t the most important sign of the Niemechchini’s (I’m the important official of this kind) the Bully isn’t the first cordon between the Confederate powers. At the same time in Prussia, there were more than 70 winter trading tariffs.

Tsіkavo, scho tsі mіtnі pereshkody did not hesitate to vidnosin with the powers beyond the borders of the traditional cordons of N_mechchini. The German powers shook their cordons one for one, and England was indiscriminately indignant in a short hour and was able to fill up with their cheap goods the whole of Nimetchina, having overlooked the shady trade and unavailable industry. Neobkhіdna Bula Negayna Mitna Reform. In 1818, the boulevard was carried out, if Prussia opened the door to trade in both countries, eliminated the internal cordons and saved all the taxes, as well as brought in more and more goods.

The reform is small, positive songwriting, but I haven’t become politically inclined to become a whole economy. It was becoming obvious that a frequent reform of trade and economic vidnosin was not the problem of suspension. Neobkhіdnoy bula politika, as if I opened my mind for a great economical development of all the nimetsky powers.

At that time, Nimechchina was already a small long-standing tradition of historical and philosophical achievements, but systemic economic and theoretical achievements did not fail.

The widespread idea of ​​awakening the power of one and the other Nimes' power, which has blew the birth of the national economic theory in Nimechchin, has ceased to be called a "romantic ruch." Romanticism was based on the primary philosopher and historian of Immanu Kant (1724-1804), who was barely aware of the significant moral law and moral self-determination and the rule of law for the protection of the nation. Lyudin is tempted for suspension, but not suspension for people. Freedom, jealousy, and happiness can be safely reserved for the power of the collective will.

A significant contribution to the development of romanticism is having killed Philosopher Sub'ktivist Yogan Fikhte (1762-1814) , having put a lyudin at the center of his sacrifice, criticizing Smita for those who need to rejoice more than anything else. For Fіhte, the state is a natural show, and the law doesn’t need to speak more naturally. Lyudina is a member of the suspension association, in front of Yakov Yakov’s goiter. The state is neutral to individual interests, and that can be done directly and securely the development of suspension.

Yogo the Apostle Adam Müller (1779-1829) respecting the power of the form itself, ideology, and some kind of development of suspension. I’m trying to understand how to economize on the development of the national economy. Müller barred the protest of economic interests from the suspension of the most recognizable superinterests of national interests. Win meant that it would be flooded with universal cosmopolitan schemes to bring up national features, national interests and priorities.

Theorist representative of the romanticism of Mali is an unpredictable social-philosophical character, but they did not understand the way to solve the problems of economic development.

The economical theory is scientifically primed, straightened out against the classic doctrine, the Vinicla in Niemechchini and the small great success is not outnumbered by the Fatherland, and the United States has. The basic principle was inspired by philosophy, I didn’t recognize the idea of ​​an uncontrolled power from private law, the principle of indiviualism and cosmopolitanism. Vaughn put the National Idea in opposition to the Individual Interests. The author of the new theoretical system bouv Fridrich List.

Frіdіrіkh List (1789-1846) was born at Württemberz, de zdobuv cob bless. At 17 rokіv bouv appointments for the service of the Tyubingensky branch of the Württemberg bureau. There, hearing lectures in the State University. Yogo Pershu Naukova Praciu Bulo is devoted to problems of teaching in the universal course of self-liberation. Arguments, which were prompted by tsіy pracі, boules nastіlki vagomі, schо List, having rejected the designation for the landing of the cherished on the right and the policy of Tübingen, and also becoming a professor at the Tübingen University.

A sheet of visitor’s ideology in these parts, which requires the development of capitalist promises, and prejudice to the reforms, is an interchange for those who think, the internal policy of the city.

1819 p. On the other hand, Frederick Liszt at Frankfurt Bulo was founded by the “General Association of the German Industry and Commerce” for the sake of a confederate order. Himself win over with petitions to the departments of Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin, Vidnya, other articles in newspapers and with calls to liberal reforms. Pislya was wounded by the deputy of the Chamber of Wurttemberg states at 1820 p. to raise criticism of the reactionary unit of the country for lack of activity.

Propaganda of liberal, reformist ideas of an economically obvodnaya Nimechchini put him into opposition before the order and became the reason for the silence from planting and several political exchanges. Win Buv vindication zalichit nіmechchinu, lives in France, England, Switzerland. Pislya turn on the fatherland yogo bulo zareshtovano. Pislya vidbuttya lista Lista hanging from the country, i 1825 p. win to America.

In America, listing as a farmer, pidpriemts, editor of the newspaper, scho in their new friends on economical ones. Dila yogo yoshli to finish successfully, Ale 1832 p., If the sovereign of Vlad has changed its political and economic look, they asked for a list of letters to Nimechchini. The country of Toda Bula is also on the opposite side of the river, behind the Yak List struggling with a stretch of 13 rock and yak 1834 p. became a reality.

It’s a pity that the young people didn’t grant you the colossal liberalism, they didn’t try to fight for the revival of Nimechchini, they did not believe in the reform that was protected by him. Win again knowing that I’ve gotten a new turn to the Fatherland by shorting my story. As a rule, often after death, before Frederick Liszt came a great deal of life: he became (posthumously) a doctor of sciences, they called him vulitsy and most important mortgages, monuments to him were built on honor.

He wrote the main book “The National System of Political Economy, International Trade, Trade Policy and the First Mutual Union” (1841) at the end of the year, in Paris, in Paris’s main book, written by him at Paris. This book is tied to a zahist protectionism, such as the understanding of the economic potential of the nation.